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The History of the Upper Left Corner

The history of the ULC is long and glorious, or is that gloriously long? Anyway, it's under construction and it will take a while to catch up too....

Caiger Mall

The Upper Left Corner has a history as long and mighty as any in all of Malton. Currently home to the last Royal Family of Malton, the Upper Left Corner is unique in its nonexistant drug laws and love of the royal "we". Who can tell when a party will break out? When will Twister and Dungeons And Dragons be played next? Why does our strawberry smoothie machine dispense green goop that tastes more like artificial grape? Why is a fifteen year-old boy with issues regarding sexuality and racism obsessed with us? These are a few of the questions members of the Upper Left Corner ask themselves every day...

The Upper Left Corner was formed many moons ago, when a group of people in the Upper Left Corner of Caiger Mall cracked a few jokes between each other. The ULC became an official group officially when somebody made this very Wiki page shortly after! (Queep most likely made it, yet none can quite remember...) From then on, the Upper Left Corner grew into what it is today: instead of killing the zombies that occasionally break in, ULCers welcome their guests with open arms and aid them in having a lovely visit.

During the second siege, the Upper Left Corner was the emptiest corner. As word of their exploits became more rampant, survivors flocked to the corner in hopes that they would be a part of the coveted group of the nearest fifty people. Towards the end of the siege, the Lower Left Corner was the least popular area of the mall to spend time in. Some would say that this may have had something to do with the constant horde of a hundred or so zombies outside of the Lower Left Corner, but that is neither here nor there.

ULCers soon grew bored of entertaining the zombies who managed to visit the Upper Left Corner, so they starred in events such as UDnD and Extreme Ironing, to amuse both survivors and zombies alike.

After the Mall Tour '06 called off its attack upon Caiger Mall, ULCers remained, to party and trash the place some more. The lack of attention and involvement from other survivors bored them, and they decided to go on a tour of Malton.

ULC Malton Madness Tour

Yes, the Malton Madness Tour was born! Most ULCers relocated to Southall Mansion, while a few of them formed a truce with The Shining Ones. During The Shining Ones' tour of destruction, the members of the ULC Malton Madness Tour kept the zombies amused with various antics.

Many locations were visted and fun was had for all (excluding other survivors). Due to the large number of Ferals that tagged along with The Shining Ones, it became a bit too scratchy and bitey; people tended to die before the fun could even be had! The ULC Malton Madness Tour was set to hiatus mode after a short lived attempt to follow the RRF did not go quite as planned.

Locations Visited:

Back to Caiger

The Malton Madness Tour had ended and King Keane I decided that it was time to step down from his throne, take off the Burger King Crown, and leave the world of Urban Dead. A farewell party was held, during which a new King and, for the first time, a Queen were appointed to rule over all of the Upper Left Corners of Malton. Doc Python and S Aline were chosen as said royalty.
Last known picture of King Keane I, before the crown was surgically removed.

After the new monarchy was established, it was decided that all ULCers would return to Caiger to re-group before deciding what to do next. To their horror and disgust, nobody had been maintaining the Root Beer Fountain; it ran dry, covered in blood and dead zombies. Several survivors claiming to be ULCers were soon brought to light as imposters upon the arrival of true ULCers. The refuse was quickly recycled and, before long, the Root Beer Fountain had been returned to its former glory.

After a short while, the ULC moved to Bale Mall and then returned to Southall Mansion, where they were followed by a group of PKers. The group of PKers became known as ULCKers, as their sole motive was to kill members of the Upper Left Corner, in the sad hopes that the ULC would disband.

Upper Left Roamers

ULCers spent the best part of a month at Giddings Mall, helping defend the mall from the Big Bash with their razor sharp wit. They also welcomed any and all zombies who managed to visit the Upper Left Corner. The Big Bash and the ULCers parted ways when the Big Bash moved on to their next location and ULCers headed towards Treweeke Mall. Treweeke became known as "Très Weak Mall", since the survivors were far from entertaining and there were as many zombies there as there are heterosexual males at a figure skating show. People sat about, idley drinking beer. The ULCers occasionally killed each other, either for amusements sake or because they were being annoyed. Some even popped down to Joachim Mall while the Big Bash were there, managing to return to Trewekee with a few claw marks and some beer.

The Keane Pilgrimage

Some members were sitting around the root beer fountain one day and looking at the back of some peanut packets that Trenchcoat had been scribbling on and suddenly Queep decided that we should do this pilgrimage that had been sittin on the TULCK page for a while. So after about 2 weeks of getting suitably wasted the ULC pick itself up and off it went.

Everyone was invited, and a fair few came along including the Royal Family and their beloved servants although the royal pets were missing. They visited 5 locations linked to their former King Keane, the first stop being the splendid Keane Museum, who put on a fantastic exhibit about his life including pictures of his childhood home, some urine stained pants found in Caiger before he left and also a likeness of his majesty made out of silly putty.

Second stop, we decided to see the kings former home in the aptly name Keane Street. Here his childhood home, which is now a local brothel so a good time was had by all. After that trips were taken to Southall Mansion where we sipped champagne and lounged about in the mansion aquired by Keane when he found the keys to the mansion when we were in the ULC of Caiger Mall. This could also relate to the fact that the entire Southall family was killed after a nasty incident with HP sauce in the ULC. Ask yourself, is it coincidence that the Upper Left Corner of Caiger Mall is also the location of the ULC's creation?

Coincidence or not, the ULC returned home, yes the ULC of Caiger Mall once again felt the awesomeness that was us. We found many people to be sittin in the Root Beer Fountain and eating stale popcorn and they had the sheer cheek to kill zombies that visited. After enough of the stuck up attitude of the new inhabitants, the ULCers moved on to the final location....

We reached Keane Boulevard PD, the location where Queep & Keane first met, a huge fireworks was planned for the 20th September. The day arrived and with may ULCers affected by UD downage or sheer drunkeness the fireworks display went ahead and I'll tell you this, it was spectacular, Amazing, Awesome, you just had to see it.

Anyway, with the pilgrimage over, the ULCers currently wander the streets looking for something to do.

The Third Seige of Caiger

After wandering the streets some of the ULC members happened to be in Caiger when Shacknews promptly came and tore the mall apart. Some of the members just wandered around drunk looking for something exciting, some members were just missing. After the mall fell, many members gathered in the ULC as zombies having a Banana Gangbang.

After several weeks the ULC then kicked themselves into gear when they heard a more exciting seige was going down...

Onwards to Giddings Mall

ULCers began arriving at Giddings Mall one by one after a long a long trek across Malton, especially for Lord Tin Tin as he was carring the bar. Many travelled as zombies and once they arrived at Giddings they were kindly revived by unsupecting survivors. With ULCers back in a Upper Left Corner of a mall, their own personal bar and many members in the same place for the first time in who knows how long... Who knows what will happen???

Well here is what happened, Giddings crumbled before the might of Shacknews. They were able to retire in glory and all the ULC can say is we were around drinking beer at the time. After a quick regroup and revive period the ULCers decided to head for a mall that needed savong and a mall that desperatley needed it's own bar, so off we headed to Blesley Mall.

Bash at Blesley

The ULC arrived at Blesley to spread the festive cheer, with christmas lights and badly cut trees.

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