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Umbrella Corporation Recent Events
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Recent Events

January 2012 marks a new year for Umbrella, symbolized by Operation: Revival, a major recruitment drive spread across multiple games following the end of Operation: Morningstar on Jan 1, 12. With the new year, Umbrella has OFFICIALLY BRANCHED OUT, now maintaining operations in both Urban Dead and another, similar game -- Zombie Pandemic. Further, a General Pardon has been issued, inviting all past Umbrella Corp. members to return and rejoin the ranks, even those convicted of treason. Tis the season to forgive and forget, and more importantly, to strive together against the Zombie Menace!

January 2011, During the fall and winter of 2010 activity within the Umbrella Corporation dropped to an all time low. During the December Beau Dece (Now acting under the name RAF Col.) took on the acting role of Director of Internal Affairs. In January, the long standing (Serving almost 5 Years) Chairman of the Board, CEO, Chairman LSU went into semi-retirement. He was succeed by President Fanglord who was sworn in as Chairman of the Board. We wish to thank LSU for everything he has done for the Corporation for the last 5 years and look towards the future in hopes and good wishes for what Chairman Fanglord will accomplish.

Also RAF Col. took up the full time role of Director of Internal Affairs, for a matter of 3 days making him the shortest ever standing Director of Internal Affairs when he was sworn in to replace Chairman Fanglord as President of the Corporation. Drunk Link has been promoted from the Executive Officer of Victor platoon to Director of Public Affairs. Long Standing member Kylac has also received a promotion from Commanding Officer of Victor Platoon to Director of Internal Affairs. We wish everybody who received a promotion the very best of Luck.

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Director of Warfare Leon Cane, on being the longest serving member of the Board, and the Corporation itself, having served since December 2007. On this note we wish to say proudly that WE ARE STILL HERE! We are open for business and we look forward to a more active and healthy relationship with our allies and provide assistance where we can in Urban Dead and beyond.

From Jan 1, 11 onward to the present (as of Oct 19, 11), Umbrella Corporation has been undergoing "Operation Morningstar," a long-term operation which has taken the group from Mornington to Starlington and beyond. Currently, we are engaged in medical relief and humanitarian efforts, rather than the normal force-militant operations of previous seasons. The extended operation has taken up the whole of our year, and barring drastic change, is expected to continue on into the new year.

In summer 2010, President Dark Blue Helmet retired his post as president due to Personal commitments, his wife is expecting their first child, and all members of the Umbrella Corporation wish him and his family all the best for the future. He was succeeded by Director of Internal Affairs Fanglord, at this time no replacement has been allocated for the Director of Internal Affairs.

November 2009, President Dr Edward Ashford after less than a year in the presidency had to retire due to personal real life commitments, He was succeed by Director of Internal Affairs, Dark Blue Helmet took on the position as President, all of us at Umbrella Corp would like to wish Dr Ashford all the best in all his future pursuits. Pres. Dark Blue Helmet's position of Director of Internal Affairs was taken up by Fanglord, who had been promoted from his old position of Vice-Liasion.

July 2009, The forum suffered a despicable act of sabotage. All the posts on the forum were deleted, as normal the enemies of the Corporation were held accountable, however no party was ever found guilty. Harman Black decided it was time to call it a day and passed over the duties of Director of Education and Training to Danny Ryman.

June 2009, The board has decided to restore Victor Platoon to its former glory by making it operational again. This was made possible by a large group of new talents that joined Umbrella and that caused Sigma growing beyond its capacity. The Corporation now counts three platoons as before.

March 2009, A change in management for Umbrella. After 2 years in charge, Jackson has called it a day, resigning as President of Umbrella Corporation. Dr. Eddie Ashford was sworn in as his successor. And after serving a mere 22 days, Dark Blue Helmet succeeds Dr. Ashford as the new Director of Internal Operations. Harman Black takes over the duties as the new Director of Training & Education and Whiskey Platoon Commander. With former UC member Rohanzap's resignation, Beau Dece takes over full control of Umbrella's Propoganda sector, with Fanglord2 appointed as Vice Liason. The best of wishes to Jackson for the future, and congratulations to everyone who was promoted.

February 22nd 2009, The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on UC Party Night! This was really more of a vote for what movie was going to be enjoyed by those who attended. The final vote put Shawn of the Dead with a 61.54% as the video choice for the night!

February 22nd 2009, The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on the new forum layout as to whether the order of the forums should be changed back to the old or kept aligned with the new layout. Initially votes showed a vote in favor for reverting to the old order but after a few days it quickly changed showing the new forum layout in favor. Final results 66.67% "I like it." was the the general opinion of those in favor however the 33.33% said, "Liked the old one more." really strong opinions on the whole thing.

February, 2009 A change in command for the office of Internal Operations. After a more then a year of full service Thadeous Oakley has decided to call it a day, resigning from the position as Director. Dr Eddie Ashford has been appointed as his replacement, with which we congratulate him.

February 22nd 2009, The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on whether or not Sigma Platoon should be broken up and the old platoons reinstated. 16.67% voted in favor of breaking up the newly formed platoon, however it lost by a landslide vote of 83.33% voting in favor of keeping the new platoon.

December 30th 2008, The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on the war with the UBCS and Operation: War Drums and whether the overall opinion of Umbrella Corporation Employees are in favor of continuing the war with the Umbrella Biohazard Containment Services for violation of 'Alliance of the Dagger' by murdering one of our members for rumored slanderous graffiti. Only 16.67% in favor of peace/ neutrality "I don't know if I should vote. I'm indifferent to the war..." A whopping 83.33% voted in favor of the war "Umbrella should assert its authority. If the UBCS has, as reported, smacked us in the face, we must return their herring with a swordfish, at which point they will fall into the canal and soak their outfit. Vengeance for the murder of Skouth!". A dark time but, as always, victory will be declared for Umbrella Corporation once again!

December 17th 2008, The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on making new platoon names. There was no poll to be taken since this was to be independently decided by Platoon Commanders and Members, however the overall decision was to not employ new names or catch phrases. There may be review on this in the future...

December 2nd 2008, The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on the future of the B.O.W. Division as to whether or not it should be shut down due to community outlook and how it might violate terms of being pro-survivor. It was determined that, since the general function of B.O.W Division was to assist in survivor and pro-Umbrella activities, it is still moral and passed in a 100% vote by Umbrella Employees and Administration to continue operation, "On the topic of leadership, I think that a board would be the best way to go this time. Decisions would be thought over by more than one or two people...".

November 4th 2008, Tactics and Operational Procedures created to support Umbrella Platoons.

October 21th 2008, The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on longevity promotions and 6 month and December promotions. 70.00% in favor of promoting long time members to staff positions, "This also means promotions of 6 month employees for longevity and this will be a continued tradition if the vote passes. Only employees are eligible for this longevity promotion however the exception will be made for original December members." with 30.00% opposing, "Though they should be promoted for dedicated service, I don't think this should be an ongoing tradition.".

October 15th 2008, The Umbrella Committee, after several days of disputes over rights, succeeded in securing the name of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service from Haliman111 group, who had used the name much to the displesure of the Corporation.

October 7th 2008, The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on U.C.D.G/C. 71.43% voted in favor with 28.57% uncertain. Overruled by the Administration of Umbrella Corporation Reason: Such a group already exists within the corporation that follows similar guidelines.

September 14th 2008, The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on the Propaganda Platoon. 66.67% Voted in favor with 16.67% opposing and 16.67% uncertain. Overruled by the Administration of Umbrella Corporation Reason: Such a group already exists within the corporation that follows similar guidelines, such a platoon would also place too much constraint on manning.

August 14th 2008, CLASSIFIED

August 12th 2008, Training & Education Information Center Created to encourage and assist employees to making rank and climbing the corporate ladder inside the Umbrella Corporation.

June 17th 2008, Overwhelming zed and death cult forces moving across Malton the Umbrella Committee had voiced its final remarks on which ally to assist in what may very well decide the fate of all their suburbs. There was no landslide victory here, 53.85% in favor of supporting The Roach Klips (Operation: Homegrown: Third Times the Charm) and a 46.15% to aid The Imperium (Purge the Unclean), "Roachtown is in trouble, and since Omega was already in Roachtown orders were to procede with Operation: Homegrown Third Times The Charm.". In the end there was no right decision. The Zed hordes from the South continued to press North pushing our troops back into Shearbank eventually falling siege in Stickling Mall which eventually fell. The PKer groups formed a deadly alliance and destroyed the Imperium causing them to have to disband only months later regrouping only to find themselves in shadow of what their mighty group once appeared.

April 6th 2008, 'Ask the Chairman' is created as an open thread for Umbrella Corporation Employees to pose any questions, statements, or suggestions to the Chairman without repercussion of any sort.

April 1st, 2008 The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on having an 'Employee of the Month' to further bolster moral and make our employees happy! The committee voted highly in favor of the idea with a landslide approval of 73.33% to 26.67%. Congrats Umbrella Employees and William Lanfried who sets the standard with this quote, "You qualify for the award by doing something really great, like clearing out many buildings, saving other members in dangerous situations, killing PK'ers, and so on..." Tis another great day for the corporation.

March 17th, 2008 The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on sending a strike force to Bale Mall to help ensure the safety of the civilians at large there, though a valiant proposal in winning the majority votes of Umbrella members with a 60.00% vote in favor and a 40.00% vote oppose. Overruled by the Administration of Umbrella Corporation Reason: "...such an operation would be to dangerous..." and leave the home suburb of Shearbank exposed.

March 11th, 2008 - The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on what our next major move should be, it was decided with a tie agreeing to both maintain Shearbank (38.46%) and join the Unified Human Resistance (38.46%), voters who wanted to move East to support resistance there lost with a meager 7.69%, and 'other' with 15.38%.

January 17th, 2008 - The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on instituting the Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) section of the Umbrella Corporation. The dream, envisioned by Senior Umbrella Scientist Oakley G. Thadeous, and brought to attention by Chairperson Jackson, was approved by a 66.63% to 33.33% vote. The B.O.W. program was invented to allow users who have Brain Rot or who would rather kill other zombies as a zombie to join Umbrella. Users who would like to volunteer can do so by applying on our forums. See apply for membership for instructions.

January 10th, 2008 - The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on possibly moving the H.Q. due to the low level of dangerous activity in Shearbank. Brought to the corporation's attention by members and final decision made by it's members the corporation stayed in Shearbank with a landslide opinion of 83.33% over 16.67% Umbrella finalized the decision to stay in Shearbank and raise barricades to protect the building of Rush.

January 4th, 2008 - The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on instituting a declarations and rank system. The rank system was envisioned by one Dr. James Clark and put into detail by our C.E.O. after it was approved by members who all agreed 100.00% on having one though different opinions on its use varied. Though not yet a requirement to display rank participation is still voluntary. One member had this to say, "Umbrella Corporation is like most corporations in having what may be considered a 'chain of command' and is not considered a military entity. However, branches within Umbrella such as Security Services do have a need for a more concentrated chain of command."

Past Activities in Malton

Operation: Fuel Drum:
Started Feb 10 2009 Umbrella wanted to make their presence felt in their new suburb by supporting the local resident by providing power and generators. Initially planned for Shearbank but recent events called for this operation to be dedicated to the residents of Ruddlebank and its surrounding N,E,S,W suburbs. The operation was hugely successful with not only the target buildings of each suburb but almost the entirety of resource buildings within the suburbs!

Operation: Kegger at Caiger:
Halted. All other information is classified.

Operation: Glory Point: Prepare men! Prepare to meet terror! Prepare to meet death! Prepare for the coming of abomination, but most of all, PREPARE FOR GLORY!

Even though large parts of Malton and many old and famous Suburbs have fallen or may fall into the grip of the hordes and all the odious apparatus of zombie rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in food court, we shall fight on the gun store and tech store, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Mall, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the books, we shall fight on the entrances, we shall fight in the movie theater and in the streets, we shall fight in the very suburb that we call home; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Mall or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our suburb beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the DEM, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the DEM, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the Horde.

Hold Dowdney and we hold Santlerville! Hold Santlerville and we hold Malton! Hold Malton and we hold the world!

The Deployment: Brave volunteers, sent from Umbrella Corporation, on approach to Malton (no Vietnamese were harmed in this picture):

After a steady deployment of forces, shear numbers of undead overwhelmed the defense parameters and quickly inflicted massive casualties among civilians and some Umbrella Corp. Platoon members. Lucky for most after the breach, there was a successful evacuation through the North and South Western sides of the suburbs since survivors were able to keep the majority of buildings intact.

The recorded psychological effects of seeing the loss of our comrades.

Operation: War Drums:
The definitive fall of the UBCS, the operation objective, to hunt down and kill all members of the UBCS. Repeatedly for violating the Alliance of the Dagger by executing an Umbrella Employee. (122 Kills and Counting -3 Error Ratio)
The 82nd Airborne Division have posted their total count on confirmed kills (20). They saw this as an easy victory and have pulled out of the suburbs some time this weekend.

Northeastern Crusade:
"Seeing the dire threat facing survivors as a whole a Crusade has been called for to muster all survivor groups who wish to take back that which has been lost to the hordes in the name of Humanity. This Crusade will not rest until all of the northeast, from Peppardville to Dulston is safely back in survivor hands and the hordes pushed back. That which has fallen to teeth and claws borne on rotten flesh will be restored by the blood, bullets, and bravery of those who fight for the cause of Humanity." Unification efforts lead by the Imperium of Man, rallied groups together such as FOXHOUND, Death's Minions, the Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service, and Umbrella Corporation to combat the greater evil of all Malton and free the Northeastern Suburbs! The Operation kicked off with a bang and pleasant results! Everyone working with the Imperium and each other tasked themselves to liberate different suburbs in the area. Umbrella Corporation chose to start with both Huntley Heights and Santlerville, deeming it a tactful decision so supplies could be brought from both the Shearbank and Santlerville mall in order to liberate Huntley Heights. Santlerville was liberated within the day and all forces concentrated on Huntley Heights. There Haliman's UBCS and Umbrella Corporation met several times fighting the zeds side by side until Haliman's UBCS made a fateful error, killing an Umbrella Corporation member (Skouth) for graffiti during peace talks. This sent Umbrella Corporation in an uproar and the operation was halted officially halted on the 28th of December for the coming war.

All in all it was reported the the Northeastern Crusade was a success and by even observation of the map during that time it could be seen that the suburbs were cleared (yellow or green).

Operation: Mongoose:
Halted. All other information is classified.

Operation: Bale-In:
Yagoton was in a state of near-death. Barricades varied between breached to EHB, with the survivor count inside any building slowly dwindling from zombie kills, dragging, and general evacuation to the last remaining safe area's or taking flight the surronding suburbs. The operation's goal was to help secure the suburb, by clearing and repairing its buildings. Key targets were the NT's and Bale Mall.

On Oct 13th 2008 Omega lead the attack in dangerous Yagoton while drawing support by Whiskey Platoon. Initial attacks on the suburb lead to early liberation of the Southern most portion and eventually Bale Mall. The operation was quickly looking to be a success but after only a day of recapturing the mall zed hordes regrouped and quickly turned our near victory into a long dragged out battle with the mall being the main vocal point of the fighting. In human hands one day and in zed claws the next. With our prolonged stay security back in our home suburb was being compromised. Coupled with the emergence of the PKer group Cobra appearing in Yagoton attacking civilians and platoon members in SE Yagoton and NW Shearbank and a new zed horde pushing again from the South, not willing to accept loss, Platoons were ordered to pull back from Yagoton to assist Victor Platoon with defense for the coming siege. Operation was place on hiatus and it was eventually learned that The Abandoned had repelled the remaining zeds in the suburb and victory was achieved!

Operation: Iron Pinata:
An attempt to stop the zeds from using Stickling Mall as a pinata for zeds after the fall of Stickling Mall this operation was put into place. After receiving revives in neighboring suburbs Umbrella Corporation Platoons begining July 27th 2008 were able to successfully repel zed attempts at making the Stickling Mall into an XP pinata achieving a majority of victories after the 1st wave. This Operation remained in affect until Nov 29 2008 when the final approach by zeds was being made and victory over the attempted pinata was declared even though the following epic battle was lost.

Assault on Ft. Perryn!:
From Club Atthill the clandestine assault begun! Coordinating between Whiskey and Omega Platoon and elements of the UT Unit, members began a swift attack on zeds inside the Fort. Starting on August 5th 2008 and coming together with huge success the operation was ordered to continue for an entire month leaving the Whiskey platoon to provide temporary security until stability could be assured.

Started July 25th 2008 special orders were given to assist low level members and non-members in leveling up, and by having one shot kill zeds around for easy XP bonus is the fastest way to accomplish this. Low level employees should check this thread daily for updates on EZK (Easy Zed Kill) locations.

Operation: Homegrown Third Times the Charm:
The long time relationship between Umbrella and Roach Klips was started when the corporation moved into Shearbank and this is an easy demonstration of how dedicated Umbrella Corporation is to its allies.

Umbrella Corporation was spread across Malton at the time taking part in various operations, kicking ass and taking names, when it came very quickly that our skeleton crew left behind in Shearbank to protect the central hub was overrun. Seeing this the corporation swung into action recalling all troops but instead of a head on fight, this time it was to be a covert timed attacks on different sections of the suburb. Seeing our allies in need, we made Roachtown a top priority and excellent grounds to launch the covert attacks in retaking our own suburb. The fights were vicious but, after platoon and Roach Klips perseverance, a beautiful victory in the suburb was achieved and the leaders of Victor Platoon decided it a perfect place for the H.Q. of their Platoon.

Operation: Homegrown Part Deux:
Beginning May 23rd, Umbrella again worked with the Roach Klips to clear out the suburb of Roachtown. Operations were considered a success June 1st. Not until the beginning fall of Nichols Mall on June 13th when the skeleton crew in Roachtown was not able to handle the now dangerous number of zeds encrouching on the suburb. Operations officially ended on June 2nd or 3rd when Victor Platoon was ordered to retake Ackland Mall.

Operation: Back Stab and Slash:
Ridleybank Resistance Front, one of the most feared names in all of the mess that is the Malton population of undead hordes. We have dealt with fractions of the group in the past and they are a very worthy foe, yet due to recent survivor coordinated events they had their back turned to their home suburb, and after Bale with moral high, Umbrella reached at the chance of grabbing a part of suburb. Operation orders were sent out on the 14th of May and our two platoons and much of our employees swung into action to meet up with UBCS who were already in the area. Much to our surprise the suburb was largely uninhabited by zeds and the clean up was a quick one with Blackmore being the only small challenge. Several survivors had kept the suburb intact and once our sweeping operations were completed the whole operation was put to a stop on May 22nd so concentration could be moved elsewhere.

Operation: 1AZB:
Started as Orders 1AZB or, 1 Attack Zeds at Bale, on May 9th for Victor Platoon of Umbrella's 1st Battalion, was given the go ahead to be moved up to a whole corporation operation on May 12th. The operation was already in full swing and highly succesful with few casualties that were later revived. After the operation was declared the mall was retaken in just one and a half days. This operation has ceased as of May, 14th.

Visited Bale Mall
This user has visited Bale Mall.

Operation: Reclaimer:
April 2008 - Currently underway. Lead by the temporary Director of Warfare, Leon Cane. Huge success! Thanks to Umbrella and allies in the suburbs all targeted areas were secured! Operation has ceased as of May 5th.

Unified Human Resistance:
March 2008 - Malton is under siege with a zombie population double that of survivors. The Umbrella Corporation has proudly joined the Unified Human Resistance -- a large survivor effort to reclaim Malton -- and is currently helping to rebuild our shattered city.

Operation: Green Peace:
Currently underway working with allies in Santlerville. Santlerville operations halted. All other Green Peace operations still in effect. Stay strong Malton! Operations ceased April 2nd due to lack of efficiency and corporation capabilities. The current target suburbs are now safe but overall operation success was very little.

Code 4R:
Code: 4R was succesfully executed and completed March 3rd, with Male Way secure, and the Rush and Nisbet buildings in a prime state. Constant security patrols has done much to secure Southern Shearbank and has been quite succesful.

Operation: Homegrown:
Lead by the Roach Klips our goal was to retake Roachtown on March 1st, and push the R.R.F. and other undeadite groups back South. The Operation was succesful however with forces pushing South our main suburb was exposed and emergency actions had to take place. Code 4R was implemented and completed on March 3rd but due to our early efforts the Roach Klips were able to easily push the hordes back to the Ridleybank border.

Operation: Glass House:
Halted. All other information is classified.

Operation: Deliberate Force/Operation: Odin:
Working alongside the Roach Klips, Malton Department of Defense, and its allies, Umbrella was able to bring the zed numbers down drastically in Roachtown. Though the operation success was short lived, due to it only being a weeks time away from the Big Bash 2, this brought about new allies and stronger resolve among troops.

Sweeping up at Santlerville:
The U.T. Unit is currently wrapping up Sweeper operations in Santlerville with much success and will be returning to Shearbank to bolster moral by removing the meddlesome roaming undead.

Protection of Pitneybank:
Some Umbrella members are currently operating in the hotzone of Pitneybank. Research and defensive measurges against the big bash zombie horde are the current goals there. Anyone interested in helping the Umbrella cause there should contact senior scientist Thadeous Oakley G. at the forums or directly in-game as MisterGame.

The Siege of Giddings Mall:
After a major break-in in Giddings Mall, the Umbrella field commander of Pitneybank concluded that the fall of Pitneybank was inevitable and the unit was quickly withdrawn. Soon after that Giddings fell and with that the entire suburb of Pitneybank. Umbrella's activity in Pitneybank is currently terminated.

Survivor giddings stand.jpg Battle of Giddings
This user or group was among the living that fought honorably against the Big Bash 2 in the one month long Battle of Giddings.

Operation: Sailstorm:
Operations Indefinite

Alliance of the Dagger:
Umbrella Corporation worked together with U.B.C.S. Merc-for-hire to form an elite assault unit (mistakenly called our secret police on occasion). Purpose was so the company would have an answer for high-risk operations and offer a solution for precision based combat against the zed hordes.

The Perryn Defense:
On Friday the 17th 2007, The survivors began a massive operation to secure the fort, the Cannonball Crew were the first to show up followed by other groups such as the 82nd Airborne Division, the Liberation of Crossman Department, The Fortress, Umbrella Corporation and a few guys from the Creedy Defense Force lead by Wesk. They acted quickly and were able to secure the gatehouse on the first day and the entire fort was zombie free by the 19th. At the same time the BMC attempted to use the attack on the fort as a diversion to allow them to retake the suburb, they failed and hence joined the others in the fort.

Visited Fort Perryn
This user has visited Fort Perryn.

The 5th of November:
On the 5th of November Umbrella Corporation, working together with several survivor groups, took part in the charge to push back the zed hordes from the suburbs! Umbrella still has operations in Ridleybank but has yet to make any formal announcements. Keep your head up and stay strong residents of Ridleybank!

The v.jpg Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the undead of Ridleybank.

Operation: Ghost Buster:
The Umbrella Corporation conducted "Operation Ghost Buster" with USAI, Umbrella Biohazard Containment Services, and many other survivor groups aimed at assisting the current survivors in Molebank and returning the suburb to a state of safety.

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