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United Bar Alliance Official Page

United Bar Alliance
Abbreviation: UBA
Group Numbers: 21
Leadership: Ironstar
Goals: To maintain and run the best bar system possible
Recruitment Policy: Enter name and profile under 'Barkeeps'.
No Level Restriction
Contact: WREC UBA Radio or novelistmhray at yahoo.com (please put urbandead in subject line)

Welcome to the home of the United Bar Alliance!

Currently serving the Gulsonside area, the UBA is growing to include more bars in other areas. Started with a mere three bartenders, the UBA is rapidly expanding its ranks. We're always looking for new members! Listen for updates on WREC - 27.51 MHz.

Pubs Under UBA Protection

  • Belbin Arms, Gulsonside, Barkeep Hebrew Hammer

Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg

  • Perrior Arms,Gulsonside, Barkeep Mhray


  • Brien Arms, Gulsonside, Barkeep Thor Stinky Pants


  • Bagot Arms, Wray Heights, Barkeeps Ironstar and Llew Silverhand


Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg


Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg




  • Draper Arms, Scarletwood, Barkeep Jo March

Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg


Why should you join the UBA?

We are a laid back group of barkeeps that just want everyone to have a safe place to enjoy a pint. There are no set missions, save for protecting UBA-controlled pubs and some surrounding buildings. You aren't required to go through boot camp, although if you want to gain a few levels we'll help you do it. The UBA also runs the Stale Urinal Newsletter, which welcomes all group member to contribute updates on their activities and general barkeep bull.

What do you need to be a UBA barkeep?

  • No level restriction
  • No special skills (although free running is highly recommended)
  • A love of pubs

Questions about joining?

Ask us! Feel free to post in the Stale Urinal Newsletter section of the page.

UBA Barkeeps


To show our thanks to those wonderful customers that make bartending the late shift worth while...

  • MolotovH
  • Window Licker
  • ImALumberjack
  • cjrother
  • Maria Santos (a.k.a. Momma)
  • Frank DeVries
  • JHoova
  • MrCoolantSpray


know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.51 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: In Gulsonside

United Bar Alliance Communicate using the frequency 27.51. Stay up to date with the latest UBA news on this frequency. Use this frequency for the following reasons:

  • Reports
  • Distress Calls
  • Drink Recipes
  • Barkeep Bull

All members of United Bar Alliance are encouraged to carry a radio tuned to 27.51Mhz

Other survivor groups wishing to contact UBA can use 27.51Mhz to do so.

The Stale Urinal Newsletter

The paper written by and for those who read on the throne

7/13/09 - Any UBA members still active? If so, speak up or swing by the Fergie in Tollyton for a pint. - Boris The Red

1/14/09 - Anyone out there? - HH

12/9/2008 - I recently began playing again for the first time in close to a year. The Fergie is safe....although Tollyton on the whole is not. - Boris The Red

10/30/08 - Well folks, its been a while so I am doing some updating. I'd like a roll call if anyone is still out there. All of the bars are considered in zombie hands until we can verify their safety rating. Ironstar has reported that south-west Gulsonside is fairly safe although the rest of the burb is less so. Wray Heights is doing well but seeing some zed influx from the northwest. Jayne N Vera told me he's currently a zombie barkeep serving drinks to the undead horde around Perryn military base. Good luck everyone and I hope we're able to rebuild - Hebrew Hammer

07/10/08 - The BOJCC would like to know if our organization could receive membership amongst our fellow lovers of spirit. We're not a pub but a Belgian style abbey. We brew our own and are currently working on installing taps in the church. Our hope is to heal both the body and the mind of survivors in Malton. Let us know if we are right for your organization by dropping us a note in our "Comments to the Brothers" section. Thank you!

04/28/08 - Gibsonton is beginning to rebuild. I'm focused on that effort right now and on rebuilding and powering nearby pubs, hospitals, and pds. In several weeks, if all is well, I will head south towards the Fergie, armed with my toolkit and generators. It looks like the UBA took a huge hit during the big bash...--Manapua 14:03, 28 April 2008 (BST)

04/24/08 - Hi, I'm new, LaZaH, I was in the Lawson Arms. And I logged in when the zombies attacked. Prayformojo is dead (I think), And the Lawson Arms is destroyed. There are lots of zombies there. And they killed Everyone who was there. Im not sure if someone survived. But that's all. - LaZaH

04/24/08 - Hey all, I am currently next door to the Ferguson in Bawden Towers. I just wanted to see if any of you guys are still around and wanted to hang out with me as I seem to be the only person in the whole damn suburb. Boris if your out there and can bring a group of friends, I'll be waiting around. Thanks from your local drunkard...JHoova

04/04/08 - The Mounter's still open, but as it is the only manned and barricaded building in our section of Gibsonton, it won't last much longer. The pattern seems to be 1-2 weeks of keeping the bar open, then 1 week of slowly retaking it / waiting for the zombies to move on.--Manapua 12:54, 4 April 2008 (BST)

04/2/08 - Is anyone's bar still open? The Ferguson has become a constant target of zed aggression during this recent invasion. I have been unable to stay in my bar and keep the beer flowing because every time I retake the bar and repair it, it only stands for a few hours before being destroyed again. I'm getting tired of sleeping in junkyards. - Boris The Red

03/13.08 - Eh, sorry for being inactive so long, I just had no time to play Urban Dead for some time. But now Elsbury Arms starts to serve drinks again! - dudi4155

02/26/08 - Hi all. I have two questions: 1. Who among us is still active? I have noticed a number of UBA members have gone inactive according to my contacts list? 2. Do any of you have a character in Monroeville? I have created one named Red Boris who is currently in the far southern portion of Central Monroeville. Anyone else in Central Monroeville? If so, would you care to enter into a joint venture to open up a bar? - Boris The Red

1. I am still active, more often dead than alive. I spotted Von Bob at his bar about a month ago, before the BB2 hit. I haven't ventured down to the central UBA areas, but suppose I ought to considering we can't seem to keep buildings up for more than two days in Gibsonton.
2. I have a character, Manapua2, in Central Monroeville. Currently in the Sparkling Bar. I'm interested in a joint venture.--Manapua 19:31, 26 February 2008 (UTC)

01/24/08 - The Mouter was rebuilt again. Up and down, up and down. Like a yo-yo.--Manapua 19:15, 24 January 2008 (UTC)

01/21/08 - The Mounter is ransacked again. The local area is paying for its 7-8 months of quiet. Just a few dozen zombies, but minimal local coordination. Don't come to us for drinks for a while.

01/17/08 - The Mounter was repaired by kind locals late last week. We're fully functioning, but the surrounding area is getting hit hard by a pretty small group of zombies. Scholls is back, so the two UBA pubs in NE Gibsonton plus the local NT operation are the only beacons of humanity in the area.

01/06/08 - The Mounter Arms, Gibsonton, has just been sacked and ruined by roughly a dozen zombies. Looks like an ad-hoc assembly of ferals. The Fone Arms next door is still open, but Dr. Scholls hasn't been active in a while.

01/05/08 - Tollyton has been pretty dangerous for the past six months or so. Suddenly the zeds disappeared. Haven't seen one of the bastards in a couple of weeks. I almost miss the bastards. If anyone needs a safe place to stay..the Fergie is open. If anyone needs a hand, let me know as there isn't much to defend the bar against at the moment. - Boris The Red

12/20/07- Restocked and loaded. I'm on my way back from the Blesley and man do I love fully lit gun stores. I plan to clear out and stabilize around the Creek NT area. Let me know if anywhere else needs some firepower. - H. Hammer

12/14/07 - The Ferguson is back in survivor hands if any of you Gulsonsiders are in trouble and need a place to stay, feel free to drop by. - Boris

12/12/07 - Sadly, the Fergie is in zombie hands (and I had recently decorated the bar with some nice tapestries and African glass sculptures). I hope to have it back in UBA hands within a couple of days, there are 4 zeds inside (but one is a friendly zed) and 1 outside. I'm loaded up with ammo and a toolbox so I'll be working on it. -Boris

12/11/07 - Hammer, I hope that was you who barricaded the Bagot. I'm standing outside with another zombie (whom I think I'll eat). If you are around, please revive me - I'm loaded with syringes and a toolbox. - Llew 11:41

12/10/07 - Well with everything bashed in and ruined, Jayne N Vera and I have been running around repairing as many buildings as possible. Anything to piss off the squaters. -HH

12/8/07 - Just an update. Wray Heights is completely ruined. Some of the zeds have begun to enter Tollyton, I assume some might head into Guslonside as well. Good luck everyone. - Boris The Red

12/7/07 - Boris, I'm a shambling husk myself. I didn't make it through the night in my safe house. I'll be defending the Bagot in my undead state, though I am happy that they didn't destroy my prized collection of a stuffec crocodile and a stuffed moose head. - Llew 9:12

12/6/07 - Well the Brien has fallen too. I woke up dead tonight. 7 zombies killed me and a couple of my patrons. Two patrons were still alive as was my generator and radio. Llew was hiding out near the Bagot Boris, but I don't know if he is still alive. I'll be working to claw my way through the undead that violated my bar. - Undead Thor 21:37

12/6/07 - I headed south from the Fergie today to assist the Bagot. I killed one of the 7 zeds outside the bar. However, when I entered I found only one survivor and 6 zeds inside. Unfortunately I had to flee because I can't handle 12 of the bastards on my own. I'm currently hiding in the Golde Building a couple of blocks to the northwest. Anyone else nearby? - Boris The Red

12/6/07 - Ah.. that would explain the overwhelming attention my bar drew last night. If anyone has a bit of free AP. I was attacked last night and this morning by 13 undead. They dragged me into the street, but they made the mistake of not finishing me off. I re-barricaded my bar and took out 3 of the zombies inside - leaving 5. I served up all the lead I had, and am currently hiding out waiting to extract punishment. Billings, I'll get in touch with Thor, and he'll have you fixed up in no time. Llew 8:29

12/7/07 - This just in: East Grayside is annihilated, including your correspondent. The mob appears to be moving north into Wray Heights/Gulsonside. I'm currently sitting outside the Brien Arms, looking inside longingly for a revive, warmth, and a pint. - Capt. Billings

12/3/07 - Yes, yes they did. The diary, however, is beyond creepy. - Von Bob

12/3/07 - I just noticed that a few people have instituted a "Player Killer's Pub Crawl." I guess they took you out, Von Bob, a month or so ago. Might be something worth keeping an eye on. Search the wiki or the PKA Boards for information. We might want to inform our customers. - Manapua

11/30/07 - Just a general organizational issue. Someone took it upon themselves to "clean up" the radio frequencies list (aka wipe it clean), so I reestablished our rights to 27.51. Also the Creek NT has 5 zombies barricaded inside, so if anyone in Gulsonside has some ammo, go for it. - Thor

11/28/07 - The Belbin is safe and sound...for now. The Minions have returned to their old stomping ground at Lazarus and I doubt they will stay there. - HH

11/19/07 - Here you will find more info: http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Big_bash_2 - dudi4155

11/19/07 - Ominous graffiti has been appearing in S.T.A.R.S.-protected areas of East Grayside: "Evacuate the suburb, Big Bash 2 in route." Anyone know anything more? - Capt Billings

11/17/07 - Area around Elsbury Arms is safer than ever. There is no zombies outside, many building are powered, the largest group in the suburb on NT map counts 5 zeds. I think Crowbank dangerous level should be lowered soon. - dudi4155

The Recycling Bin

Want to know where all those old newspapers go, check the recycling bin in the back. It's next to the empty kegs.

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