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7thsanctum or The 7thsanctum is a clan formed by the Urban Dead users Officer Lebowski and Fire Master David

Officer Lebowski

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Entry 1 : 04 July 2007 : Been in Malton for a while now and just decided the start recording whats been going on. I've settled down in The Sonven Museum. Currently it is very strongly barricaded and there are a small group of survivors inside. I also managed to kill a zombie but i used up my Flare Gun in the process. Tomorrow i shall venture out towards Brancker Alley Police Department in search of supplys.

Entry 2 : 05 July 2007 : Bad News. Mad it up to the Department but it was surrounded by Zombies, I stayed a while but was attacked and infected, I counted 13 dead bodys and 5 live Zombies. I managed to make it out with a shotgun and a pistol so all was not in vain. Don't know how much longer i can last...

Entry 3 : 06 July 2007 : I woke up this morning dead, but someone came to revive me. As far as I can remember I was waiting in the cemetary for a revive until someone came over and beat me to death. But anyway I have set my self 2 new tasks. Re-taking Brancker Alley and possibly forming a clan. It shall go under the name 7thsanctum unless anyone can think of a better name.

Entry 4 : 07 July 2007 : Whilst I was asleep someone attacked me with a pistol but the worst thing was he asked if he could stay, the cheek, thankfully another survivor was on hand to heal me so thanks Eat at Joe's but anyway I visited Brancker Alley Police Department again there was still 6 zombies lingering outside so I snuck inside and began my searching, I only managed to find a shotgun shell but thats enough. Anyway the building was barricaded up yet there was noone inside, I find that strange.

Entry 5 : 08 July 2007 : Thanks to Edorhn for Bringing a generator to the building thats a real time saver and to BruceC for refuelling it. I went to look for some more supplies but all the malls I found were locked down so i had to make do with a Junkyard down in West Grayside and decided to stay there for the night.

Fire Master David

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Entry 1 : 06 July 2007 : I was walking through upper Malton today, passing through Brooke Hills and Roach Town before finally setting down to rest at Primrose Bank in Pimbank. The surrounding area was filled with zombies and the building didnt have a barricade up, but thankfully someone had barricaded it up and the neighbouring zombies had dispersed. Passing through a few overrun Police Departments I managed to locate a flak jacket and a flare gun. I will be making my way southwards tomorrow.

Entry 2 : 07 July 2007 : I made my way southward from Pimbank through Roftwood and Tollyton and you won't believe the hordes of zombies i saw, every building surrounded by at least 8, horrible stuff. Anyway I made it to my final destination, The Sonven Museum which has become the headquarters of the clan and anyone who wishes to join may if they want. I'll be resting here for a week as i'm so exhausted from my walk.

Flaming Hellspawn

Went Insane shortly after dropping into Malton No Longer Distingguishes between humans qnd zombies and may attack either (More Detailed Back Story to be added later)


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"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

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