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Urban Terrain Scouts
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Ranks and Organization

UTS is organized very similarly to a private military corporation. Below are the particular ranks and what it entails.


All members of UTS are organized into teams grouped by time zone of the members. The purpose of organizing the UTS into teams is to ensure that the jobs UTS receives are completed with satisfaction. UTS agents may sometimes receive contracts that require a large amount of information in a short period of time, requiring more agents to complete it giving one reason for organizing into teams. For operations that necessitate combat for any period, groups work best to complete such objectives. This also ensures that when Agents go on missions they are not going alone.



The Directors make up the Board of Directors. These individuals assign new recruits to teams and conduct all contract negotiations with prospective clients. Directors also lead teams of their own in a similar fashion to Senior Agents and in cases where multiple teams are needed for a mission are in overall command.

Senior Agent

Senior Agents lead UTS teams on missions. They are expected to know their job and do it well with the high degree of professionalism that the UTS expects of its agents as well as ensure the welfare of their team while in the field. While a mission is underway the Senior Agent is the point of contact between the client and the UTS.


Instructors handle the training of all new recruits in the UTS. Beyond this they are like any other Agent save their experience and skill in handling the training of new members.


Agents are the rank and file of the UTS. Some are fresh-faced recruits having just finished training, others grizzled veterans who have seen countless sieges and survived harrowing nights in the most dangerous suburbs.


Those who have joined the UTS but have not yet completed training or been assigned to a team. These individuals are expected to do their best while in training and absorb everything their instructors teach them.

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