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Unlimited Zerg Works
Abbreviation: UZW?
Group Numbers: 2700 official, 5859 total and rising (24 may 2011)
Leadership: udisbroken*, udisbrokens*, udisbrokenp*, brokenisud*, udbebroken*, BrokeGame*, BrokenGame*
Goals: protest group
Recruitment Policy:

Unlimited Zerg Works

This page seeks to document the zerging by persons unknown against The Dead 2.0 and other groups.

What is Unlimited Zerg?

Unlimited Zerg Works is a massive group of accounts all created within a few days of eachother. It appears to have been made "in protest" to the current state of urban dead, although the person or persons responsible are unknown.

The accounts tied to this group have been found to number well over 5000, with account names being prefixed by "udisbroken", "udisbrokens" and "udisbrokenp" and suffixed by a number, ranging from (as of 24th May 2011)1 to 1500.

It is important to note that each prefix does not have 1-1500 suffixes, but instead it appears to be divided up between the different prefix. i.e. udisbroken is 1-250, udisbrokenp is 250-1100, etc.

As of 21st May, 2011, "brokenisud" is a new nickname added in the same style, and has a number increment of between 1 and 1000.

As of 24th May, 2011, "udbebroken" is another nickname added in the same style, and has a number increment of between 1 and just short of 2000

As of 24th May, 2011 at 11:06 GMT, the group has disappeared from the stats page. An indication that perhaps Kevan deleted their accounts.

A Member of UZW in action.
UD Account Spammer.jpg
Urban Dead Account Spammer 2.jpg

Profile Links

Links to profile searches:

udisbroken* [1]
udisbrokenp* [2]
udisbrokens* [3]
brokenisud* [4]
udbebroken* [5]
BrokeGame* [6]
BrokenGame* [7]

POV Section

As zerging is deemed by the vast majority of the UD players to be detestable, the area below will be reserved for the community to heap abuse upon Unlimited Zerg Works as a form of social sanction.

Virgin Geek Hypothesis

Given the state of the danger map before the creation of these accounts, they were likely crying their poor little eyes out because they couldn't get a rez- the Zombies had won, making the game nigh unplayable. However, the teary-eyed little geek only made things easier for the zeds- there is now plenty of fodder to level up on, and soon things will revert back to their rightful undead state leaving the virgin to go QQ over something else, or hopefully, even become an hero.

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