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The UZM Zombie Portal is a 3rd party external web tool developed for Urban Dead players. The Zombie groups it covers are not necessarily affiliated with, participating in or endorsing this tool.

Launch the UZM Portal

Urban Dead Zombies of Malton
Function: An in-game Zombie meta-game browser
Groups Covered: 18
Additional Groups: Add a Zombie group to the portal
Usage: Free for all! Living and Undead
Disclaimer: 3rd party web resource, use at your own discretion!

Are you a Zombie? Or perhaps you're just Zombie-curious?

Well then the UZM Zombie Browser is for you! A one stop entry point for all things Undead in Malton, feel free to browse across groups, check their forums and wiki, call in on the IRC Chat box and meet with the Undead (Firefox recommended).

UZM Zombie Group Browser

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Uzm-ud.gif UZM
Visit the Zombies of Malton via the Urban Dead Zombie Portal

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