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UD Fark


If you're currently dead

1. Lurching Gait is the first thing you should buy. If you don't have it, it costs you 2AP for every step you take. After that, you might start working on memories of life (so you can open doors/make limited zombah speech/etc).

2. To get revived, do NOT stand in front of a building. Stand in a cemetery and wait. You can also look for streets, monuments, or other places that have graffiti advertising revive points. Once you've found a spot to stand, post your location so we can find and revive you.

3. Experience points are gained by successfully attacking survivors, barricades, and other zombies (again, less XP for killing your own). Bonus points if you actually kill someone.

4. Stick with a horde and coordinate- it will take all your AP to knock down a barricade. With a horde, you can all bash on it and still have AP left to eat the delicious people inside the building!

5. Do NOT buy brain rot unless you are ready to be a zombie permanently. The only way to revive a "rotter" is to get them inside a special building while it has power and have someone waiting with a revivication syringe (needle).