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The Urban Dead Toolbar enhances the user interface of the MMORPG urban dead by adding map graphics, inventory improvements, easy access menus, a new display, survivor counts, and other options.


To get the latest version, go to the Urban Dead Toolbar mozdev project, choose Installation at the top and select 'Install Now' on the version with the highest number.

Note: Only the 'Dev Build' contains advanced features such as the quick menus, graphical inventory and other options.


Interface Changes

The UDToolbar makes many significant changes to Urban Dead's interface. The changes are intended to make the interface more compact and intuitive to use.


The original nine block map has been overlayed with UDToolbar's own custom skin for just about every type of building in the game. To note are the colors that each building name is highlighted in. Yellow is powered, green is neutral, and red is ransacked.


The majority of the game's action buttons have been moved to pop-up menus. Those actions pertaining to other players, attacking, healing, reviving, etc., have been moved to context menus which appear when the mouse is placed over the target's name. Those actions pertaining to your current location, barricading, searching, ransacking, etc., have been moved to the "Possible Actions" pop-up menu below the map. Actions pertaining to your character, buying skills, logging out, viewing contacts, etc., will appear when you place your mouse over your own name below the map.


The new inventory is located below the map. Only the most important items are located here with the total ammo count for each type displayed. To the right of those items are two light green carets. When the carets are clicked the full inventory will be opened. When the mouse is placed over an item's icon in the inventory a short description of the item and how it is used will be displayed. A small red 'X' will also appear in the corner of the icon, clicking this 'X' will drop the item.

Player Status:

Unlike UD without this toolbar, your status is displayed graphically. The first red bar is your health, green your remaining AP, blue accumulated XP, and yellow below your weapons is percent encumbrance (meaning you can't pick anything up after it gets at or above 100%).



The toolbar contains links to the map of Malton, the DEM's Rogues Gallery, revive request pages, and many others useful resources. When not needed the toolbar can be hidden by clicking "View" on Firefox's main menu, navigating to "Toolbars", and removing the check mark next to the toolbar's name.

Toolbar Preferences

A checkbox that is selected means the option is selected to be turned on when you press OK. Unchecking the box and selecting okay turns it off.

How to Use Stylesheets

External stylesheets can be loaded to further customize the appearance of the Urban Dead game interface. Stylesheets can be imported using the toolbar preferences.


1. What is "clan listing" and how do I use it?

Clan listing is a feature that allows players listed in an external clan list file to be highlighted when their names appear the game. The color used in the highlighting is determined by the file. Clan lists are typically used to recognize other members of a clan or group.

One example of a freely available useful clan list is the list of known PKers available at the Rogues Gallery by clicking on the "UD Tool List" link.

Note: Clan listing has been removed from the current release. Use Udtool for clan listing instead.

2. What does "Hide Brain Rot" do?

The Hide Brain Rot option removes the link to buy the Brain Rot skill on the skills page. This feature is to prevent the user from accidentally buying the skill.

Known Bugs

  • The NecroNet map displays the incorrect coordinates when accessed from locations close to the edges of the map.
  • If the pop-up menus are disabled, but the graphical inventory is not, the user loses the ability to perform actions such as attacking or healing other players.
  • It's not possible to install decorative items from museums. Clicking on the place the item is in only generates the message "You cannot find a use for that item here" and 1 AP is spent.

Upcoming Releases

Next Release (version 57b)

  • Different stylesheets can be imported for each character


  • Map Graphics: Cathedral, Power Station, and Animal Pens for the zoo
  • Make a group list colorizer that functions the same way UD Tool does
  • Make map graphics for ruined buildings.
  • Make images for new items such as toolbox.

Tested Compatibilities for version 56b

Works with UDTool and Z-UDTool if the inventory combiner is disabled.

Who Made This?

  • EQ made the graphics
  • Tokujin wrote the toolbar code and the new options interface
  • Sluutthefeared wrote the game interface code
  • Original code by Assassin Ravenlord.
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