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Lets face it, the guides page is a complete mess. Ironically its become a labyrinthine wall of text that even I can't make heads or tales out of, and I helped write and organize a lot of it. There are a few major problems that need to be immediately addressed.


  1. Spam: Things like Thom's Super Happy Funtime Guide are not guides. While their right to exist may (may) be justifiable there is no reason for them to be classified with useful information that people are looking for.
  2. Redundancy: Everybody wants their own work to be recognized, and so everybody makes their own guide for scientists, zombies, trenchcoaters, ect.. I am guilty as sin for being the first person to sign their name to a guide back in 2005, but I can see now what a bad example that set. Putting your name down as a guide contributor is fine. It lets people who who worked on the project, who to collaborate with later, and ask questions to. But we can't just let everybody make their own separate vanity guides. Much of this work needs to be consolidated into a few much smaller guides. In fact I would recommend creating Guides: The Survival Guide and Guides: Report On Zombies or somesuch to to clearly labeled as the main repository of knowledge for their respective classes. They could even be written from an "official" Malton Civil Defense Authority and Necrotech point of view if somebody is feeling talented (although nothing so thick that it would obscure the information).
  3. Organization: These problems occurred because we never created any sort of standard peer editing processes or structure for the guides page. While I'm always the first person to bang on about less red tape and rules you have to give people some structure to be creative within, or else you just get a mess. Developing a better process for pruning the guides page would ensure that we don't need to do this again. If a wikicode wizard would like to design a guides template that would also be super cool.

So lets meet up on the talk page and decide what needs to go where and how to go about it. Once we have a reasonable consensus on procedures we can begin.

The Scoreboard

This is where we broadly categorize guides for actions for guides. go through guides and classifying things and editing them accordingly. Once something is completed move it down to the third category. Once everything is there we're done.

To Be Deleted from Guides

(Deleted from listing and removed from category)

To Be Merged

(Pruned for useful information and consolidated into a bigger guide) BLANK merged with BLANK because...

To Be Left Alone

(Guide conforms to new requirements is left more or less as is) BLANK

Team Members

If you wanna get onboard just sign your name below.

  • --ZaruthustraStill a Mod in His Mind 22:06, 16 February 2009 (UTC)
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