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United Resistance
Shotgun Blast.gif
Abbreviation: U.R.
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: Bradentheamazing,Garret issac
Goals: Annhilate The Undead
Recruitment Policy: any level is welcome
Contact: [1]

The United Resistance

The Story

The U.R. is a new group formed by both Bradentheamazing and Garret after the hijacking of the Area 51 forums leading to the end of their bitter rivalry. It was dicussed that if they didn't win the forums back they would create a new and more powerful group. Even after they won they decided to create the said group.

This is where u are now...about to join a group lead by 2 of the best commanders joined together by a powerful outside force that almost destroyed them both. They have also brought their deadly assassin DemonSlayer34 along for the ride. awwww yaaaa!!!


You can't be a known Pker or registered at Rouges G. NO members or past members of a zed group NO zeds other then Zkers or zeds that wish to become Zkers You can't be a known Gker,Rker, or Zerger Do not talk dirty or racist on the forums You may be a bounty hunter,zker,or combat revivest You may join the preditors cup with permission from command

Current Mission

Date: No Deadline Set
Place: Fort Perryn
Result: Current Human control

Survivors x Zombies

- Survivors :
- Zombies :

- Survivors : Phoenix Security Services,Umbrella Corporation,
- Zombies : Feral Undead,The Dead

- Survivors : 5 groups
- Zombies : 2 groups

- Survivors : uncounted
- Zombies : Never Enough


Many groups look down on the use of zombie vs. zombie tactics. We widely accept Zkers that are willing to use there special gifts against the zeds instead of are fellow survivors. We believe that high level zeds such as 'Bleulightning' are highly important in the taking of Malton.


As this is a pro survivor group we do not: 1. Support pkers 2. Work with pkers 3. Become allies with pkers 4. Let pkers live if we see them If you're a known pker or on rouge gallery’s you are banned from joining the U.R. If you are discovered by one of us to be a pker u will be killed then revived then killed again then reported to R.G.'s and every bounty hunter group in all of U.D.

PK Reporting

This User or Group supports PK Reporting. Don't let Player Killers get away with murder. Report them on the Rogues Gallery..

Command Staff

· CPT Bradentheamazing
· 1LT Garret Issac
· SGM Demonslayer34
· SSG Longbow


· Bleulighning

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