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a street
3 zombies
the Shearn Building
convenience store
a street
6 zombies
a street
12 zombies
a street
a street
the Barstow Building
the Barstow Building
You are an Outsider and you are dead. You have 0 Hit Points and 0 Experience Points. You have no Action Points remaining.

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You are sprawled on a street. There is a convenience store here, its windows are smashed. The pavement is covered in blood and gore.

There is a mob of zombies here.

You plod headlong into the mob of zombies. You're ripped to pieces.

Since your last turn:
You have died. (right now)
Possible actions:
You're dead. Completely dead. No, not even a zombie. Just dead. To get revived, use this door. Alternatively, you could hit the "back" button on your browser if you feel like cheating.
You carry a knife. You are wearing blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a pair of shoes.

User:A Helpful Little Gnome
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