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How to Combat Revive and not look like an idiot

Equipment: Syringes, DNA Extractor and a Melee Weapon.

Combat reviving is reliable tactic for quickly clearing a building of zombies with a low AP cost, less than what it would take to find the ammo and kill a zombie with a shotgun or pistol. To make it as efficient and precise as possible, it is good to follow a few important steps rather than sticking any random zombie.

Step 1: Find a location - Never combat revive a zombie outside, it's as useless as gunning one down. A building that was recently hit by a zombie horde is a good place, for example.

Step 2: Identify - Use your DNA Extractor and get the profile of the zombie. Do not revive if: the zombie has brainrot, has gun skills, has Hand-to-Hand Combat skills (and freerunning), or a PKer. Revive if: Zombie has no harman skills, or very little, is a newbie or has less than 200 or so xp. Some exceptions can be made, such as if you intend to coordinate a mass effort, and you have many extra syringes to spare. Dual Nature zombies are a good choice, since they may actually help you when revived.

Step 3: HP Check - It is rather annoying if someone combat revives a zombie that was low on HP, so always hit the zombie with a high accuracy weapon first, before reviving.

Step 4: Revive - If both step 2 and 3 conditions are met, then hit revive.