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Fort Perryn: The Core of Whittenside's Defense

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Historic Fort Perryn forms the centerpiece of both Whittenside’s defensive strength and its strategic vulnerability.

For survivors, Fort Perryn offers protection, ammunition, medical treatment and the occasional game of naked twister. Its high walls and well-manned gatehouse keep out unwanted undead and its buildings provide most of the amenities needed to survive in an urban wasteland. On a less practical note, survivors may want to visit this site to soak up some of the local history. This building, erected in October of 1912 and named in honor of Brig. Gen. Perryn-Moore, is a testimonial to the resilience of the Whittenside citizenry. Over the years since its reactivation at the onset of the zombie outbreak, Fort Perryn has fallen to the zombie hoards time and again (usually at the hands of The Feral Undead, or FU as they are called) only to be retaken and repaired by the next wave of patriots. Fort Perryn is the headquarters of The Fort Perryn Defense Force, but all manner of Malton’s finest have graced its battlements including Bob Boberton and several other high ranking members of Fortress.

While survivors clamor to walk the battlements where giants have fought and died, Zombies have been no less draw to this prominent strategic spot. As mentioned, the FU have made it a point to see that these walls never stand long, and several of their high ranking members can usually be found stalking the ample streets of Whittenside picking off stranded survivors (street treats), or piled up outside the Gatehouse of Fort Perryn chewing on the doors.

The heart of Whittenside

Nestled in the middle of Whittenside, visitors will notice a collection of historic buildings that form the strategic core of the suburb’s upkeep: Anne General Hospital, the Colglough Building, and the Sherwel Building.

Anne General Hospital

One of the city’s psychiatric hospitals, Anne General has a rich and disturbing history dating back to before the outbreak. In its years of operation, it has been a treatment center for the criminally insane, a psychiatric recovery center for soldiers from the fort, and a valuable source of medical aid to the citizens of Whittenside. The practical survivor will want to stock up on first aid kits from its ample stores while the tourist may wish to walk is dark corridors where some say the lamentations of dead inmates are still audible. Guests may even choose to sleep in the lobotomy lab or try out a sensory deprivation chamber while preparing for one of the many zombie attacks that plague this facility.

the Colglough Building


Located directly in the center of Whittenside, in the heart of a once burgeoning downtown district, Stands the Colglough Building. The exact origin of its name was lost with most of its other records during the early outbreaks, but theories circulate as to the exixtance of one Reginald Colglough, an early pioneer in the field of cellular regeneration and a noted Philanthropist. This Necrotech facility, with the aid of its satellite facility the Hurst Building in the south, services the greater Whittenside area’s revivification needs, while the Malcolm Building in the north focuses primarily on Fort Perryn personnel. This building is also the site of the Dr. Schwan product lines (including a line of beauty supplies, a culinary line, and a novelty line of revivification products) and The Colglough Building Recreational Intoxication Sub-Facility for the Improvement of Morale Through Dispensation and Responsible Imbibement of Ethyl-Based Beverages, a local center for conversation, culture, and alcohol consumption. To take the edge off, talk science or philosophy, or replenish your needle supply, head to Colglough, just be prepared to defend yourself as the strategic value of this building makes it a hotspot of zombie activity.

the Sherwel Building

Containing Whittenside's Phone Mast, the Sherwel Building is the area’s communication lifeline. Once the site of the famous early outbreak reality TV massacre, this building has now been converted into a radio broadcasting center where visitors may gain valuable experience in manning the barricades, generator connection and repair, radio equipment installation, and even intern in the exciting world of broadcast journalism, all with the added security of a hospital and a Necrotech building right next door.

Albert Schwan

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The Work - Combat Reviver - Life-Cultist - Products&Services
Albert Schwan
D.S. R&D - Talk - Combat Reviver - Life-Cultist - Products&Services


The exact origin of its name was lost with most of its other records during the early outbreaks, but theories circulate as to the exixtance of one Reginald Colglough, an early pioneer in the field of cellular regeneration and a noted Philanthropist. Following the outbreak, this Necrotech facility, with the aid of its satellite facility the Hurst Building in the south, serviced the greater Whittenside area’s revivification needs, while the Malcolm Building in the north focused primarily on Fort Perryn personnel.

Though often in ruin, this building was repaired for several months in early 2010 during a survivor surge in Whittenside. The building then served as a supply stop for NT equipment, a showroom displaying a prodigious collection of area art, and a meeting spot for local survivors. Even then, Feral Undead members could sometimes be seen inside conversing with or snarling at those in residence. During this period, this building was the birthplace of a group called The D.S. R&D who provided Necrotech services in the greater Whittenside area and kept the building in good working order. They also installed a production floor for several in house product lines and a bar. Though some of the larger pieces of equipment remain more or less intact, the majority have been destroyed or sealed for remote access through Malton’s subterranean pneumatic tube system.

After the Feral Undead Spring Picnic of 2010, Colglough became hotly contested by local zombies (including several key members of the Feral Undead and Undeadites), Local survivors (including the D. S. R&D, The Fort Perryn Defense Force, and The Big Prick), and the PKer Group The Heathers. The conflict that started here spread to include the bounty hunting groups The Illuminati,Team Xtreme, and The Fallen Saints and was eventually awarded a Malton Murder Award.



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Dear A.schwan/sandbox:

We at Z.A.L.P. have noticed your interest in preserving the fragile Harman species as evidenced by the images you contributed to the main scent map. We would like to thank you for your support and offer you the opportunity to make a bigger difference in Malton through further contributions or by becoming a ZALP Partner in Conservation. ZALP’s Partners in Conservation are among the most loyal and dedicated supporters of ZALP’s work to protect the future of our food supply. Partners in Conservation contribute critical donations of time, scent maps, and brain or brain substitute products necessary to support and expand ZALP’s conservation efforts throughout Malton. Our community of philanthropic leaders understand that achieving success depends on long term partnerships – relationships that set examples for others to invest in our city’s future.

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Contributions that come from our Partners in Conservation are dynamic, flowing wherever they are most needed to address the most pressing threat to our hunger city at any time. These resources have an extraordinary impact on our work to protect harmans, preserve habitats and conserve natural resources. Our science-based approach – buoyed by our record of success – is uniquely positioned to ensure our mission to maintain a living city.

As a Partner in Conservation, you can join our community of leaders who believe in harman conservation. You can be assured that your contributions will be consumed responsibly as we operate in a mission-sensitive manner. Won’t you consider joining our community today? And if not, please keep those contributions coming in whatever form you can. Your current contribution level has been added to the donor wall. It is concerned Zambahz like you who prove that there may be hope for this city after all.
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