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Last Edit: 12th July 2007

This is an attempt to stimulate interest in standardizing the look and feel of all suburb pages and to recommend procedures to potential contributors in maintaining these pages. At this early stage, nothing here is intended as anything more than a suggestion. The initial suggestions are meant to be descriptive of existing consensus practice.

This page is currently lacking in content. Please help us to improve the wiki by contributing to it and discussing any changes on the talk page.

Location Style Guides

Location Style Guide
Location Block Category Guide
Location Category Style Guide
Suburb Style Guide


Sidebar Template

Each suburb page is trimmed with the {{Suburb}} template allowing navigation to nearby suburbs and highlighting points of interest.


A brief NPOV description of the suburb begins each page. By preceding any use of section heading this section will often be depicted before the table of contents.

Resource Buildings

A color coded template {{trps}} outlines major resource buildings in the suburb if any.

Recent News

This section would be so recent events that have occured in the suburb. This will allow users or groups to get an idea of the situation in the suburb and what has been happening recently. The amount of news kept on the suburb page is not set although depending on the amount of news it is probably best to move it to a news archive after one month.

Other advisories would be to keep the news in a NPOV and also leave it unstamped so any user can correct and mistakes made.

News Archive

This can easily be created by adding [[Suburb Name/News Archive]] to the suburb page. This would allow a record to be built of the suburb news and become almost like a history of the suburb.

Two options to consider: Bulk Archive or Month-by-Month Archive for ease of navigation.


This needs to describe the past goings on in the suburb. This could be its own separate section on the main suburb page or the news archive could be used. As with the recent news it is advisable the news is kept in a NPOV to assist groups or user not familiar with the suburb.

Barricade Policy

Many suburbs maintain links to a Barricade Policy shown on its talk page, on a stand-alone page or presented directly on the suburb page itself. This remains to be standardized.

Suburb Map

To ease navigation to locations within the suburb the template {{Suburbblock}} has been added to the end of each suburb page.


Each suburb should end with its placement in the suburbs category.

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