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Urban Terrain Scouts
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Tired of the same old dump, cade, revive you go through day in and day out in the mall? Bored with patrolling the same district over and over again seeing the same thing all the time? Sick of being shot at because you wanted to wear a badge and now found out the job isn't as glamorous as you thought? Feel lost in your group and like you are just another name on a roster? Been wanting to see the city but are stuck in one suburb and still want to contribute to the survivor cause? Think you can't join up with that flashy group because you don't have the right profile?

Then look no further for a new career opportunity that will take you places and let you give your all, doing your best for Malton and survivors everywhere, now accepting all applicants!

Urban Terrain Scouts is now looking for a few good men and women to join up with us on any number of missions, we specialize in reconnaissance but will do what the client needs. Some benefits of membership include:

  • Instruction by the finest hostile environment specialists in the city
  • Work in small teams instead of giant platoons or districts
  • Our missions will take you anywhere in the city
  • Excitement is never far from us, we take contracts anywhere and often in the most dangerous of places
  • Variety of contracts ensures that no two missions will ever be the same
  • All contracts are voted on by all agents ensuring that no one will be left in the dark or without any say

If you want to travel the entire city, see new places, meet new and interesting people, kill new and interesting zombies, and live life on the edge, then sign up today!

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