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Urban Dead is a browser-based zombie apocalypse MMORPG. Written by Kevan Davis and released on the 3rd of July 2005, Urban Dead has around 30,000 active characters. Set in the quarantined city of Malton, as well as the temporary cities of Monroeville and Borehamwood, survivors battle to survive against hordes of zombies as well as often fighting amongst each other. Urban Dead distinguishes itself from other MMORPGs by its level-grinding being minimal, its setting, the ability of any player to learn any skill, the frequent switching of sides and the absence of quests and NPCs (instead, all activities in Urban Dead are created by the players.) Many players join groups to work more effectively, or just for fun.

There are a number of character classes in the game, affecting the skills a character starts with, and the XP cost to learn new skills. There are three class groups for survivors: military, civilian and scientist. There is a single class for zombies: corpse. When zombies are revived they join the civilian class.

18th April 2022
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