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United States AirForce Combat Controllers STARS Operatives

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
The USAF CCT SQDRN supports the Sacred Ground Policy & acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Abbreviation: CCT's

Group Numbers: Classified Oic: Chief Master Sgt. G4361

Goals: To Carry out the USAFSOCMalton Objective. And do our CCT thing, of course.

Recruitment: Must be able to shoot, and free run. any other qualifications gain rank, but those ar nessecary in order to scout. Must also have strong dedication to eradication of zombies, and those who threaten the innocent people of Malton. Contact the OIC via aim: CCTg4361,or: Apply at the Website, and specify that you wnat to be a combat controller. further details from approval will come via PM on that site, or direct access to the War Room.|


Origination of Combat Controllers came about during Vietnam. Combat Controllers, (then known as PAthFinders) went in in teams of two or three, and eliminated areas of concern, so that we could make LZ's for high insertion. CCT's called in air strikes, set demolitions on trees, and made clearings in the jungle, literally, so that they could guide Hueys or other forms of troop transport into Hot enemy Territories. The job of the Combat Controller Has evolved over the past years and theaters of engagement, untill he became one of the most elite units of paramilitary history. Now a days, he is the Air Forces' mirror of the Navy Seal, or Army Ranger, and sometimes considered the equivilant to the USMC's 1 recon. This military unit is usually found in small insertion teams JMSOG wide. JMSOG is Joint military Special Ops Group, and is the unit from which all SpecWar untis follow thier directives.

Paradropping originally last August into Malton, G4361 led a small insertion team issued by the USAF 16th SOW. Per Sere Tactics, he is in the process of setting up survival units that follow basic CCT guilines, so that the USAFSOC mission may be fulfilled. The 16th Special Operations Wing consists of approximately 7,000 highly trained military professionals who stand ready to conduct special operations missions at a moment's notice. The wing is the largest Air Force unit assigned to the U.S. Special Operations Command, a command responsible for conducting special operations worldwide.

The USAF CCT Sqdrn Malton specializes in unconventional warfare. At the direction of the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense, the CCT goes into action with specially trained and equipped forces from each service working as a team to support national security objectives. Special operations are often undertaken in enemy-controlled or politically-sensitive areas and can cover a myriad of activities.

The USAF CCT Sqdrn Malton's motto is, "First in,First to serve." The wing stands ready to go worldwide to conduct unconventional warfare, counterinsurgency, or psychological operations. Through special operations, the Malton USAF is able to protect its interests in low-intensity conflicts throughout Malton.

They now operate as a broad base freelance group, dedicated to the security systems of the S.T.A.R.S., and bascially are given free run over the missions they wish. Members can do what they wish, as long as it pertains to killing zombies, and upholding the security and overall collective of the main unit they op for.

"What was once a recon mission turned into hell. And we dont die, we regroup in Hell."


To carry out the USAFSOC Guidlines in Malton

Our primary objectives are to set up Recon teams, that all operate as on unit, when entering into hot LZ's, and observe the enemy situation, defend our survivors around us, and extract the information back to the needed parties.

Combat Controllers (CCT) are ground combat forces assigned to Special Tactics Squadrons within the Air Force Special Operations Command AFSOC. They are organized, trained and equipped to rapidly establish and control the air-ground interface and provide airmanship skills in the objective area. Functions include assault zone assessment and establishment; air traffic control; command and control communications; special operations terminal attack control; and removal of obstacles with demolitions. The CCT provide a unique capability and deploy with joint air and ground forces in the execution of Direct Action, Counterterrorism, Foreign Internal Defense, Humanitarian Assistance, Special Reconnaissance, Austere Airfield, and Combat Search and Rescue operations

OiC of USAFSOC CCT Sqdrn Malton

Chief Master Sgt. G4361 of the USAF Special Warfare CCT Squadron's.


As of 04:00 - 30th Jan 06

All Teams are to be broken down into 5 men operational groups, each specifically designed to enter into highlly dangerous territories, and asses threats, and pull out the CCT Mission. Each team is to compromise of members who can barricade, free run, shoot, and pull NT or field Medic Skills. each member is required to be able to shoot, and training is not completed untill a member can atleast shoot, and free run, before being issued to anything other then training. Training is at an undisclosed location, and all candidates for teh program must meet the specific requirements of wanting to fullfill the USAF CCT Mission.

Current Operations

As of the 28th, January 06

Currentlly holding ground in Lukinswood, holding a strong defence and offence against a horde of Zed Agressors, fighting to secure the area, and send out all needed Recon Info. to the 9th Air Force, and S.T.A.R.S.

As of the 30th, January 06

All Units in the area of Lukinswood are being issued an immediate pullback. Lukinswood PD has fallen, and over 70 plus zombies are infesting the area. The pullback coodinates have been issued via the proper channel, and all USAF CCT personnell have recieved the proper orders on what to do with this Intel, Malton wide. Good luck Airmen, see you at Regrouping. ~Witchblade

As of the 31st, January 06 We have been issued marching orders and a request of back up from an elite paramilitary unit allied wiht the 9th AF, and are proud to be the first in, first to serve with this group. Our recon has been paying off, and marching orders have been issued. All further comlink minus aim is now considered off air, for we are officlaly going into Black Ops. Congrats team, lets roll out.

As of the 15th, Feb. 06 We have move dinto postiion for a major strike joining up wiht a group of 190+ survivors. the current location is under strict confidentiality. Just know very soon, one will hear of a historic strike against the zombie hordes. The USAF CCT is still recruiting, and pulling some dangerous R and R, not requiring any form of Intel delivery to any survivor groups, due to our current location.

As of the 17, Feb., USAF CCT Malton 16th SOW outside Malton for the USAF CCT SQDRN to become operatives of the elite unit S.T.A.R.S. The mission of the USAFSOC is being edited to relate proper Intel channels. Durring the last Commanders call, G4361 has issued a reorder to all CCT Personnel, to adhere to the new astringent policy. The units accepted it gladly.

As of the 2nd, March 06 The USAF CCT SQDRN has returned froma slight black OP ORD, to the previous AOPS, and has been issued immediate OPORD for teh immediate recovery of said area. The operation will further be known as Operation March.

As of the 9th of April, 2006 April operates ona braod basis. Members are spread out, and reporting direct Intel on enemy movements and patterns. The Teams are upholding missions very viablly, and it makes me proud. Also note that we are winning our overall goals against PH. Good job, airmen/women! ~G4361


Intel Reporting

Only goes out via the proper channels, and to the proper people when needed. Direct intel is processed accordinglly, then redirected to the 9th Air Force, or to the STARS, depending on sensitivity levels, etc. All Intel Recon movements by this group are considered classified information, and are only directed by those personnell who are considered a Class A action clause. Meaning, unless considered to be an important event, you get no attention from us, and unless we are directed your way to opena line of communication, or pull a rescue op, you are shit outta luck. Which means, you probolly do not know we are in the area, unless we make it known. We do, however, assist fellow survivors, and any civilians in direct need of assistance in combat zones.

All Intel reports are to be issued as follows:

AFI 22-109 reminds members of the intelligence reports. All intelligence reports must have a reliablity/age statement as well as a timestamp.

Reliability must be scaled in a 1-5 range: 1-"Strongly Confirmed" by two or more members of the 9th AF or associated groups. 2-"Confirmed" by one member. 3-"Unconfirmed", secondhand information from reliable in-game sources. 4-"Suspect", secondhand information from unreliable in-game sources. 5-"Unreliable", information gathered from the Wiki, Forums, or other metagame resources. Timestamp must be scaled in an A-E range: A- 1 to 2 hours old. B- 2 to 5 hours old. C- 5 to 10 hours old. D- 10 to 24 hours old. E- Age exceeds 24 hours. Understanding your Intel report: Each intelligence report must have a reliability/age statement. Any "1" or "2" statement is to be considered correct and accurate at the time of its posting. "3", "4", and "5" statements must be considered inaccurate, flawed, exaggerated, or otherwise incorrect, and the source must be examined. Any comissioned officer in the 9th AF may upgrade a "3", "4", or "5" statement to a "2" if the source is deemed credible.

Furthermore, any "A", "B", and "C" age statements is to be considered correct and accurate at the time of its posting. Due to the fluidity and rapidly changing nature of the battlefield, "D" and "E" age statements are to be considered obsolecent or expired. If new information regarding the intelligence report is located, the age statement must be updated to reflect the age of the new report's source.


Anyone who is standing against the human race within Malton. So, obviouslly any and all zombie zombie lovers, zombie helpers, any group standing against cooalition forces, and anyone who is helping the destruction of any survivors in the Malton area, or standing against the USAF or its policies.

Group Contact

Have no way of contacting the USAF CCT? Here is your chance! Leave us messages here, and issue the date and time such a communication request is needed. We will do our best to get back to you, or assist you in anyway available. We also have a tight black ops running wiht the stars, to get involved, pm me or any stars leader for info on the stars com link board. Comlink via this Website|

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