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Urban Anonymous
Abbreviation: UA
Group Numbers: 12
Leadership: Barurot, Chau Fan
Goals: To make a place where humans and zombie can walk hand in hand in a platonic kind of way.
Recruitment Policy: Click here.
Contact: http://urbananonymous.forumotion.com/forum.htm


Cubicle jockeys. Starving artists. Hipsters. Ne'er-do-wells and Overachievers. The living and the not-so. Urban Anonymous is a ragtag mash of all these; a group of humans and zombies who have somehow learned to co-exist.

It is a mystifying experience, especially for those who are part of Urban Anonymous. How does a zombie fight the urge to munch on human brain matter? How does a human fight the urge to shoot a zombie in the head? Well we really don't know why, we just do, it's just one of the mysteries of the universe that may or may not be solved if you dance The Hokey Pokey naked.


The founding members of what would become Urban Anonymous first met in a typically cliché manner - i.e., engaging in a heavy, impromptu cardiovascular workout while being chased by the living dead. Scrabbling through the initial outbreaks, the group slowly grew in number, eventually counting hundreds among their ranks.*

It was sometime during Urban Anonynmous' first few months when they discovered through a chance encounter that, despite the desperate straits they were in, there were instances where they found themselves unwilling to put a bullet or axe through the occasional zombie's head. And it was not because the zombies were former friends or relatives.

Just as surprisingly, they found that these same zombies seemed rather unwilling to take a bite out of them. Instead, these decaying monstrosities would be found, for lack of a better phrase, "hanging out" outside the Urban Anonymous safehouses, in as nonthreatening a manner as the living dead can muster.

No one at Urban Anonymous remembers whether it was the human or zombie members who first reached out to form their current alliance. Only that it somehow happened, with many stumbles along the way. Yet somehow they managed to get it together.

What no one at Urban Anonymous actually realizes is that their beginnings as a group predate the zombie outbreaks.

One man can be credited with the eventual creation of Urban Anonymous. He called himself Victor Frankenschlonger. Frankenschlonger was a leading geneticist in Malton specializing in cloning, specifically cloning himself. When he died, it was found out that he had signed up as an organ donor, thus his organs were harvested and given to those in Malton who were in need. Unfortunately for his clones, a loophole in the system resulted in their organs being harvested too.

After some time, those who received the organs of Frankenschlonger somehow felt drawn to each other, whether they be living or undead. Thus began the little group of Urban Anonymous, led by Barurot.


"To make a place where humans and zombies can walk hand in hand in a platonic kind of way."


Human Objectives

1.) To dance around town buck-naked like a headless chicken with a piece of rib-eye tied around the neck.

2.) To take pictures of every street corner in Malton while posing with a zombie.

3.) To crash through the sky window in Caiger Mall into a a zombie horde and see if you can crowd er, zombie surf.

Zombie Objectives

1.) To shout out "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, a peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?" and be understood by a human.

2.) To play a game of Twister without any limbs snapping off.

3.) Learn to cook harmanzz before eating them to decrease any gastrointestinal problems, if you think zombies are revolting, what more of a zombie with diarrhea?

Base of Operation


Legendary Members of Urban Anonymous

1.) Right Side Fred: Having his whole left side gnawed off by zombies during the beginning of the outbreak, Fred now walks leaning to the right as his center of gravity is now very much off-center.

2.) One Nut Nelson: Taunting a zombie who was crawling on the floor because his legs was chopped off, Nelson was taken by surprised when the zombie propelled himself upwards with his arms and took a bite between his legs.

Allies or Friends

None yet.

~Under construction, more to come.

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