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You are inside a warehouse. Hundred of cardboard boxes are piled to the ceiling. Inside, of the boxes, there are numerous posters, laying in stacks, apparently records of deaths. Executions, to be exact. They are organized by the date that the execution happened, oldest at the top, and newest at the bottom.

There are four dead bodies here.

Raven Dark gave a complementary plastic surgery to Duce Nauks.

Certified=Insane taught Duce Nauks about bullet trajectory.

Scrapped took a bite out of Dilly Stick Dave.

Certified=Insane scored a hole in one with Dilly Stick Dave.

Scrapped had Jay Dogg for breakfast.

HR DAVE gave a lesson in knifing to Dilly Stick Dave.

Scrapped made a masterpiece out of BoBo12. </font> </font> </div>

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