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Currently on hiatus, due to a lack of outside interest, and the return of Unholy Trinity.
Are you interested in joining this group, for whatever reason? Feel free to post in the talk page.
Unholy Unity
Abbreviation: UU, or W
Group Numbers: 2. We're a unity. Duh.
Leadership: Aruhito and Harduk equally lead the group.
Goals: Sight-seeing, and crashing into every firing range in Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Private group. Applications might be opened to pairs... eventually.
Contact: Talk:Unholy Unity, or Aruhito's SatPhone: 892-7222

What is Unholy Unity?

Unholy Unity is Unholy Trinity sans The Shopaholic (Cataleya), put simply.

A bloodlusting mute woman who uses a speech-generating device (Aruhito,) and her partner, a medic turned go-go dancer, turned assassin (Harduk) roam Malton in search for their fallen comrade, a sassy shopaholic (Cataleya.) Even in her absence, however, the two decide that the show must go on... and more blood should be shed.

Why make a spin-off group just because one member is missing?

Alright, saying that we're Unholy Trinity minus one member is true as of now, but unlike Unholy Trinity, Unholy Unity may be open to recruitment provided that there is interest in the project. We would prefer for you to bring a PKing buddy for you to "pair" with during strikes. Zergers need not apply. We're not kidding, we would kill you if we found out that you are zerging. Cheaters aren't winners.

The more, the merrier, as they say!


It's nothing against you, we promise! It's just a game, don't take it personally if either of us kills you.

We usually just kill anyone who pushed us in the queue to the checkout counter in the grocery store, people who turn their music up way too loudly, policemen who just sit around and eat donuts. Actually, scratch that. We don't care who you are, we'll just kill you because we can.

Of course, there's a possibility that you could just be an asshat. In that case, you totally deserve it.

If you feel particularly upset about getting killed, feel free to leave a message in the talk page. Speaking of which...


Kill count: 26 as of 00:39, 9 June 2014 (UTC)


25 kills: 2014.06.08
10 kills: 2014.05.17

The Mall Tour: Bale Mall

# Date Victim Group Killer Location Documentation
26 2014.06.08 John Q Random none Harduk Bale Mall very original, very touche.
25 2014.06.08 slf67 none Harduk Bale Mall no, how may I help YOU?, does this ring a bell to you?, come on, don't try to mess around with me.
24 2014.06.08 Rohndogg1 The Abandoned Aruhito The Dawbin Museum penultimate hit, and how the hell did i get a 100% hit rate against you? you're a dead dog now.
23 2014.05.29 MonoChromeX none Aruhito Moorhouse Place Police Department penultimate hit, maybe you're acting that way because someone out there will cheer for your death.
22 2014.05.28 Sable Maiara Hemlock and Roses ♀ Aruhito Bale Mall penultimate hit, make a decision: agony, or pain?
21 2014.05.28 Captain DBag none Harduk Bale Mall sorry, i can't see you over how generic everyone else is!
20 2014.05.28 SgtPepperSpray none Harduk Bale Mall roses are red, violets are blue, you're pungent as a pepper, and this poem is a blooper.
19 2014.05.25 Gobotron Ryley Road Refugees Harduk Bale Mall in the end, you'll have done it myyyy waaaaayyyyy...
18 2014.05.23 gary brown none Harduk Bale Mall are you not proud of your own name? say and write it tall, say it proud.
17 2014.05.23 Dvowr none Aruhito Bale Mall penultimate hit, you make it sound like it's a bad thing, bathing isn't such a bad thing, if it's with your own blood.
16 2014.05.23 Rheinhold none Harduk Bale Mall the apocalypse beckons, yet you recklessly stay here. but that's alright, it's safer here.
15 2014.05.23 ChCx91 none Aruhito Bale Mall penultimate hit, no, seriously, who names their child THAT? i'm sure i wouldn't.

Debut:Calvert Mall

# Date Victim Group Killer Location Documentation
14 2014.05.18 Vladimir Kosenko Communist Party of Malton Aruhito Calvert Mall penultimate hit, i know what you're talking about, but i'm just giving you practical advice.
13 2014.05.18 fenianpunk none Harduk Calvert Mall what are you looking at? i'm just doing my job!
12 2014.05.18 Thomas T Burns none Harduk Calvert Mall moshi moshi, grim reaper desu.
11 2014.05.17 Harris Pillton none Harduk Calvert Mall hey, i'm sorry! it's not like it costed you an arm and a leg!
10 2014.05.17 your little sister Suburban Ed's Peasant Militia Aruhito Calvert Mall penultimate hit, yes, i know i was a bad person. i can only right a wrong with another wrong.
9 2014.05.17 PressX none Harduk Calvert Mall hey bro, i think your controller's broked.
8 2014.05.12 Zenebatos The Dead Aruhito Calvert Mall penultimate hit, i'm not a doctor, but i have enough experience to know how to 'fix' you.
7 2014.05.13 Hagen von Gibichung none Harduk Calvert Mall i can give you the secret to whiter, fairer skin.
6 2014.05.12 PressX none Aruhito Calvert Mall penultimate hit, i think this controller's broke, and so are you!
5 2014.05.12 Tony Rygel none Harduk Calvert Mall you can't hide, not from me. shining star, like a little diamond.
4 2014.05.12 wildbeast12 10 Minutes from Hell Aruhito Calvert Mall penultimate hit, we're much closer to hell than you think, don't delay your death.
3 2014.05.12 Viprin -ETK- Harduk Calvert Mall hey you, you with the face, challenge accepted.

A Little Teaser?

# Date Victim Group Killer Location Documentation
2 2014.05.08 nolimitz4me Blood Banditz Aruhito Calvert Mall penultimate hit, what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve.
1 2014.05.04 Tommy Crowbar The Fortress Harduk Coy Cinema refuelling the genny, what even happened to function over form?, what use is gold if you're going to die too?
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