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  • Suggestions discussion page re-organisation
Monday, November 26
A new policy regarding a possible re-organisation of the suggestions discussion page is currently up for voting
  • Obnoxious Sigs Policy Vote
Monday, November 21
A new policy to vote on obnoxious sigs, that are not covered by current policy, is being voted on. Voting ends December 5th.
  • Bureaucrat Promotions Round
Monday, November 19
A new Bureaucrat Promotions round has begun. Voting ends on December 3rd.
  • Policy Discussion: No Autobans Allowed
Sunday, November 18
A new policy concerning Sysops autobanning themselves is currently under discussion
  • Suggestions Policy Voting: Justifications
Sunday, November 18
A suggestion policy change for modifying justifications is under voting}}
  • Suggestions Discussion: Dupe Reform
Friday, November 16
A new policy of Dupe Reform, pretaining to the Suggestion Page is under discussion.
  • Policy Voting: Automatic Sysop Cycling
Friday, November 16
A new policy concerning reviews for Sysops is currently under voting
  • Policy Discussion: Obnoxious Sigs
Sunday, November 10
A new policy to vote on obnoxious sigs, that are not covered by current policy, is under discussion.


Sunday, July 8
A discussion has been started to formalise how neutral contributions to community pages should be. All interested users are asked to contribute to the discussion.


  • Bureaucrat Elections
Saturday, June 30
A position as bureaucrat is under election, Eligible candidates for bureaucrat are the current bureaucrat Boxy and the sysops Conndraka, Daranz, Dux Ducis, Hagnat, Matthewfarenheit, Max Grivas, The General, Vantar, Vista and Zombie slay3r. All users are asked to Vote.
  • Suburb Danger Colors under discussion
Thursday, June 28
A new way to grade the danger level for suburbs is under discussion. After 15 months in use, the old system no longer is capable of rating the new tactics used by survivors and zombies.
  • Mall Tour '07 voted Historical
Wednesday, June 27
The zombies of the Mall Tour '07 are now part of the UrbanDead history. Barhah!
  • St. Valentine's Cherubs voted Historical
Wednesday, June 20
A new chapter in the history of <alton is written. St. Valentine's Cherubs voted historical.
  • New Historical Events page!
Monday, June 18
After a month of discussion and voting, a new category was created to list the most important events ever ocurred in UrbanDead.
  • Matthewfarenheit promoted!
Friday, June 16
After two weeks, Matthewfarenheit was promoted to SysOp, with 27 votes for, and 7 votes against.
  • Mall Tour '07 for Historical Group
Wednesday, June 13
Two months after Xyu disbanded the group, the Mall Tour '07 tries for the second time to get it historical status.
  • New Clothes Suggestions page
Monday, June 4
After Kevan added Clothes to UrbanDead, many where thinking about suggestion some more. A new suggestions page was created then, only for suggesting new clothes for Malton.
  • Matthewfarenheit for SysOp
Saturday, June 2
Matthewfarenheit tries for the third time to get promoted to SysOp.


  • Dulston Defense Death Squad voted Historical!
Wednesday, May 30
After two weeks of voting, the Dulston Defense Death Squad was promoted to Historical Group, with 18 votes for, and 4 against.
  • Cyberbob240 demoted after voting
Monday, May 28
After a failed re-promotion process, long term Wiki Mod Cyberbob240 was demoted from its powers and returned to be a regular wiki user.
  • St. Valentine's Cherubs for Historical Group
Friday, May 25
The group famous for this year valentine's day massacre tries to get its historical status
  • Gage requests his own demotion
Thursday, May 10
Long term Wiki Mod Gage requests his own demotion. So long, and thank you...