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Undead University
Abbreviation: UU
Group Numbers: 10+ (active)
Leadership: Communal
Goals: N/A
Recruitment Policy: Always - any and all welcome
Contact: Stop by Blatcher Lane School, or our forums


Undead University is Malton's premier institute for the advancement of survivor studies. We also provide aid and assistance to any Level 1 survivors who request it. Our current Headquarters are located at Blatcher Lane School in Pashenton.


  • Group Structure: Communal; everyone plays a part in group decision-making.
  • Duties and Responsibilities: Spread the word about successful survivor strategies. Assist low level survivors climb the steep UD learning curve. Defend Blatcher Lane School and maintain the resource buildings in Pashenton


Autobot symbol.png Autobot Ally
This group is an ally of the Autobots and receives the benefits of their friendship and protection.

Barricade Plan

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

Undead University supports the Pashenton Barricade Plan. Discussions on the plan should preferably be held on that page.
Current Pashenton Building status found here: Pashenton_Building_Information_Center NEEDS UPDATED


We got started in November of '09. JackGoodaxe, DrGt71, arsewisely,Commander Behemoth , and Nick Tellis were hanging around Dungey Alley PD in Pashenton, helping out survivors in need with revives and advice. DRGt71 mentioned the group idea and enough were interested to kick off a new group. Jack had an idea regarding name and theme and the group just developed from there. They instructed the new survivors who entered Dungey and the UNIVERSITY THEME just developed. Jack started the blog at on November 3rd 2009.

At first things were pretty quiet. We helped survivors who passed through, but for the most part it was boring as hell. Right after we started, lots of pkers came and killed us. We tracked them down to Abraham general and proceeded to massacre them. We went back to helping and it stayed that way for awhile. Then it came to our attention that The Mob was on its way. Dozens of survivors decided to run, but mot us. We weren't gonna run away from our new home right after we started. Some people that stayed decided that if they were gonna fight they might as well do it with us. The Mob came and destroyed all the suburbs BUT ours. We were an island of green in a sea of red. Jack, being the nice guy he is, planned a relief effort to Earletown, the suburb to the north. He left with some people and DrGt71 stayed to keep an eye on things. Then, while patrolling the suburb we noticed some ruined buildings in east Pashenton. Survivors said that Mob zombies came and ruined them and that soon they'd attack again. We recalled our relief group and waited for the storm. The next day, they were here. They completely decimated the east and moved on to the south. Many survivors passed through with news of ruined resource buildings and unstoppable zombies. Our neighbors to the south, the Autobots put up a good fight but they were killed and warned us we were next. The next day there were break ins but we managed to hold them off. We were one of the few lit buildings in the suburbs and the zombies outside were starting to get mad. One morning after a day of few break ins, the members of UU woke up to find 20 zombies inside and most survivors dead. Jack, one of the few survivors, fled to Abraham general and worked on reviving and healing UU people.

December saw UU in exile, as the zombie occupiers keep a firm hold on the entire NE. The few survivors in the area could do little more than hide in the ruins and wait for relief. UU organized several attempts to retake Dungey Alley, but met with failure each time. There just weren't enough of us to make a stand in one building against the shambling hordes. But we never gave up, each time licking our wounds and returning to the fight.

We are fairly certain that we were the first survivor group back in Pashentonafter the 'Christmas Massacre of 2009'. It took 2 weeks of hard fighting but Pashenton was the first suburb in the NE sector to go from very dangerous to dangerous status. We decided to leave Dungey Alley PD and move to Blatcher Lane School om January 10th, 2010. From there, we patrol most of Pashenton, maintaining barricades, watching for new guys on the streets, and trying to keep things lit. There are 2 vigilant watchers on the roof of Blatcher Lane keeping tabs on the local zombie activity. The library is in the central building and is largely intact. There are some useful Guides here for the any survivor. Our accredited instructors are from the ever vigilant Undead University, specializing in all aspects of survivor skills and training. For questions, advice, or help visit our forums

Now that we have gotten big enough the next logical step was this wiki page, which Jack started on January 14th 2010.

Our next big outing started on monday feb 22 2010. nick tellis got the urge to explore the town to help and recruit which sounded lke a good idea to dracolisc and drgt71. our first stop was yagoton which seems to be doing pretty well. We continued onwards helping people until we reached Dunell hills. There we helped the good folks of the DHPD in restoring their suburb to green after months of being a ghost town. After that we worked our way back to Santlerville but it was green within a day. So Commander Behemoth proposed going to help out in Fort Perryn and so he, dracolisc, tellis and jenna headed out on March 18 2010.

Most recently we have helped reclaim Ridleybank and Commander Behemoth proposed we help work to re-build Rhodenbank and Dulston

Undead University is over. I was off for months but now its all done. Theres only 5 UU characters still active: Jack Goodaxe is restarting Them, Chris Barter is independent, Commander Behemoth is in some zed group, and out of everyone, dracolsic is the only one still representing UU. And then theres me. I'm staying active but its time to put UU to rest. It was fun everyone and we did some incredible things for a group of 11. Drgt71 signing off the UU page for the last time

Campus Life

Current Class President


Our fraternity parties are hosted in the Peerless Arms night club where we have the famed Russian vodka shipped from the TRAVKA VODKA DISTILLERY on tap. we are well known for our wild and outlandish toga parties hosted once a month

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This group was confirmed active. Thank you for your reply.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.