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Not finished

This page is a work in progress. It will be expanded in the future, so come back soon.

What are Templates?

Templates are pages that can be included in other wiki articles. People often put them on their user page to express their opinions.

How do I make one?

A template is basically a page under the Template namespace. But that's not important right now. What is important is knowing how to make one. So I will show you how.


The most simple kind of template is a flagbox. The flagbox template is a very simple template with variables for color, image, and text. This is an example of a flagbox.

Smiley.png Example
This is an example!

Flagboxes are fairly easy to use. To use one, just copy and paste the following text to wherever you want your flagbox to be.


You replace color with the color you want the outline and header of the template to be. The header text is white, so try to use a dark color. Imagelocation is where you put the image you want, in the example the image used is Smiley.png. Headertext is the text in the upper part of the template. Body text is where you put the text to appear in the bottom part of the template. So in order to get the template showed above, put {{flagbox|black|Smiley.png|Example|This is an example!}} on the page that you want the template to appear on.

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