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In a bid to clean up our main page, the events of past years have been archived here.

Total Pre 2012 kills: 16,384

2011 December

Total December Kills: 55

Total December Ruins: 1

2011 November

Total November Kills: 49

Total November Ruins: 2

2011 October

Total October Kills: 84

Total October Ruins: 15

2011 September

Total September Kills: 136

Total September Ruins: 12

2011 August

Total August Kills: 89

Total August Ruins: 18

2011 July

Total July Kills: 109

Total July Ruins: 3

2011 June

Total June Kills: 65

Total June Ruins: 11

2011 May

Total May Kills: 89

Total May Ruins: 15

2011 April

Total April Kills: 190

Total April Ruins: 39

2011 March

The Undeadites march to the South West next, rolling through and ruining any suburb that gets in the way.

Total March Kills: 209

Total March Ruins: 49

2011 February

The Mad Craskers have once again fallen to the Undeadites, along with their beloved Heytown. The celebratory rampage that followed was a grand one, leaving many Undeadites with a hearty grin and a stuffed tummy.

Total February Kills: 192

Total February Ruins: 28

2011 January

With a new year dawning the Undeadite Horde march north, seeking their traditional enemies the Mad Craskers. With the smoldering ruins of Giddings and Creedy at their back, the stuffed forms of the horde wobbled on. The Craskers as usual proved to be worthy foes but made even tastier treats. 16 Crasker Brains were consumed by our horde!

Total January Kills: 255

Total January Ruins: 74

2010 December

Live Undeadites Tour 2010 raged northward, but a surprise detour east to the festivities at Fort Creedy caught our attention. Now that it's ruined we've caught the bloodlust... Pitneybank will soon be in shambles. The Morrish Building siege is the biggest the Undeadites have had in months, and after a long fight, Undeadites' own Schuldiner got the ruin. But we couldn't stop there, there were equally big fish that still need frying in this suburb... namely Giddings Mall of which Undeadites' own Timbad got the final ruin. Mad Craskers, prepare yourselves, we haven't forgotten you, after we make sure no one in this suburb can look us in the eye without peeing their pants we're b-lining it to your door for the LUT Finale!

Total December Kills: 361

Total December Ruins: 84

2010 November

Live Undeadites Tour rolls on, hitting every unruined NT, Hospital, PD, and Mall we can find! In November the Undeadites touched down in East Becktown, Richmond Hills, Lukinswood, Havercroft, Shore Hills, Galbraith Hills, Mockridge Heights, Brooksville, Tapton, Kinch Heights, and West Grayside. We're going through them so fast because so far, NO ONE can stop us.
Harmanz, that is a CHALLENGE. This has been the month with the most kills of the year... SO FAR! RNRARRRH!!!

Total November Kills: 337

Total November Ruins: 95

2010 October

After a slight drop off in kills and ruins during the Bash, the horde shifts focus back on racking up their numbers. Getting his bearings and knocking the rust off in and around Eastonwood and Darvall Heights, surfincow continues the Undeadites on a new march and a new goal. LIVE UNDEADITES TOUR 2010! rolls out in a not-so-straight path heading toward what has become an Undeadite institution...the destruction of the Mad Craskers. I almost feel bad for all the unsuspecting harmanz that are destined to become just another number and so much brain bits to be picked from our teeth...RNRARRRH!!!

Total October Kills: 236

Total October Ruins: 61

2010 September

BB3-template-red.jpg Big Bash 3
This zombie Bashed, but now they're
heading home after the party.

Halfway through the month the Undeadites begin to get a sense of overcrowding and a rumble in their rotten stomachs. With so many zeds around it becomes harder and harder to recognize fellow Undeadites, and the horde spreads thin. Though the Big Bash was one helluva a party, the horde feels the urge to move on, break away, and regroup. A newly motivated surfincow and El Coo Cooi prepare to grab the reigns and lead the horde into fresh feeding grounds...RNRARRRH!!!
The Undeadites Reunite, ch-ch-changes!

Total September Kills: 231

Total September Ruins: 74

2010 August

BB3-template-red.jpg Big Bash 3
This zombie Bashed, but now they're
heading home after the party.

Another month of summer, another dozen suburbs fall to the Big Bash. In the madness and confusion of the Bash the decorated leader of the Undeadites, Creeping Crud, shambles off and disappears into the smoke and rubble. However as quickly as Crud vanishes, the legendary leader of the Undeadites, surfincow, emerges from the shadows to reunite with the horde. RNRARRRH!!!

Total August Kills: 267

Total August Ruins: 90

2010 July

BB3-template-red.jpg Big Bash 3
This zombie Bashed, but now they're
heading home after the party.

From Scarletwood through Ketchelbank, the Undeadites and the Big Bash annihilated 13 suburbs in the blink of an eye. Who needs hot dogs and fireworks for Independence Day when you've got fresh brainz and brahzahz in Bash? RNRARRRH!!!

Total July Kills: 203

Total July Ruins: 77

2010 June

BB3-template-red.jpg Big Bash 3
This zombie Bashed, but now they're
heading home after the party.

June brought the end of the Undeadites' longest, most successful "Steamroller of Death" ever. All in all the feat ended up encompassing the ENTIRE edge of the city. Every single outer-lying building (even if we had to go 3 squares in) was crushed under the feet of the horde's march, EVERY SINGLE ONE! After such an exhausting event, Undeadite leadership was relieved to hear that the Big Bash was once again calling. The horde took the opportunity to mingle with some of our greatest allies and newest friends. While the weary Undeadite leaders El Coo Cooi and Creeping Crud took the opportunity to take a much needed rest as they "filed in" with the wave of zeds that was the Big Bash 3...RNRARzzzzzzz

Total June Kills: 299

Total June Ruins: 98

2010 May

North eastern Malton sure isn't the hunting grounds it once was. Not much up here but old blood stains and a wandering feral here and there.
The Undeadites leave this cursed corner in the dust as we head west on the final leg of our Steamroller of Death grand tour of the city.
Our progress is rapid. It seems that many harmanz are heading west in a lame attempt to Escape the city. We follow on their heels, herding them towards their doom! Owsleybank will be a fine place for the slaughter.
There shall be No Escape....Rnrarrrh!!!

Total May Kills: 239

Total May Ruins: 123

2010 April

As we shamble north along the eastern border of Malton, we rejoice that warmer weather is on its way. Nothing makes our mouths water more than the stench of sweaty harmanz and the bra!n-cake they carry. Up to Dulston we go, trashing every safe-house in our path while dribbling filthy ichor along the streets and befouling the water fountains and parks as we go. Ah the sweet, sweet screams of horror....Rnrarrrh!!!

Total April Kills: 243

Total April Ruins: 101

2010 March

The borders of 13 more suburbs are ruins. March proved a productive month as the horde shambled along Malton's southern border all the way to Miltown. Blood stains again splash the border wall and bits of gore hang from the barbed wire as evidence that terrified survivors attempted a futile escape. We turned north and celebrated our Steamroller of Death making it half way around the city by having a party in Lumber Mall. There was much bra!n cake to be had...oh yes. The party ended after we filled the fountain with entrails and stacked the empty skulls on top. Ah, the memories....
Now the north east shall feed our hunger....Rnrarrrh!!!

Total March Kills: 298

Total March Ruins: 135

2010 February

Our Steamroller of Death grinds on as the biggest little horde in Malton turns East into Old Arkham - which promptly falls apart like a cheap suit. The first real test only comes after entering Spicer Hills and besieging the Bowring Blackwatch at their home base PD. They managed to hold us off for a few days, but in the end they met their demise and became the main course of cortex pie. MMMmmm....that's good squishy.
Our sights are now on Williamsville. We hope they have plenty of ketchup and buns....Rnrarrrh!!!

Total February Kills: 286

Total February Ruins: 77

2010 January

Northern Malton is pretty trashed and it's a beautiful thing. However, instead of trudging through barren brainless burbs foraging for the stupid and the slow, we have decided to change strategy. The Steamroller of Death has once again been initiated. But this time it is going to be different. Peddlesden Village is the beginning of our new path of destruction of the city's borders. From there South, all the way to New Arkham, our horde has consumed those foolish enough to believe that clinging to the perimeter fences and skulking below Malton's walls was safe. Dozens of ruined safehouses testify to the unwise decisions of many so-called survivors, and they gave up their bra!n-cake with minimal resistance.

Total January Kills: 336

Total January Ruins: 137

2009 December

Stickling Mall looked like a tempting target, but it rolled over and gave up its bra!nz too easily.
So we decided it was time to try something a bit harder. The Whatmore Building is usually a bastion of survivor defense in Yagoton. The RRF was also in the area. So we said to ourselves, "self, why don't we go over, say hello, and continue our Making Friends Tour"? Which of course we did. We were very friendly with the hugs and love bites, and in the end they were all dying from the affection. YRC was also met with a greet and eat. In the process we helped ruin the entire suburb on general principles. Including Bale Mall once again...
Happy New Year!...Rnrarrrh!!!

Total December Kills: 337

Total December Ruins: 130

2009 November

Ah, Molebank. St. Jude's Cathedral was smashed and the Knights of St. Jude were either eaten or they fled. As the older members know, we have a special place in our hearts for cathedrals (you younger members should check out our wiki archive and read up on the Valentine's Day Wedding Massacre). The knights considered Molebank and their church holy ground, and zombies on this ground are considered a sin. Well my rotting friends, we desecrated their cathedral so I guess us sinners are going to hell in a handbasket, and we took the knights and their stinkin' church with us...RNRARRRH!!!
As we lurched north into West Becktown we kept a lookout for members of 10 Minutes from Hell. As founders of the Malton College of Medicine, they are considered especially juicy.
The plan was then to go into Dunell Hills, but The Dead totally trashed that burb, so we headed north into Chudleyton. We sniffed around Caiger Mall, but we were too late and missed out on getting in on its ruin by less than day.... *sniff*
So, we shambled on....
With the large horde, The Dead, shambling around our current locale, we didn't make many new friends to eat. However, before us was a nice little meal in Eastonwood. The appetizer was the ICH Team. This small group was loosely organized and didn't pose much of a threat, but we ate their bra!nz anyway. Afterwards, we moved on to the main course...the Malton College of Medicine. Their main campus and support buildings are located in this burb. We were hoping they would put up a fight so we could get some sort of challenge, and they did - just not where we expected. Previously weakened by some zergers, they fled before us, so we had to shamble after them to the City Zoo in Ketchelbank. The blood and bra!nz flowed freely in the Lion Enclosure when we finally caught up with them....
The Making Friends Tour rolls on....RNRARRRH!!!

Total November Kills: 373

Total November Ruins: 136

2009 October

There was much disappointment among our ranks when Cthulhu failed to make an appearance before us. Coward! What is the apocalypse coming to when you can't even rely on the appearance of an Elder God when you call on him? Oh well.... Maybe next time.
There was only one thing for it... The destruction of the CAPD to mollify us was in order.
Foulkes Village is a quaint little suburb by all accounts - or at least it was. Now it is a bloody ruin. Although the CAPD put up a valiant defense for 2 days, in the end we bashed down their 'cades and ate all of their bra!n-bacon. We even found their secret stash of doughnuts. Mmmm....doughnuts.
It was then that we decided to kick off our inaugural Making Friends Tour.
We began by visiting the Los Hombres Siniestros in Nixbank- which hardly seemed worth the trouble. The lights were on, but nobody was home. Then in Crooketon we called on the A.A.C. Survivors. Nope, no bra!nz there either.
So we continued North into Grigg Heights. We found 1 member of Breach of Peace to nibble on. What proved most entertaining however was tracking down members of the Order of the Black Rose who call this part of Malton home. Yes, very nutritious. Just the thing to make a baby zombie grow up big and strong, and come out smelling like roses - if only temporarily....Rnrarrrh!!!

Total October Kills: 366

Total October Ruins: 136

2009 September

It is regarded as an obscure sport for zambahz to eat the bra!nz of zergers. Usually, by their very nature they are secretive - if not rare. That is unless you are talking about the Bowring Blackwatch. I guess lurking in the bowels of Malton's Spicer Hills has resulted in some inbreeding. That must account for the strange flavor of the local cortices. But we ate them anyway. After all, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
After a time the horde shambled into Old Arkham. Now don't you know that just when we began to settle in and find some juicy safe houses, the RRF up and invites us to return to Tompson Mall and join in their attack. After some token arm twisting - many just popped right off due to advanced decay - we agreed. Sweet, sweet destruction of the mall rats and their precious strong point was inevitable. We enjoyed their lamentations upon their realization that we had returned with friends to finish off what we admit we could not do on our own....GAG AHN AHR BANANAZ HARMANZ!!!
With that bit of housekeeping complete, we continued on our course. To our amusement what did we find again in Old Arkham? More zergers! Who'd a thunk it?
Now we enter New Arkham. It has been many, many moons since the Undeadites graced this burb with our presence. Will we find zerger valhalla? Will Cthulhu finally teach the rest of us how to surf? Or will noodley appendages molest us mercilessly until we give up our mudkips? Stay tuned.....Rnrarrrh!!!

Total September Kills: 300

Total September Ruins: 112

2009 August

It has been a while since our glorious horde graced the south east of Malton with our presence. Truth be told we have a soft spot in our hearts for Lockettside. Or maybe that soft spot is a bit of advanced rot...we aren't sure. But when we do come here the Undeadites like to hang around and enjoy the scenery, and the dying screams. This generally engenders feelings of victim-hood by those such as the Lockettside Valkyries. This time the mall rats of Tompson Mall also complained that we should just leave them alone and be on our way. Like somehow we have bad manners by coming here and wrecking their gennies and ending their miserable lives?
Well, Duh!!
After toying with them for a few weeks Spicer Hills calls to us. Mmmm...spicey bra!nz.... Rnrarrrh!!!

Total August Kills: 321

Total August Ruins: 94

2009 July

North Blythville was bland.... The bra!nz were too immature. With all of the schools in this area you would think that the harmanz would take advantage of the resources and exercise their head meat. That would at least improve the taste - ya know, give 'em a bit of spice or something. But no. Instead, the locals herded themselves into the resource buildings in typical sheep fashion in a vain attempt to defend themselves from our teeth and claws. This of course led to the inevitable conclusion of their bra!nless bodies bloating in the heat of summer in Malton.

Total July Kills: 392

Total July Ruins: 105

2009 June

We were beginning to wonder if we would ever stop breaking our kill record each month. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Don't get me wrong though, the carnage caused in June was by no means tame! The southwest of Malton continued to feel our rage. Once we finished mopping up South Blythville, the horde moved into the southern region of Greentown and proceeded to feast like kings. While completing the suburbs destruction, we received a call to arms to aid in the destruction of Greentown and it's overconfident harman groups. Their defenses proved to be absolutely pathetic. I think the entire suburb was napping when we went through it because the resistance there was about zero. With a new month starting, we're heading back into North Blythville to claim zombie independence! Rnrarrrh!!!

Total June Kills: 417

Total June Ruins: 89

2009 May

As we've said before, just when you think things can't get any better for the horde...Wouldn't you know that we end end June as the NEW deadliest month in Undeadite history! The Rnrarrrh Rowdies have officially blasted any thoughts that their recent success was because of their association with the Mall Tour '09. Our march into the green pastures of the Southwest of Malton has produced an abundance of brainz and blood so far. The citizens Shore Hills, North Blythville, and South Blythville all felt the pain of a set of Undeadite teeth buried into their jugulars. As tasty as the SW march has been, it's not nearly over. The march continues. Rnrarrh!!!

Total May Kills: 535!!!

Total May Ruins: 104

2009 April

Just when you think things can't get any better, they do. The final stretch of the Mall Tour proved to be just the thing we needed to shatter the previous monthly kill record made just mere months before. Our efforts proved so effective that we began marching a different path to each mall compared to main MT force. We became a separate front of the tour! Our success had brought a flood of new recruits and notoriety. We now switch our approach to being solo again, and we started with our old friends the Mad Craskers. We will once again dash there hopes for a peaceful encounter before we continue on to the green pastures of the Southwest of Malton. Rnrarrrh!!!

Total April Kills: 481

Total April Ruins: 91

2009 March

Well March came and went and with it went a lot of harman lives. This month saw the Undeadites and the Mall Tour '09 march across southern Malton destroying every mall in their path. Though some resistance was faced, in the end it was useless once the full force of the tour came knocking on the mall doors. The Undeadites did so well in fact that we cam just one kill shy of tying our all time kill record just set two months earlier. As winter comes to an end the mall tour begins to wind down. We head east to end the party with a bang, all the while striking fear into the hearts of the harmanz that hear our approaching cry. Rnrarrrh!!!

Total March Kills: 412

Total March Ruins: 43

2009 February

As the year rolls on the destruction left in our wake rolls on as well. The mall tour continues to provide much bounty for the hungry mouths of the Undeadite horde. Despite the shorter month the horde still breaches over 300 kills and 100 ruins. The tour has brought us several new members and the reappearance of Undeadites once thought long lost in the streets of Malton. Our new individual kill count has sparked a friendly competition among the members of the horde, and it only bodes catastrophic for the harmanz who already stand in the path of the biggest little horde in Malton...The Undeadites. Rnrarrrh!!!!

Total February Kills: 338

Total February Ruins: 101

2009 January

The Steam Roller comes to it's inevitable halt as we Undeadites began our preparations for the Mall Tour '09!! Our kill total from the old Steam Roller was getting quite fat and bloated (like the rotting harman bodies in our wake), and the Mall Tour only furthered our mission of making the first month of 2009 the most destructive month in Undeadites history. We felt that we had to represent our horde well during the tour so we proceeded to wipe any harman presence from the face of any and all suburbs we visited. Our old friends the Mad Craskers were even targeted again. This latest Crasker skirmish had the same result as all out others, the total annihilation of their pathetic harman group! When the smoke cleared and the calender flipped, the Undeadites had their highest recorded monthly kills and ruins ever. Rnrarrrh!!!

Total January Kills: 413

Total January Ruins: 124

2008 December

The month that brought the return of the Steam Roller of Death™ also brought our third highest kill total ever! After leaving Lockettside we decided that it was time to bring back an old Undeadite tradition of the Steam Roller. The southwest corner of Malton proceeded to feel the force that is the endless Undeadite rampage. No building resisted the assault longer then 2 days, and no harman was spared. All was as it should be, and the Undeadites solidified their place as one of the most notorious hordes in all of Malton. Merry Christmas puny harmanz, harh harh harh! Rnrarrrh!!!

Total December Kills: 353

Total December Ruins: 71

2008 November

As the horde approached an end to their long march to the Lockettside Valkyries, only the suburb of South Blythville stood in our way. We were overjoyed to get word from our old friends in The Ridleybank Resistance Front that an invitation to join them and some members of the Feral Undead in Marven Mall mayhem had been extended to us. What do you get when two super hordes join forces? Dead harmanz that's what! Our Banana Rammer strike force combined forces with RRF's Team America to do some major damage. Within days the entire mall was plowed to the ground.

With Marven Mall in ruins, the RRF decided to help us out with a stubborn little group of harmanz held up in St. George's Hospital. Previous attempts had proven futile as the harmanz seemed to be ready and waiting at every moment we tried to enter. Even the mighty RRF saw early resistance. However once the full force of the two hordes arrived, it was only a matter of time before the harmanz would hear the cries of "Rnrarrrh!!!" as the sweet nectar of brainz was extracted from their not-so-clever, barricade guarding asses. Lesson learned: If you do manage to hold off the Undeadites, you better keep your mouth shut because we don't forget, and we have powerful friends!

As the month came to an end we decided the alliance with the RRF had no good reason to come to an end as well. As both hordes independently began to enter and destroy Lockettside, the decision was made to once again convene on a single target - this time on Thompson Mall. Different mall, same results. The allying of RRF and the Undeadites lead to the utter annihilation of Thompson Mall and the surrounding suburb, including our old friends, The Lockettside Valkyries. The attack forced the long-time green danger level to be changed, marking the glorious report of NO GREEN SUBURBS IN MALTON... Rnrarrrh!!!

Total November Kills: 289

Total November Ruins: 68

2008 October

October has brought our most kills in a month since March! We started the month off entering Gibsonton to learn that the weak harmanz in this suburb were too apathetic to even put up a bad fight, much less a challenging one...pathetic. We cut a swath of destruction across the enitire length of the suburb in a matter of 2 or 3 days...again pathetic. The lack effort by the harmanz put us in a foul mood and looking for a fight!

Harassing and rebuilding in the wake of our destruction of Gibsonton got our attention focused on neighboring harman reinforcements and what turned out to be an old adversary. For their actions, the poor Mad Craskers felt the pure destructive power of an Undeadites rampage... we ruined their HQ at least 3 times! In fact, all of Heytown probably quakes in fear at the call of "Rnrarrrh!": We annihilated their hospitals, police departments, and NecroTech buildings on a level similar to the Craskers' buildings.

Total October Kills: 332

Total October Ruins: 53

2008 September

Earletown. If this little burb was left a bloody mess after we were through venting our frustrations upon it, Rhodenbank never had a chance. It felt the full force of our first Make a Wish Tour.

The fall of Dulston meant that zambahz from the East were attacking just as we began our assault from the West. In a pincer move reminiscent of actual combat tactics - *gasp* - this NT rich environment meant that there would be nothing but total destruction left in our wake. This was foretold by the zambah prophet....
So it shall be eaten, so it shall be done.

After moving on, Pashenton fell to our gaping maws faster then even we could have expected. Are the harmanz here even aware that we exist? One couldn't tell as they stared cow-eyed and confused at our presence....pathetic.

Gibsonton is now ripe for the taking, so let's take it....Rnrarrrh!

Total September Kills: 240

Total September Ruins: 70

2008 August

Ah, a new month....
On the surface Chancelwood seemed like a nice sleepy little burb to rampage into. The deserted stadium and crumbling mansion were inviting targets for our hungry mouths.
We did however develop a problem with THEM - who have been hold up in the The Haslock Building for many moons - and they defended their territory fiercely.

For three weeks they repelled our attacks on St Louis's Hospital, and other local safehouses until we were eventually forced to move on.

Well played, but we shall return and make THEM beg for mercy!....Rnrarrrh!!!

Total August Kills: 162

Total August Ruins: 99

2008 July

The half-hearted defense of Stickling Mall is over, and it's defenders have melted way - in our stomachs. Led by an attack from the LUE, the mall now lies in ruins....Rnrarrrh!!!

We move into Millen Hills where the harmanz have been broadcasting on our frequency for months. We then show them that the Undeadites protect what is ours, and will eat what is theirs!.... *burp*

Total July Kills: 214

Total July Ruins: 114

2008 June

Ah, the smell of Summer bra!nz.... Nichols Mall fell under the rotting weight of hundreds of corpses as the dead swarmed over the hapless harmanz, leaving none alive. It was glorious...and delicious!

After the hordes had bathed in their blood, the Undeadites struck off to the West. Soon Galbraith Hills came into view. With it, a tour of the various museums to bone up on the juicy history of our food was undertaken, as well as to enjoy a quick bite of the staff.

Next, Barrville. With most of the RRF off to the South, some harmanz thought that they could sneak back in here and rebuild....Ridiculous! We soon cleaned house, and school, and hospital, and church......

Now some of those who can speak say that Roachtown is aptly named. As a low rent slum, this suburb has many inhabitants that resemble its namesake. They clamber over its ruined walls and into its filthy apartments, and eat garbage they claim is food. As we begin to consume them one by one, they become the garbage....
The irony is sweet.

Total June Kills: 213

Total June Ruins: 80

2008 May

The beginning of May found the Undeadites shambling East with The Dead. This temporary alliance brought total death and ruin to all harman safehouses and strongpoints in the entire South-East of Malton.
This culminated with our attention being turned to Fort Perryn, which fell into our not-so-tender embraces in short order. The few remaining survivors were seen fleeing to the North, and we were all hot on their heels.

Osmondville and Vinetown could do nothing to stop us. Blood ran in the streets as zambahz gorged on bra!nz. An attack on Fort Creedy seemed imminent.
But then, we heard a distant but familiar groan from the West. Leaving Fort Creedy and Giddings Mall to their fate, we struck off towards the call for aid from our brahzaz in the RRF.

Stanbury Village is chock full of feisty bra!nz, and after the fall of the Went Building morale is high.
Nichols Mall must be crushed!... GAG AHN AHR ZGANGAH AZZ HARMANZ!!!

Total May Kills: 273

Total May Ruins: 54

2008 April

This month heralded the end of the BB2, but not the end of our hunger.
The north of Malton has been consumed and it was yummy....the sweet odor of death is spreading everywhere. Now, the sounds of battle draw us further south. We rampage through Galbraith Hills, Tapton, and Dartside.
Finally we enter Buttonville. Buckley Mall is part of a large harman infestation in the south of the city. The dwindling number of meatbag strongholds is concentrating their numbers, and a good battle was expected to be had here.
But we were too strong and too many.... Now the mall is an abattoir of glorious carnage after the combined forces of multiple hordes finish the last of the bra!ncake. BARHAH!!!


Brainz.gif The Second Big Bash!
This User or Group is a member of The Second Big Bash, and will be coming to your neighborhood soon! Please have lots of fresh brains ready when they arrive with all their friends.

We will miss you. *sniff*

Total April Kills: 267

Total April Ruins: 71

2008 March

After Ackland Mall is destroyed, the harmanz flee south. Of course, where the bra!nz go we will always follow.
We give chase in a zig zag pattern, laying on them the "Orgy of Death and Ruin" smack-down throughout Lerwill Heights, Shore Hills, North Blythville, and Brooksville.
Eventually the harmanz are left with nowhere else to run but into Marven Mall in South Blythville. This quickly becomes their tomb when the hordes hot on their heels meet up with The Dead and lay seige to them there. With blood running in the streets, much bra!n pie and square dancing was to be had in the mall's ruins.
You are running out of places to flee to harmanz!!!....Mwhahahaha!!!

Total March Kills: 365

Total March Ruins: 81

2008 February

Brooke Hills was such a nice, quiet little backwater - until we arrived. Now it is awash with blood and gore and the surviving harmanz have been seen screaming in terror and running for their lives! Come back with our bra!nz meatbags!
We chase their sorry asses into St Luke's Cathedral, where over a three night period the worshippers praying for their lives are ruthlessly slaughtered, their pews destroyed, and the altar defiled.... Rnrarrrh!!!

Located in the nearby junkyard, the HQ of /zom/ is quickly destroyed - and their XP Orgy Plan in the the Fifield Motel ruined. We will not be used for target practice by trenchcoaters!....BARHAH!!!

We lurched around the NE of Shearbank for a couple of days ruining the Nurton Walk Fire Station, the Hawksley Building and a few others. Then the few remaining bra!n cells that were somehow still working reminded us that a special event in St. Luke's was drawing near. C4NT was having a wedding on Valentine's Day....and the Undeadites object!

Bulldog C6 said "NoooooOOOoooo!!! Bryn my love! *cradles her lifeless form* I'LL KILL YOU ALL!!!! 
BY GOD I'LL KILL YOU ALL *kisses her cheek and lays her down slowly and stands up* OK. who wants some?!" 
PsychoPhil said "NOG!! NOG!! NOG!! NOG!! NOG!! NOG!! NOG!!" 
Bulldog C6 repaired the radio transmitter. 
Bulldog C6 said "WHY?! Why am i cursed to lose my love on Valentine's Day?! *Kisses Bryn's corpse on
the forehead* WHY?! WHY!"  
a child is here said "**Cries into his hanky** I'm never gonna join the Undeadites, 'cuz they don't
believe in Wuv!"
steug destroyed the radio transmitter.
steug said "You're all clear kids! Now let's blow this thing and go home! Barhah!"
A zombie ( Xom B ) ruined the building.

The wedding party was delicious....Rnrarrrh!!!

The end is nigh for Stickling Mall. The ruin was achieved by Creeping Crud and surfincow. Rnrarrrh!

Fresh from our feast at Stickling, the Undeadites once again break away from the BB2 and shamble off to the SW with an evil grin on our rotting faces.
We decend upon Richmond Hills and take the harmanz by surprise. Many safehouses are cracked open, and their juicy contents devoured.

After a few days, the sound of screams and gunfire draw us further SW into Havercroft - right into the middle of a MOB seige of Ackland Mall. After first ruining the surrounding support buildings, we hit the mall in force.
Following our initial breakin, the next night the Undeadites crack open the SW corner and form a beachhead - which we were able to keep open for more than an hour. This boded well, as the next assault by the MOB on the NW was able to overrun the now exhausted defenders, and in less than a day more than 200 zambahz were having a bra!ncake party in the food court....Barhah!!!

Total February Kills: 391

Total February Ruins: 92

2008 January

The New Year started out as a blood bath when Fort Creedy fell in less than three days. All the trenchcoaters in Malton could not stop the BB2 there, and they never will!

After ruining the Farmer Building, we lurched North to attack the main defenses of Pitneybank at the Morrish Building and Giddings Mall. The harmanz were ready for us.
For more than two weeks we have tried to zmazh their safehouses and eat their brainz. But many venerable survivor groups have gathered in the area, and they are holding us at bay with their well organized defense.

During sway-time between our attacks on Morrish and Giddings, we decide to take a break from the BB2, fire up the 'ole Steamroller of Death, and lurch westward.
Our buzzsaw of teeth and claws rips across Peppardville and Pimbank, until we enter Ridleybank to make a cranial withdrawal at the Blackmore Building. Their bra!nz were bland however....with a hint of wuss.

Strange sounds from the NW attract us to Ketchelbank, where we discover that the zookeepers have been hoarding their bra!nz to themselves. After some not so gentle persuasion, we convince them to share. The Steamroller of Death crushes all....

Total January Kills: 189

Total January Ruins: 64

2007 December

A quick lurch into East Grayside brought us to the Angerstein Building. It proved to be tough on the outside, but juicy on the inside. Elder Undeadite Joe Fabulous was heard to say, "Sounds like the Channel 4 News Team has turned into a bunch of nancy-boys. They used be a hard-boiled bunch. Ed Harken, we miss you!" Soon after, the rest of the suburb was emptied of its bra!nz....B!G BAZH ZMAZH!

The hordes have brought total destruction to the harman safe-houses of Wray Heights. Their bra!n cake was saved for a grand victory feast, and the sounds of greedy munching can be heard all the way into Tollyton....which was also very tasty.

We lurched into Gulsonside just it in time to join in the BBII destruction of Blesley Mall. Juicy harmanbargarz were had by all. Now it is time for Osmondville to give up their bra!nz to our undying hunger....

Pennville has been crushed as the Undeadites lurch south.
Feeding groans can now be heard from inside Fort Perryn, but we are drawn first to the bra!nz of the Malcolm Building in Whittenside.
Creeping Crud says: "BAH BAH RAHN BARGANZAH" after old enemy Ron Burgundy is discovered cowering inside. His skull is promtly cracked open and his bra!nz sucked out....MMMMmmmm™

Fort Feral is now back in zambah claws after the harmanz put up a pitiful defense. They were consumed in a bloody orgy of death....MARRAH GR!ZMAHZ HARMANZ!
After a quick romp through Miltown for some additional C4NT munching, we shamble north into Fryerbank to join in its destruction - following the sounds of gunfire and screams.

Penny Heights and its malls soon fall silent, and the hordes shamble forward through the ruins.
Houldenbank is now a stinking hell-hole after suffering the final insult of our arrival.... Rnrarrrh!.

Vinetown and Pegton fall under the combined rotting weight of the Second Big Bash. Could we be planning a New Year's Eve bra!n cake party in Fort Creedy? One must wonder....
We suggest that the harmanz stock up on bbq sauce just in case.

Total December Kills: 232

Total December Ruins: 78

2007 November

The Undeadites decide to lurk in the area of Tompson Mall while The Second Big Bash circles around. It is soon discovered that the hippies in St. Alexander's Hospital are too toasted to defend themselves. Their bra!nz are juicy sweet.... Rnrarrrh!

The SBB has returned, and after rejoining it, Tompson Mall is once again consumed. We quickly lurch North into South Blythville for another visit to Marven Mall. Again some serious bra!n cake munching ensues.

Dartside and Kinch Heights soon realize that it is impossible to resist us. Nothing is left of those ruined suburbs but murders of crows pecking on bloody scraps.

West Grayside falls as the hordes feast on the contents of Pole Mall. Distracted by the flash of something shiny to the south, we decide to investigate.

Ah, Wyke Hills - such a tasty place. After a quick romp down along the west side, there appeared before our seeping eyesockets a wondrous place called Buckley Mall. In this bra!n buffet was a gathering of the most docile mrh-cow mallrats we have gorged upon in a long time; almost as scrumptious as the St. Alexander's Hospital defenders were. They were pathetic, hilarious, and sooo delicious! Mwahahahaha!

Total November Kills: 199

Total November Ruins: 60

2007 October

As Halloween approaches, the Undeadites sense a change in the air....

It smells like The Second Big Bash!

Galbraith Hills was a salty h'ourderve, and Stanbury Village satisfied our sweet tooth. Now Roftwood will feel our rotting presence as we seek the savory side of unlife!

The horde is restless. Groans from our brazzahz call us to the SW for a feast in Shackleville.

We look forward to sampling the bra!n platters on offer in Tapton as well.

Greentown and South Blythville have been crushed and consumed in a frenzy of bra!n munching..... Rnrarrrh!

Was that Wykewood? We went through that burb so fast that it was all just a bloody blur.

Ruddlebank's bra!ns are quickly devoured as the Undeadites move towards Tompson Mall to join in its Big Bash destruction. Lockettside proper soon drips from our mouths. Barhah!

Total October Kills: 272

Total October Ruins: 50

2007 September

Rhodenbank is aiding the ruined suburb of Dulston. They must be destroyed.

Our undying persistance cannot be resisted, nor our hunger sated. The Devonshire Building joins the growing list of victims that are consumed as we take their greatest weapon against us away from them....their bra!nz!

We had so much fun that we had to return to Dulston; and that means a visit to the Whitlock Building where our constant break-ins for bra!nz spread paranoia and infections amongst the harmanz.

Total September Kills: 245

2007 August

Gibsonton is a pitiful place. Best just to put these bra!nbagz out of their misery....and into our stomachs!

We proceed to sweep through their safe-houses like a fetid gale. The sweet smell of fear is in the air, and the Ducat Building NT was particularly juicy. For those of us still with a pallet, a stash of government cheese found in a hidden storeroom is just the thing for cheesebra!nz tartar.

Our frenzied shamble through Gibsonton comes to an end as we lay waste to Mylrea Walk Police Department. There are few things a zambah likes more than a pit stop for bacon flavored bra!n candies.

Pescodside is fated to be our next victim, and suffers greatly when we learn how to ruin buildings. A shattered wasteland is left in our wake as we lurch through the bones of our victims across the entire center of the suburb.

The sound of gunfire and zambah groans to the north betray the presence of many harmanz in Dulston. And where there are bra!nz, we will never be far away. After making some probing attacks, it is now time to seriously dig into this suburb with some good ole' fashioned barhah. We grab Dulston with our rotting fingers, show it our teeth, and then give it a big Undeadite hug!

Treweeke Mall is a stinking charnel house after a ruinous double claw attack by DORIS and their allies, and then by us and our zambah brahzaz from the LUE, Infected Swarm, De-vivification Experts of Malton, Cybele's Shamblers, and others. Rnrarrrh!

Total August Kills: 301

2007 July

Fort Creedy July is the month of Judgment!

The Undeadites' rampage throughout Fort Creedy escalates. As survivors are dragged kicking and screaming out of their holes and devoured, our feeding groans attract many hungry mouths to the buffet. Zambahz have been seen staggering around with bellies so full they can barely shamble.

Soon, all of their bra!nz will be ours!

It is done. A river of blood flows out through the gatehouse, and a deathly pall permiates the air. Fort Creedy's infestation has been cleansed. Foolish harmanz.... There can be no victory against us!

But some corner of our mind remembers. Spracklingbank has had its reprieve. They will suffer greatly from the mall's food-court being sweetly silent! Rnrarrrh!.

After almost 2 weeks of ferocious combat, the harmanz in and around the Craske Triangle have proven to be worthy foes. Their bra!n cake was delicious!

Total July Kills: 115

2007 June

Pitneybank suffers under our teeth and claws as the Undeadites devour the hapless harmanz of the Farmer Building NT, seriously hindering their attempts to retake Fort Creedy.

During the bloodbath, new zambahz join the horde. With the area cleansed of breathers, and the mounds of body parts ground to a putrid mush after the celebration, the scent of fresh bra!nz wafts to our keen nostrils from the north.

Spracklingbank has been at peace for far too long. Time for the harmanz in Cornelius General Hospital to feel the Barhah!

Creeping Crud says: "Grab Ganarazahz! Zmazh Ganarazahz!" Harman residents of the hospital are very concerned about his wanton acts of destruction and call for his death. Unfortunatly for them, he already is.

An echoing chorus of groans have signaled the urge to go south once again to feed. Half remembered words from an old and gore covered hand-held radio speak of a coming bra!n feast to be had in Fort Creedy. Those of us who crave MREs cannot resist returning to consume the bra!n candy that the harmanz have so thoughfully restocked for us.

Total June Kills: 164

2007 May

Pegton still being the prime focus of the Undeadites' activity, they began to pick up steam once again, the month of may looking high in the forecasts as a very prosperous one.

When Asked about the Undeadites May Plans, outstanding member Alurakan recited this poem:

"zmaz harmanz

ram barahah!

nah gah Mrh?

grab bra!nz

grab g!n

hab barbah!"

Marching to the tune of our own zombah poet laureate, the Undeadites continue to horrify Pegton. The core of the suburb has fallen and, along with it, the Rowcliffe Building - the only Necrotech building in the suburb. The Undeadites, always striving to enlighten ourselves, consume the brainz of a few teachers as we march on local schools and museums. We briefly consider adding a wing to the Bratt Museum [83, 54] detailing the short, but glorious history of the zombie outbreak in Malton. We concluded that we'd rather make history and eat the curator. Pegton is in shambles and as the Undeadites leave the northern borders for Pitneybank we bid a fond fairwell to the former suvivors of this burb.

Fort Creedy has fallen to the Undeadites and ferals during a halfhearted battle. While leaving the fort the horde discovers a covert harman operation with intentions the wrest it from zombah claws.

Generalissimo ZombieMcAllen says: "Early intelligence reports regarding Fort Creedy indicated they had weapons of mass destruction. Based on this intelligence we conducted an inspection and found no evidence of WMDs. We did, however, find a minor harman infestion that we dutifullly eliminated. We've run across an unexpect threat in the blocks surrounding Fort Creedy more deadly and dangerous than the WMDs. As you are, by now, aware the Farmer building is poised to take over Fort Creedy. This is our Cuba. The missles are pointed to diminish zombah control. Let's turn this missle crisis into a Bloody Bay of Pigs as we wipe this would-be rebellion off the face of Malton. They may put up stiff resistance, but we will presevere and take down their 'cades. We will find them in their safehouses. We will pollute their hospitals. We shall not rest until Malton is safe for zombah kind. The battle of Farmer has begun. Let it end with our victory.


Total May Kills: 174

2007 April

The Undeadites decided the time was nigh for Pegton to feel the wrath that is a good zambah horde. Bodies quickly began to litter the streets, and continued to do so throughout the entire month. Horde unity was strong, and new members began to flock to the horde.

Total April Kills: 88

2007 March

After a time hopelessly attacking the Yagoton "YRC" Revive clinic, the Undeadites took up the idea of visiting local warehouses. In their quest for knowledge of area locale, the HQ for the Abandoned was discovered and quickly everyone inside realized the futility of refusing to give tea and brain cake to the Undeadites. The following day, after taking sight of several shiny objects, the Undeadites moved on, accidently destroying another safehouse full of harmanz; Pippin Auto-Repair.

After much destruction of buildings, the Undeadites felt once again up to the challenge of taking on the Whatmore Building... "130 survivors will be in their graves by this months end!" they vowed... and they quickly were as we layed brutal siege to the Building alongside our good friends Death's Embrace and /b/!

So after a quick celebration romp, the Undeadites took their forces South into Brooke Hills with several things in mind: Food, Fun, and Peanut Shells... a trip to the zoo was certainly in order, so off they went, south through Brooke Hills to Ketchelbank to make some interaction with the Malton zoo and its keepers. then upon the decimation of the zoo, they headed off towards Roftwood to have their share of the tasty Hildebrand mall goodies.

With the destruction of Hildebrand Mall and Roftwood, Edgecombe took #1 on the priority list!

Total March Kills: 115

2007 Febuary

After sometime aimlessly roaming, the horde finally settles down and begins to munch on what lies inside Yagoton, particularly those who would sleep in the Bale Mall.

The general array of buildings in the Bale Mall area saw fear grip their occupants as the Undeadites opened them up in search of some fresh chip dip. Many kills ensued.

Total February Kills: 43

The Dark Ages

Sadly, the months of August through February were scratched bleary eyed out of the Undeadites' much too heavily partied memories due to what some have begun to refer to as "The Dark Ages". Some of the members gave brief recollections to the effect of having had considerably too much to drink, or being very very sleepy, or needing to get some afternoon tea, but for better or for worse, this period in Undeadites history has been nearly erased from the books... Some hypothesize that the Undeadites simply had had enough of the constant carnage, or that the glory of battle got to their heads, but clearly, they fell nearly out of existence at the peak of their glory... Unfortunately for any harmanz, the Undeadites have left their bout of endless afternoon teas and have returned to the fray with full steam!

Pre-Dark Age kills: 1605


Kills Made:106

Running Total of Kills: 1400 (seems unlikely but honest!!! do the math yourself)

2006 August

The Undeadites have been hitting suburb after suburb with the Big Bash. However, they have finally encountered substantial resistance at Giddings Mall. Amid rumors of bot barricade abuse they head for bloodier pastures to the south.

Kills Made: 53 to date

Running Total of Kills: 1294

2006 July

The Undeadites continue their rampage with the Big Bash. After destroying Thompson Mall they quickly rampaged towards Marven Mall, where they, along with the other party goers, set about clearing 3 quarters of the mall in only 2 days. After finding cramped quarters and slim pickings the horde shambles into Brooksville cracking open a few safe houses and various survivor skulls. A few members of the Brooksville Warmbloods fall to zombie claws at St. John's Hospital.

Kills Made: 320

Running Total of Kills: 1241

2006 June

The Undeadites continue their rampage in West Grayside and ensure Clapton Stadium and Pole Mall remain harman-free. They have a knock about the pitch in the stadium and celebrate with overturned seats, public urination, and general zombie hooliganism. After a few games they slake their thirst at the Younghusband Arms and find some Craske Building International Playboys near the taps. They challenge the playboys to a few friendly game of armwrestling. Unfortunately, the Undeadites don't know their own strength and now have a few extra limbs. Apologies to the playboys.

A warehouse in Kempsterbank is raided resulting in the deaths of over 14 survivors including two members of the Malton World Cup Committee who are discovered running an illegal bookmaking operation.

The Undeadites have been challenged to another soccer match on June 15, 1700GMT. Our team players are warming up on a stringent diet of marrow and brains. Coaches are certain players will be in optimal shape for the match.

Match 2 was a resounding success for the Undeadites with a 4-2 victory; Alurakan opened the scoring for the Undeadites after going 0-1 down and Orangutang put the zombie side in front. A dubious goal from the opposition levelled the score but substitute Pete of the Dead claimed two kills to give the Undeadites the win. Boisterous celebrations followed with Channel 4 News Team's reporter Ed Harken making a post-match victory meal.

The lure of fresh brains and camp-songs bring the Undeadites to join the Big Bash. After rampaging through several suburbs of largely empty buildings, the Undeadites strike gold. They devoure 40+ survivors in the Veresmith Street Police Dept Massacre.

Kills Made: 288

Running Total of Kills: 921

2006 May

Having just remembered the art of overturning furniture, the Undeadites clear out some buildings in southern Gulsonside before drifting towards Scarletwood to the south. As the horde continues to grow, so does the death count!

A small number of Undeadites leave due to 'artistic differences' and go on to found their own group - "the night shift". The Undeadites do not endorse any activities of this group.

The Undeadites withdraw from Gulsonside as they believe it to have bad ju-ju. Once they find the magic ju-ju bean they intend to return to Gulsonside and plant it to dispel the bad karma.

"Go west, young zed!" said the zombie sage and so the horde breaks camp and passes through Wray Heights and Kempsterbank.

After finding few brainz in Kempsterbank the Undeadites deem the zombie sage a crackpot and make a right turn heading north into Shackleville until they learn about the Malton World Cup. They enjoy a good match as much at the next zombie and decide to participate in game at Clapton Stadium. A few members of the horde join a large contingent of ferals in taking the stadium. They celebrate by playing a few games with the heads of defeated survivors.

Kills Made: 175

Running Total of Kills: 633

2006 April

After two successful rampages with the SteamRoller of Death, the Undeadites have decided to slow down their attack, but in the proccess giving the harmanz no chance to flee.

The campaign against Buttonville has commenced, the Undeadites systematically destroyed the revive efforts of the harmanz, cleansing the Tebbet Building and the Pryor Building. The Undeadites also attacked some minor safe-houses before joining with the RRF in the attack against the Buckley Mall where we had a feast in the food courts.

The campaign against Buttonville has been declared a success, with survivor deaths spiraling out of control, all hope seemed lost for Buttonvilles residents. The Undeadites launched their last attack on the Brazy Building and then Ranson Blvd. Police Depot before moving onward into West Grayside. Deaths from just these two buildings must have risen to above 50.

With full bellies and filthy faces (they are not know for their table manners), the Undeadites turn their attention to Tollyton and plan on paying a visit to Paradox home territory.

The Undeadites leave Tollyton with only a handful of survivors remaining, moving to the lush land of flesh and blood known as Gulsonside.

The Undeadites continue the attack against Gulsonside, creating a revive cue of up to 19 Zombies and clearing out necrotech labs have caused the rates of revive to rocket in the suburb, no longer shall the revive-pushers be allowed to carry on their trade of pain and misery.

Kills Made: 215

Running Total of Kills: 458

2006 March

The Undeadites can still be seen around Roftwood and Stanbury Village. An un-godly thing has occured, the Undeadites have started the rampaging SteamRoller of Death! all survivors in its path tremble in fear.

As the SteamRoller of Death continues, many survivors find themselves lying brainless outside their former safehouse. The SteamRoller has cleared a line of destruction throughout Shackleville, Mockridge Heights and now threatens Brooksville.

The SteamRoller of Death has ground to a halt, its objectives of plowing through survivor safehouses has been achieved. Now the horde moves into Grigg Heights, tearing apart barricade after barricade, survivor after survivor.

The Undeadites are known for their shrewd tactics against survivors, but their latest one may be the greatest they have ever thought of. The SteamRoller of Death has come about again, but no longer shall the Undeadites be bound by the line of horizontal, for they shall now move south-east in a diagonal line of death! All those upon the line will meet with the claws and fangs of the Undeadites!

Kills Made: 75

Running Total of Kills: 243

2006 February

The Undeadites take a brief stop at Stanbury Village where they begin to snack on humans. They tear down many barricades and gnaw on the survivors inside. After taking out a few MPGeeks and other random humans, they are attracted by human activity around the Nichols Mall.

The Undeadites roam around central Malton, Particularly Stanbury Village and Roftwood tearing apart the flesh and bones from all survivors who cross their path.

The Undeadites decided that promotions were unnecessary, a Zombie is a Zombie, all are equal under the flag of the Undeadites.

Kills Made: 111

Running Total of Kills: 148

2006 - January

The Undeadites muster in Galbraith Hills. Disapointed with the lack of fresh meat they relocate to the suburb of Tollyton to start the Rampage. Success follows rapidly with the sacking of several buildings and a number of kills.

The Undeadites march towards their next destination with wide, bloody grins after attacking Paradox safehouses.

Kills Made: 37

Running Total of Kills: 37

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