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a field
a street
the Bhore Building
the Rees Building
a street
10 zombies
the Bhore Building
the Rees Building
a street
Burcham Bank
You are an Outsider and you are dead. You have 0 Hit Points and 0 Experience Points. You have no Action Points remaining.

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You are sprawled on a street. There are some boarded up buildings. The streets are swamped with fresh blood and organs.

There is a mob of zombies here.

You run to the Rees Building, but find yourself surrounded by zombies and unable to push through. The zombies push back and you fall to the ground. You are eaten.

Since your last turn:
You have died. (right now)
Possible actions:
You're dead. Completely dead. No, not even a zombie. Just dead. To get revived, use this door. Alternatively, you could hit the "back" button on your browser if you feel like cheating.
You carry nothing. You are also quite nude.

User:A Helpful Little Gnome
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