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After the March 6th update, museums were all given a major update. Decorative Items can now be found when searching inside museums and, while the items themselves have limited use, it would still be useful to provide a directory of the contents of each museum. This is so that whether you are looking for that stuffed moose head for your safe house, or just hoping to find out were to see some Cubist sculptures, you will know where to go.

To do

  1. Make locations pages for the museums of Malton They all have locations stubs now but there is a little less then 50 museums still listed as needing a location block
  2. Identify and record the Items that can be found inside each museum Decorative Items + what's written here about specialisation of paintings and sculptures museums --Duke GarlandLCD 11:19, 30 April 2007 (BST)
  3. The info in List of Museums and Types of Museums is complete and this page should be updated with it. --Duke GarlandTLCD SSZ 09:15, 5 July 2007 (BST) Done--~~~~T''' 07:45, 31 August 2007 (BST)

The Museums

The known museum types are currently:

  1. Paintings (Art)
    1. Conceptual Art
      1. its collection of conceptual paintings now thick with dust
      2. its collection of work by conceptual artists now thick with dust
    2. European Art
      1. its collection of European paintings now thick with dust
      2. its selection of European art now thick with dust
    3. Abstract Art
      1. its selection of abstract art ransacked by looters
      2. its collection of work by abstract artists now thick with dust
    4. African Art
      1. its selection of African art ransacked by looters
    5. Contemporary Art
      1. its selection of contemporary art now thick with dust
      2. its collection of contemporary paintings now thick with dust
    6. Cubist Art
      1. its collection of work by cubist artists ransacked by looters
  2. Sculpture
    1. Cubist Sculpture
      1. its collection of cubist sculpture ransacked by looters
      2. its installation by a cubist artist now thick with dust
    2. Impressionist Sculpture
      1. its collection of impressionist sculpture ransacked by looters
      2. its installation by an impressionist artist now thick with dust
    3. African Sculpture
      1. its collection of African sculpture now thick with dust
    4. Conceptual Sculpture
      1. its collection of conceptual sculpture now thick with dust
    5. European Sculpture
      1. its installation by a European artist ransacked by looters
  3. Pottery
    1. its exhibition of pottery now thick with dust
  4. Skeletons
    1. its extensive collection of skeletons now thick with dust
  5. Stuffed Animals
    1. its extensive collection of stuffed animals now thick with dust
  6. Tapestries
    1. its exhibition of tapestries ransacked by looters
  7. African Glassware
    1. its unusual exhibition of African glassware now thick with dust
  8. Scientific History (doesn't contain items)
    1. its exhibition of scientific history now thick with dust
  9. Puppets (doesn't contain items)
    1. its collection of masks and puppets now thick with dust
  10. Umbrellas (doesn't contain items)
    1. its extensive collection of umbrellas now thick with dust
  11. Brains (doesn't contain items) (unique museum in Rhodenbank)
    1. its dusty shelves supporting rows of broken specimen jars and shattered slides

Here are the museums of Malton in order by suburb.

Museum Data

Brooke Hills | Brooksville | Buttonville | Chudleyton | Crooketon | Crowbank | Dakerstown | Danversbank | Dartside | Darvall Heights | Dentonside | Dulston | Dunell Hills | Dunningwood | Earletown | East Becktown | East Grayside | Edgecombe | Foulkes Village | Fryerbank | Galbraith Hills | Gatcombeton | Gibsonton | Greentown | Grigg Heights | Gulsonside | Havercroft | Heytown | Hollomstown | Houldenbank | Huntley Heights | Jensentown | Judgewood | Ketchelbank | Kinch Heights | Lamport Hills | Lerwill Heights | Lockettside | Lukinswood | Millen Hills | Miltown | Mockridge Heights | Molebank | Mornington | New Arkham | Nixbank | North Blythville | Osmondville | Owsleybank | Pashenton | Paynterton | Peddlesden Village | Pegton | Pennville | Penny Heights | Pescodside | Pimbank | Quarlesbank | Raines Hills | Randallbank | Reganbank | Rhodenbank | Richmond Hills | Ridleybank | Roachtown | Roftwood | Rolt Heights | Roywood | Ruddlebank | Scarletwood | Shackleville | Shearbank | Shore Hills | Shuttlebank | South Blythville | Spicer Hills | Spracklingbank | Stanbury Village | Starlingtown | Tapton | Vinetown | West Becktown | West Boundwood | West Grayside | Whittenside | Williamsville | Wray Heights | Wyke Hills | Wykewood | Yagoton

Brooke Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Portass Museum 40,25 Cubist Sculpture
The Johnston Museum 42,22 Pottery
The Dampier Museum 41,21 Skeleton
The Redwood Museum 49,28 Scientific History
The Griff Museum 42,27 Conceptual Art
The Welsford Museum 44,26 Contemporary Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Bridge Museum 37,61 Tapestries
The Harrold Museum 39,64 Puppets
The Burrows Museum 35,68 African Art
The Uzzell Museum 38,62 Conceptual Sculpture
The Hewlet Museum 30,63 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Mechel Museum 49,92 Abstract Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Loder Museum 13,23 Impressionist Sculpture
The Bowell Museum 19,23 Tapestries
The Hawtrey Museum 15,25 Puppets
The Tiplot Museum 15,29 European Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Shenton Museum 9,62 European Art
The Lawler Museum 3,61 Pottery


Museum Coordinates Type
The Meade Museum 79,66 Pottery
The Nott Museum 73,62 Pottery


Museum Coordinates Type
The Oakes Museum 6,5 African Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Hibbert Museum 76,97 Puppets
The Durie Museum 70,99 African paitings
The Poulet Museum 74,96 African glassware
The Coy Museum 73,96 Abstract paitings


Museum Coordinates Type
The Stock Museum 32,86 European Art

Darvall Heights

Museum Coordinates Type
The Jillard Museum 29,27 Impressionist Sculpture
The Cranfield Museum 23,21 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Grose Museum 92,50 Conceptual Art
The Hawtrey Museum 98,54 Puppets
The Wimble Museum 92,58 Conceptual Art
The Bowell Museum 93,52 Tapestries


Museum Coordinates Type
The Nurley Museum 90,6 African Sculpture
The Masters Museum 92,9 African Sculpture
The Holdway Museum 96,4 Puppets
The Pepperell Museum 91,4 Scientific History

Dunell Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Heal Museum 1,34 Conceptual Art
The Pettman Museum 7,30 Cubist Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Halberry Museum 96,24 Contemporary Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Gage Museum 71,6 Skeletons
The Greswell Museum 76,7 Puppets

East Becktown

Museum Coordinates Type
The Herbert Museum 27,32 Puppets
The Smail Museum 28,34 European Art
The Darley Museum 27,30 Cubist Sculpture
The Rideout Museum 22,37 Scientific History
The Barlow Museum 28,35 Tapestries
The Berkeley Museum 28,38 Cubist Sculpture

East Grayside

Museum Coordinates Type
The Dury Museum 69,87 Tapestries
The Summers Museum 68,89 European Art
The Zwanenburg Museum 61,86 Cubist Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Mallack Museum 74,58 African Sculpture

Foulkes Village

Museum Coordinates Type
The Boon Museum 3,84 Abstract Art
The Kirwan Museum 3,88 Impressionist Sculpture
The Gullis Museum 3,87 European Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Owsley Museum 97,88 Stuffed Animals
The Doutch Museum 97,80 Cubist Sculpture

Galbraith Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Rhoden Museum 42,51 European Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Gulledge Museum 29,12 Puppets
The Challes Museum 25,11 Cubist Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Vick Museum 88,21 European Art
The Peerless Museum 89,25 European Art
The Henson Museum 86,20 Conceptual Art
The Chanter Museum 85,21 Cubist Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Maudslay Museum 32,78 Stuffed Animals
The Deed Museum 31,73 Tapestries
The Cornelius Museum 37,78 Conceptual Art

Grigg Heights

Museum Coordinates Type
The Estmond Museum 7,56 Conceptual Art
The Linnett Museum 4,52 Abstract Art
The Wriford Museum 2,50 Impressionist Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Crump Museum 74,74 Tapestries
The Bane Museum 75,73 Abstract Art
The Wybrants Museum 76,75 Contemporary Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Gilling Museum 30,49 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Syms Museum 75,31 Cubist Sculpture
The Tudgay Museum 77,37 European Art
The Bowles Museum 77,33 Tapestries
The Craske Museum 79,37 African Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Elton Museum 63,93 Cubist Sculpture
The Pink Museum 62,93 African Sculpture
The Riggs Museum 68,92 Cubist Sculpture
The Goodwyn Museum 65,93 Conceptual Art
The Colbourne Museum 64,92 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Kitting Museum 94,66 Pottery
The Ramsay Museum 91,66 European Art
The Richard Museum 99,67 Scientific History

Huntley Heights

Museum Coordinates Type
The Hippisley Museum 62,23 Impressionist Sculpture
The Swears Museum 62,25 Scientific History
The Hanson Museum 63,23 Conceptual Art
The Organ Museum 60,27 African Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Perrott Museum 10,9 Cubist Sculpture
The Barclay Museum 17,1 African Art
The Deanesly Museum 16,2 Conceptual Art
The Borland Museum 13,6 African Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Perriam Museum 10,15 Cubist Sculpture
The Hebdon Museum 16,12 Conceptual Art
The Ive Museum 17,13 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Trick Museum 44,35 Scientific History

Kinch Heights

Museum Coordinates Type
The Charbonnier Museum 40,81 Conceptual Art
The Lethbridge Museum 48,87 African Glassware
The Swanborough Museum 45,89 Impressionist Sculpture
The Eden Museum 43,86 African Art

Lamport Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Wheadon Museum 56,6 Impressionist Sculpture

Lerwill Heights

Museum Coordinates Type
The Jelley Museum 29,54 Contemporary Art
The Metcalfe Museum 28,58 Stuffed Animals
The Peach Museum 24,54 Stuffed Animals
The Sebright Museum 23,53 Conceptual Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Browne Museum 28,83 Tapestry
The Beacham Museum 27,83 African Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The McMullen Museum 21,49 Stuffed Animals
The Galavin Museum 25,46 Conceptual Art
The Madill Museum 24,44 Abstract Art

Millen Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Harris Museum 53,10 Conceptual Art
The Teasdale Museum 58,19 Umbrellas


Museum Coordinates Type
The Newborough Museum 93,90 European Art
The Bodd Museum 97,96 Abstract Art
The Perriam Museum 96,92 Cubist Sculpture

Mockridge Heights

Museum Coordinates Type
The Blabey Museum 43,68 Tapestries
The Abraham Museum 44,60 Tapestries
The Osment Museum 44,69 Stuffed Animals
The Perriott Museum 42,60 European Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Reginaldus Museum 17,49 Umbrellas
The Dimon Museum 15,48 African Art
The Austwick Museum 12,45 African Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Olding Museum 17,69 Stuffed Animals
The Woodyatt Museum 17,61 Contemporary Painting
The Edgecombe Museum 10,67 Conceptual Art

New Arkham

Museum Coordinates Type
The Franklin Museum 4,91 Conceptual Painting
The Keyford Museum 1,99 Pottery


Museum Coordinates Type
The Seaman Museum 1,71 Scientific History
The Lord Museum 0,77 Contemporary Art

North Blythville

Museum Coordinates Type
The Lovel Museum 24,69 Impressionist Sculpture
The Claxton Museum 28,69 Cubist Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Ayliffee Museum 85,73 African Art
The Salsbury Museum 85,75 Conceptual Sculptures


Museum Coordinates Type
The Cother Museum 9,41 African Art
The Troakes Museum 8,41 Conceptual Sculpture
The Hyson Museum 4,40 European Art
The Russel Museum 9,49 European Art
The Pitts Museum 6,46 Stuffed Animals


Museum Coordinates Type
The Carew Museum 74,13 Tapestries
The Lentill Museum 79,10 Abstract Art
The Peete Museum 70,10 Stuffed Animals


Museum Coordinates Type
The Maxwell Museum 97,38 African Sculpture
The Genge Museum 96,38 Conceptual Art
The Denning Museum 93,36 Skeletons
The Milligan Museum 93,34 Stuffed Animals
The Sumption Museum 92,32 Conceptual Sculpture

Peddlesden Village

Museum Coordinates Type
The Hockey Museum 4,20 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Bratt Museum 83,54 African Art
The Linney Museum 82,52 Pottery
The Custard Museum 80,58 Conceptual Sculpture
The Rosser Museum 86,58 European Art
The Isgar Museum 82,54 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Currie Museum 82,86 African Art
The Redmond Museum 88,82 Scientific History

Penny Heights

Museum Coordinates Type
The Voules Museum 96,71 Umbrellas
The Hazeldine Museum 94,79 Impressionist Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Jewell Museum 97,11 Contemporary Art
The Margetts Museum 91,18 Stuffed Animals
The Sunderland Museum 91,11 Conceptual Art
The Backholer Museum 90,11 Skeletons
The Petvin Museum 99,11 African Glassware
The Keats Museum 93,15 Contemporary Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Gillman Museum 60,43 Conceptual Art
The Nuttall Museum 66,44 Stuffed Animals
The Pretty Museum 62,49 African Glassware


Museum Coordinates Type
The Bearnard Museum 24,0 Cubist Sculpture
The Coymer Museum 23,8 African Art
The Cator Museum 24,7 Tapestries

Raines Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Dudridge Museum 66,17 Conceptual Art
The Hasell Museum 65,14 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Cocker Museum 67,37 African Art
The Heddington Museum 60,35 Pottery


Museum Coordinates Type
The Pope Museum 14,57 African Sculpture
The Haste Museum 14,52 European Art
The William Museum 14,54 Impressionist Sculpture
The Corben Museum 14,55 African Art
The Egan Museum 12,56 African Art
The Schandua Museum 10,57 Conceptual Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Higgdon Museum 83,1 Puppets
The Brain Museum 86,3 Brains
The Spenser Museum 89,7 European Art
The Edridge Museum 80,8 Conceptual Art

Richmond Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Futcher Museum 38,30 European Art
The Lazenbury Museum 32,33 Stuffed Animals


Museum Coordinates Type
The Musgrove Museum 53,47 Stuffed Animals
The Chilwell Museum 52,46 Skeletons
The Mesney Museum 55,48 Abstract Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Bingham Museum 59,32 African Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Truell Museum 62,53 European art

Rolt Heights

Museum Coordinates Type
The Riddell Museum 84,18 Scientific History


Museum Coordinates Type
The Martland Museum 5,14 Stuffed Animals
The Vellacott Museum 3,19 Contemporary Art
The Carslake Museum 5,18 Skeletons


Museum Coordinates Type
The Honeybone Museum 13,88 Impressionist Sculpture
The Dobson Museum 10,89 Cubist Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Cari Museum 72,80 African Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Baskcomb Museum 54,63 Cubist Sculpture
The Bowle Museum 59,65 African Art
The Keane Museum 59,61 Contemporary Art
The Horsey Museum 55,65 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Bridle Museum 51,23 Tapestries

Shore Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Thornhill Museum 35,59 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Stoodely Museum 38,16 Conceptual Sculpture
The Darknell Museum 35,14 Conceptual Art
The Talbot Museum 30,15 European Art
The Legg Museum 32,15 Contemporary Art

South Blythville

Museum Coordinates Type
The Dommett Museum 20,77 Skeletons
The Moodborn Museum 25,72 Stuffed Animals

Spicer Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Mallett Museum 21,98 African Sculpture
The Sillence Museum 28,93 Conceptual Sculpture
The Padden Museum 26,92 African Glassware
The Fortt Museum 20,93 Skeletons


Museum Coordinates Type
The Silcox Museum 80,31 Scientific History
The Mackworth Museum 81,30 African Glassware
The Mickelson Museum 86,35 African Glassware
The Pepperd Museum 89,37 Cubist Sculpture

Stanbury Village

Museum Coordinates Type
The Batson Museum 57,55 Tapestries


Museum Coordinates Type
The Matthews Museum 95,48 Stuffed Animals
The Finchley Museum 98,44 Conceptual Art
The Chadburn Museum 99,41 Skeletons


Museum Coordinates Type
The Lewen Museum 46,79 Impressionist Sculpture
The Byfield Museum 47,73 African Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Salisbury Museum 83,69 Umbrella
The Godfry Museum 80,62 European Sculpture
The Daniels Museum 85,62 Skeletons

West Becktown

Museum Coordinates Type
The Bawn Museum 16,37 Abstract Art
The Gotch Museum 14,35 Conceptual Art

West Boundwood

Museum Coordinates Type
The Lax Museum 30,5 Puppets
The Overton Museum 34,5 African Glassware
The Fowle Museum 35,2 Skeletons
The Fowles Museum 39,3 Conceptual Art
The Read Museum 38,4 African Glassware
The Edgar Museum 37,6 Cubist Sculpture
The Cowie Museum 31,7 Tapestries

West Grayside

Museum Coordinates Type
The Sawday Museum 50,81 Scientific History
The Paice Museum 52,84 Stuffed Animals
The Wilson Museum 50,83 Conceptual Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Phelips Museum 81,95 Cubist Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Browning Museum 31,90 Cubist Sculpture
The Eastwood Museum 39,93 European Art

Wray Heights

Museum Coordinates Type
The Sonven Museum 60,79 Scientific History

Wyke Hills

Museum Coordinates Type
The Saffyn Museum 59,90 Scientific History
The Ruxton Museum 56,94 European Art
The Huddy Museum 52,95 European Art


Museum Coordinates Type
The Dement Museum 16,76 Cubist Sculpture


Museum Coordinates Type
The Dawbin Museum 45,10 Cubist Sculpture
The Innalls Museum 40,10 Contemporary Art
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