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The United States Interagency Taskforce is a human role playing group exploring broader narratives within Urban Dead's static "kill zombies then run" game basis. Picture the politics of Land of the Dead mixed with The X Files and Weirdass comics' Terror War cycle. That's the tone we're trying to strike.

United States Interagency Task Force
Abbreviation: USIT
Group Numbers: Loose, recruiting full-time staff and independent contractors
Leadership: Ad hoc investigative teams on case by case, and sometimes lead by lead basis. Headed by a lead investigator, or investigators, depending on investigation size.
Goals: Investigating the Big Picture
Recruitment Policy: Full time positions open to all U.S. Citizens. Given staffing and resource shortages, UK and other nationals are welcome to apply for contractual, liaison, and other "operative" positions, pending background checks.
Contact: The Envoy


Officially, that is according to references deep within the Congressional budget, the United States Interagency Taskforce, USIT, is funded through a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) project investigating tropical rain forests, Foreign Assistance Act, Part I, Section 118 - Tropical Forests. The truth is a lot murkier. An array of U.S. government agents, operating without any official knowledge of agency heads at the Cabinet level but representing the Departments of Defense, State, Justice, Homeland Security (both antiterror and FEMA), and Health and Human Services, have formed the Interagency Taskforce to address concerns across various departments and agencies regarding the United States' position in the growing supernatural and paranormal fronts of the War on Terror, particularly in light of U.S. PsyOps, SpecOps, BlackOps, and VaporOps that have used occult and supernatural augmentation and the current quagmire of U.S. forces against supernatural insurgency EYES ONLY I, EYES ONLY II, EYES ONLY III, EYES ONLY IV, EYES ONLY V, CLASSIFIED BLINDEYE.

As Malton has become a front of supernatural insurgency manifest in the form of a city wide zombie outbreak, and particularly in light of the number of U.S. military and paramilitary units presently operating in Malton, the city has become of interest to USIT, who have dipatched operatives and contracted indigenous personnel to conduct a free-ranging inquiry into the state and prospects of the city.


In conducting it's free-ranging investigation, USIT charter seems to provide the following directives:

1.) Gather as complete and clear a picture of the situation on the ground in the City of Malton. This should be done through both reconaissance surveys of Malton's neighborhood; interviewing and, if necessary, surveillance of key actors and agencies operating in Malton; monitoring of Malton's various communication channels, primarily radio and graffiti tagging.
2.) Develop productive information sharing relationships with assets of all origin within the city.
3.) Inquire into U.S. assets' conduct within a conflict zone rich in supernatural insurgency.
4.) Assist when possible, human actors within Malton in the form of medical aid, tactical force assistance, and intelligence resources. In other words, the investigation will dispatch operatives all over the city of Malton and all operatives are expected to uphold a level of human decency and compassion in their actions.

Current Known Operations

Ranahan Public Radio alleged (????-Present)

Rumors abound in Shearbank that the American style public radio station broadcasting over public frequencies in Shearbank is actually a USIT front to promote U.S. interests in Malton.

Shearbank Defenses (October 2006-Present, Reactivated Crisis Mode February 2007)

Assist population and defense forces of Shearbank against forces of the Big Bash. Following USAid guidelines, USIT has been encouraging the vigiliant maintenance of the suburb's infrastructure (generator and radio functionality and barricade strength). All USIT operatives and contractors are encouraged to outfit themselves with the following disaster relief kit, allowing the emergency reestatblishment of communications facilities victimized by zombies or griefers, and the administration of medical aid:

1 Generator
1 Radio Transmitter (set to 26.80 on set up)
2 Fuel Cans (1 for comm set up, 1 for relief of powered down gens).
6 First Aid Kits
1 Personal Radio Receiver (set to 26.8)

These supplies should be considered minimum kit and all operatives are encouraged to increase their equipment load to whatever custom configuration they desire. Given the amount of GK/RK activity, power and communications hardware is recommended. Security and Tactical operatives may outfit themselves with whatever tactical kit they feel most adept operating within. Intelligence and Investigative workers are encouraged to carry multiple radio receivers in order to monitor additional frequencies. Aid personnel should stock themselves with First Aid or revivication equipment, depending on training levels. Remaining unspecialized support personnel should carry the basic kit, whatever self-defense equipment they need to maintain personal security, and a mix of first aid and fuel at the operative's discretion.

Update (February 14, 2007)
USIT personnel with their LMFAO allies have been providing relief and infrastructure support during Mall Tour 2007's Siege of Stickling. Protests within the Shearbank population to the Malton Rangers' efforts at imposing authority in the area have met violent responses to both USIT and the civilian population. An inquest into the Rangers' incompetent leadership can be found transcribed here.
Update (November 17, 2006)
Over the past week, communications traffic seems to suggest the Big Bash Menace has vacated Shearbank for the time being. Broader reconnaissance of the suburb is required to confirm this. Further, GK and RK activity, whether by deranged individuals, or anarcho-zombie sympathizer groups, is still a problem. USIT personnel are doing what they can to maintain the communication's infrastructure, but the degree of RK and GK activity barely gives them the resources to maintain the few buildings around their current station, let alone their station's own facilities. Given refugee reports from Caiger Mall and Yagoton that have begun to circulate, USIT strongly encourages all residents of Shearbank to support the communications infrastructure of the suburb by stocking portable generators, radio transmitters, and fuel in their personal inventories.
(November 28, 2006)
USIT personnel, both Shearbank based and what's left of the Yagoton expedition, have converged on the Whippey NT facility in Shearbank to provide aid against the Shacknews incursion. Investigative and reconnaissance operations outside information gathering pertaining to the immediate emergency have been suspended for the duration of the crisis.
(December 6, 2006)
USIT personnel continue to be engaged in the suburb's defense against Shacknews. In addition to the mall, they have assisted in other's efforts in maintaining the Abrahall fuel depot and Nesbit NT facility, in line with their general mission of infrastructure support.

Leaked Footage

Special Department of Supernatural Defense Meeting Record 12/09/06 2056 EST In the Pentagram, a level deep below the American DoD structure known as the Pentagon, a team of supernatural warfare analyst from across U.S. military and civilian intelligence, just hours ago smugly confident that they had "slam dunked" the matter of containing the Undead in Malton, look agape at a digital screen relaying the carnage currently taking place in Stickling Mall. The camera spins for The Envoy to take up the frame. Between ducking gory claw and panicked gunfire, and constantly checking over his shoulder, the Pentagram's asset in Malton looks into the camera and says, "What the F--- do we do n--" and the image collapses into static. "Well, we can always have the Brits nuke the place," an air force officer says to the conference table. "Not yet," a shadowy figure circling the table asserts, "The President had me step down from my public office to concentrate on this fight, the fight in the War on Terror that really matters. I am not salting the Earth yet. The Vice President and I believe there are still magic formulas, our greatest known unknown, that will put a stop to this living death madness. I want new options from every branch and agency represented on this table in 24 hours." "Yes, Mr. Special Secretary," the room assented in chorus.

In the Aftermath of the Shearbank Incident and the Leaked Footage, various media groups have attemped to get commentary on this film. The following statement has been attributed to USIT agent Trevor Fitzgerald following his recent Revivification in Yagoton:

"I Sincerely doubt the reality of this film or the existance of this "pentagram" group. What's more, all the evidence I have seen indicates that these 'zombies' are the result of science gone bad, not magic or whatever."

When Agent Fitzgerald was asked what kind of technology could bring the dead back to life and grant them their near-unkilliable status as well as enhanced physical prowess, something that no known Science can currently perform, he merely mentioned Arthur C. Clarke, and then proceeded to enter a nearby building via the fire escape, shouting "They may be back here soon! Get inside!"

Yagoton Relief and Reconnaissance Effort, initiated November 20, 2006

Shortly after Agent Fitzgerald's transmission from Yagonton on 20 November, USIT lost all contact with the effort to establish a Yagoton station. USIT requests any allied agency or individual in Yagoton with information on the whereabouts of Agent Fitzgerald or any other USIT personal to report their findings to the USIT intelligence clearing house.--The Envoy 04:19, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

Trevor Fitzgerald reporting in to state that I have begun attempting to evacuate survivors who are ill-equipped to handle the current situation in Yagoton. From what i've seen so far it looks pretty bad. Shearbank should have some Entrypoints made avalible in the northwest tor any refugees who decide to come in. It also seems to me that the Shacknews Horde attacks from a single direction, although I can't be sure what direction they will come from. I believe Shearbank is their next target, and I'm not sure if they can be fought. --Unsteady Eddie 01:38, 19 November 2006 (UTC)

A Radio Transmission- "Yeah, I'm here in one of the local NT buildings... Not sure which one. You know there's only one medical facility in Yagoton? Anyway, without medical and revive support, I don't know how long Yagoton or any other suburb can hold out for ::groans and pounding in the background:: I also know for a fact if Shearbank doesn't get really organized real fast, we're next. Though I think if anywhere has a chance in hell against this particular horde" <Static> ::Trevor yelling away from the radio mike:: "No you listen to me goddamn it! I was at Stanbury Village and Ackland, I know what i'm talking about! We have to give Shearbank time to organize a real and effective defense, or they'll go the way of Caigar! You all stay in the damn mall when it's just as if not more important to defend Hospitals, Necrotech Buildings, Factories, and Fuel Stations! And then you ask why we're getting our asses kicked!" ::Back at the radio:: "I can not stress enough how important that the entirety of any suburb does not lock themselves in the mall. We need places to get generators and revive syringes. And stop the combat revives already! Some people are so far gone that they prefer being dead, as unimaginable as it sounds." ::Screams and gunshots in the background:: "They're here! There's so many pouring in at once! Jesus Christ! If you can hear this, tell the people of Shearbank they have to get ready! I don't know how long" <Static> "It's not if but when" <Static> "They're coming in here now!" ::Gunshots, Trevor screaming obscenities, and Zombie groaning, then silence:: --Unsteady Eddie 23:53, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

FindingUSIT Shearbank station operatives have linked up with what's left of the Yagoton operation in Shearbank's Whippey NT facility. It looks like Agent Fitzgerald may have been the sole survivor. Normally, after such trauma, he'd be put on administrative leave and offered trauma counseling. Given the increasingly worsening situation in Shearbank, however, USIT is compelled to keep this operative in the field.--The Envoy 14:32, 28 November 2006 (UTC)


USIT is actively seeking U.S. agents and UK and other nationals to fulfill the following investigative roles (job descriptions forthcoming):

Field Investigator -- Information gatherers. Intelligence, interviewing, reporting, or reconnaissance skills essential. Wide lattitude in assignments / focus. Can establish or work out of a "station" in a particular suburb, or opt for long range touring, though investigators operating in the former will likely have greater support resources than the latter.
Analyst -- Assess and prepare investigative findings for consumption. Journalist, communications, or intelligence backgrounds welcome. Can be based in a station or develop own analysis post.
Security -- Provides physical security for personnel, stations, and other facilities against zombies, PKers, and other hostiles. May be charged with security duties outside USIT facilities as escorts for USIT investigative personnel or security strikes against proven hostiles. Combat skills essential, construction preferred.
Support Personnel -- Medical/Revivication personel, Facility and area managers with construction abilities, Experts in Technical surveillance methods (radio, Necronet, wiki, other).

Personnel in any of these positions could be assigned the role of station chief, depending on needs and nature of a given station. All who are interested in applying for any of these positions should drop off requested materials at Talk: United States Interagency Taskforce.


Secret Board of Shadowy Figures


Information which may illuminate USIT's role in Malton, or misinformation which may obfuscate it.

December 25, 2006 Rumored communique from British Intelligence to American Intelligence, found untransmitted amidst the wreckage of a bloody, bullet-ridden and ransacked radio transmission facility: Confirm USIT's receipt of suitcase tactical package and USIT's delivery of said package to REDACTED

December 9, 2006

Two new rumors circulate regarding USIT:

1.)USIT answers to a group of U.S. Government and Military officials who meet in a facility called the Pentagram, constructed 666 cubits below the Pentagon. It is rumored the most recent Secretary of Defense stepped down to actually take more direct control as Special Secretary of this group, dubbed by covert congressional and senate conference committee the Special Department of Supernatural Defense. A videotape has been circulating Malton, and rumored the Internet beyond it, showing a meeting of this group's leaders reacting to Shacknews raid into Stickling Mall, and the Special Secretary's insistence on continuing the Special Department's current tact.
2)The above mentioned videotape is bogus, or at best heavily edited. There's too much tape hiss to authenticate the former Secretary, alleged Special Secretary's voice and the other personnel at the table are also unrecognizable. It's hard to fathom anyone in any branch of the U.S. military reaching the ranks represented by the uniforms on the table, with no public photographs.

November 17, 2006

Yagoton is being scouted for an additional station.

USIT has become very interested in securing a stadium.

Rumor which have been in circulation for some time now

While reports of the supernatural front of the war on terror, including the quarantine of Malton, while largely isolated from the mainstream, and even most fringe, media, the stink's reeked all the way back to Washington now, and "someone" or these days "something" has turned on the fans to shift the political winds. PsyOps, SpecOps, BlackOps, and VaporOps that have used occult and supernatural augmentation, or even just got a little slimy in the fight, are being covered up through media misdirection and "dissappearances". Even the Men in Black can't trust Men in Black anymore. Whether USIT is involved in an effort to protect such U.S. assets or are complicit in the black bag coverup are anyone's guess.

USIT and other U.S. assets are operating in Britain despite the fact that the UK military's got this stuff sealed up pretty damned good. Besides, everyone in the right circles of international security knows if the quarantine perimeter is breached, the RAF is just gonna drop a tac nuke on the whole place. So why is the U.S. gov't pouring so much military, particularly units with occult or paranormal tactical experience into this place? What are they after? People USIT answers know. Other people USIT answers to want to know, and want USIT to find out. Both parties often sit at the same table. Most USIT operatives want to find out because they're in this work too deep. After all they've seen, they can't just go back to recovering black boxes from Predator drones, projecting Avian Flu casualty figures, or vetting intelligence for nonproliferation treaty negotiations. It'd be like being reincarnted as a hamster.

USIT's dirty, an entirely bogus operation abusing U.S. resources for personal gain that makes the Iran-Contra affair look like a girl scout bake sale.

USIT's full of boyscouts who've found out too much for their own good elsewhere in the world and have been dispatched to Malton in hopes that they'll never come back.

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