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Archived Field Reports: Mountain Lion Activity

Kill Log

31 DEC 2007 - poohby received an unwelcome happy New Year greeting from the mountain lion. It looks like the ball will drop dropped hard on Fort Creedy's gatehouse tonight!

Waking up from his nap, the lion took out an annoying Canadian (Samuel Grace), a retard in a shirt far too big for him (cillinj), and some random loser (Zach Tucker)... for a new record of 4 kills in one day.

29 DEC 2007 - An easy break-in and kill. Beagly Auto Repair, Wok22.

28 DEC 2007 - Lurking through Pegton, the mountain lion has had a string of bad luck finding prey. His luck changed this morning and he attacked, infected, and slew AC Doom. He left a bloody mess in the snowdrifts.

20 DEC 2007 - I blinked and almost missed Mortimer Stone taken down in three quick whacks. Outside Charteris Bank, Whittenside.

18 DEC 2007 - I have never seen the mountain lion in such a violent frenzy. Again knocking down the gates to Fort Perryn, he rushed in and quickly dispatched John Pyre and DougieC with sinister efficiency. Then he proceeded to maul and infect others in the gatehouse.

15 DEC 2007 - Southward into Pennville and into Remfry Bank where the mountain lion joined a group of marauding zombies. He slew Metalfusion.

12 DEC 2007 - The mountain lion woke up, noticed that the SW corner of Blesley Mall was open, strolled in, and took down Soldado brasileiro. Later in the day, he took down Julianna Stevenson, leaving only two people to defend the entire mall. It's a goner. After a nice nap, the cougar woke up late that night and hunted down Xion1187 at The Crump Museum. Goodnight.

3 DEC 2007 - The mountain lion broke into the Dury Museum and took a few bites out of Petoria just for amusement. He left him to bleed for the day and when no local zombies finished off Petoria, the cougar awoke from its nap and finished the job. Adios Petoria!

30 NOV 2007 - The mountain lion wandered into Buttonville and took down Blink Martindale in Club Hunt. The cat then proceeded to ruin the building.

27 NOV 2007 - Waking up to find Buckley Mall already cracked open, the mountain lion strolled in and killed Tal Hawkens, then started attacking everything in site.

17 NOV 2007 - The cougar took out a Jav2, who was hiding in Giverd Drive Fire Station. A psycopathic nerd... the cougar did Malton a favor. After the kill the cat proceeded to ruin the building. Then he urinated all over the place before heading out to attack barricades elsewhere in Kinch Heights. Have fun getting that smell out, folks!

14 NOV 2007 - Seeking amusement, the mountain lion is tagging along with the Second Big Bash and found himself in Dartside's the Barstow Arms. There, he took down Robert Longbough, a member of the local neighbourhood watch with a brutal mauling. Now old Robert is an infected heap behind the bar.

While sleeping outside the pub, the mountain lion was startled when a zombie dragged a half dead yommy out of the Barstow and dropped him square on the big cat's tail. Ouch! Yommy was quickly dispatched and the lion resumed its nap.

12 NOV 2007 - Dr Stevie is now a skinny, infected, bespectacled corpse lying in the filth of Whyppey Place.

11 NOV 2007 - Taking a break from smashing Williamsville's few barricades, the mountain lion pounced upon Harry Bob and delivered a nice, infected death outside Club Margesson.

7 NOV 2007 - The mountain lion attacked Will Freeman at The Missen Building for the second time. This time around, the lion finished the job.

2 NOV 2007 - Christina Araway was the latest victim at Chudley Row Fire Station. Hope she enjoys the infection that came with the slaying. Zombies and local wildlife seem to be streaming into Williamsville. Some competition in the mountain lion's hunting territory, but luckily there's plenty of prey.

1 NOV 2007 - The mountain lion cracked open Chudley Row Fire Station and dragged two victims out to their infected deaths: buffalo28 and Steven Bilyeu. The lion's roar hopefully called the nearby undead to the buffet still inside the building.

26 OCT 2007 - The puma, plump and alive slinked into St. Servatius's Church in Williamsville and pawed RichieBaby to death. Looked to be another tedious bit of cannon fodder placed in Williamsville by the suburb's ineffective "defenders."

24 OCT 2007 - Ripper47, The Mayer Building, Williamsville. The mountain lion found this dying human and quickly dispatched him. Looks like the pathetic defense group for Williamsville, Zombie Juice has been decapitated by the mountain lion. Roar!

23 OCT 2007 - negeshia, Krinks Power Station, Williamsville. This Buddhist took it nice and passive as she succumbed to the mountain lion's attacks. In her next life, she can ponder her infection.

22 OCT 2007 - Kinlaar on Millward Drive, Williamsville. An experienced veteran did not enjoy his newest experience: an slaying courtesy of the mountain lion. Finished off with a nice, infected bite.

12 OCT 2007 - Somewhere in Spicer Hills, the mountain lion stumbled upon a hapless man unhappy with his life and begging to be killed. The mountain lion humbly served Vassili Cain's request.

11 OCT 2007 - The mountain lion killed yet another of Williamsville's tedious single-use meat shields. This time, Patrick Bailey. The defenders of Williamsville who employ such adolescent tactics ought to realize that all they're doing is giving local zombies, murderers, and animals easy practice and skill advancements.

10 OCT 2007 - Matt Nied, Borrer Towers, Williamsville: After taking a long nap, the mountain lion went on the hunt and quickly found an anonymous survivor. Already dying, the victim was not much of a challenge, but a good way for the mountain lion warm up his muscles.

1 OCT 2007 - Edgar Stuart, Woodhouse Grove, Williamsville: Just another Williamsville resident introduced to the mountain lion's stalk, maul, infect, kill modus operandi.

29 SEP 2007 - Lawrence Wells, Buckett Street, Williamsville: the cougar's assault on Williamsville's most vulnerable continues. Dear Lawrence got jumped by a lurking mountain lion on his first day on the streets. Mistake # 1, Lawrence: assuming that a "safe" suburb means you can sleep on the streets. Finished off with a nice, infectious bite. Not a pleasant way to die...

28 SEP 2007 - Lovetheblack, St. Cyprian's Church cemetary, Williamsville: a convenient place to be hunted down, infected, and slain.

27 SEP 2007 - madmonkey94, the Poulter Building, Williamsville: The mountain lion is still finding Williamsville an easy and enjoyable hunting ground. Today's kill was inexperienced and not much sport. Now he's an dead and infected, after being on Malton's streets for less than 24 hours. Lesson 1: if the zombies and murderers don't get you, the wildlife will. Williamsville is wide open, unorganized, and ripe for hunting. The mountain lion expects an influx of wildlife and undead competing for hunting grounds.

26 SEP 2007 - Bluepill, the Bugden Building, Williamsville: Finding a building previously cracked open by another zombie, the undead mountain lion quickly took out this Necrotech employee.

23 SEP 2007 - Inuyasha808, the Forst Building, Williamsville: A drawn-out and painful death for a young victim.

19 SEP 2007 - The mountain lion killed the last customer out of the Howord Arms, the unfortunate butch20, then proceeded to trash and ruin the pub.

18 SEP 2007 - Dr DoughBoy's pudgy corpus breathes no more. The mountain lion infected and slew the good doctor early this morning at the Howord Arms, Williamsville. The pub is a slaughterhouse.

17 SEP 2007 - halfro and Don'tLetThemCatchyou are now corpses lying in the aptly-named the Boddy Building, Williamsville.

16 SEP 2007 - Mister Scientist, the Howord Arms, Williamsville: The scientist learned a lesson that sleeping in an unlocked pub lit up like a Christmas tree isn't the healthiest behavior in Malton. Killed and infected.

11 SEP 2007 - Amfufu, the Luscombe Building, Williamsville: the mountain lion continued to clear the streets of Williamsville, giving this wannabe a nice infected ticket to the dark side.

10 SEP 2007 - Naruto235, Luttrell Towers, Williamsville: A nice Japanese brunch for the mountain lion.

9 SEP 2007 - Doing nothing to erase the stereotype of the dumb Pole, some dumb Polish guy combat revived the mountain lion, who promptly crawled into an adjacent building, jumped out the window, and right into breakfast! Thanks, retard! schrumpelmei and Swalesey fell quickly and have a nice infection to boot.

The residents of Williamsville should thank YouForgotPolandAgain, self-proclaimed protector of Williamsville... their suburb is the puma's new hunting grounds! Thanks to the moron who thinks that combat reviving is a viable tactic. If the mountain lion could laugh, he would!

8 SEP 2007 - Zulu Assault, the carpark next to St. Agatho's Hospital, Kinch Heights: A little meal of dark meat... aren't Zulu warriors supposed to put up more of a fight? You think he'd have had more experience with large predatory felines. The mountain lion hunted, infected, and killed him. Then used the dead warrior's assegai as a toothpick.

Heading west after killing the Zulu, the mountain lion encountered Ernest Bevin and the aptly named a dead one, at the warehouse next to The Lumbard Arms, Dartside. He infected and killed them. Had no other choice.

5 SEP 2007 - Daniel Bull, Tite Way School, Miltown: A twitchy, panicky soldier... musn't have paid attention during basic training. What a panicked wuss. Didn't he know that animals hone in on fear like bees to flowers? The mountain lion quickly dispatched him, putting Private Scaredy-Cat out of his misery.

3 SEP 2007 - tesard, Club Otero, Miltown: Some club type was hanging outside his favorite club bumming some cloves when he got jumped and felled by the mountain lion. Quite a dance he did as the lion crushed his throat and bled him out.

1 SEP 2007 - Randon Cooper, Club Shortt, Pennville: Another lost and inexperienced Maltonian. By the looks of him, somebody recently bounced from the nightclub. A lethal bite to the neck, topped with an infection made it a night he'll remember.

31 AUG 2007 - Two vagrants killed and eaten somewhere in Milltown. They were near death already when the mountain lion found them and finished them off... we forgot to identify the victims, so their names are now lost to the ages.

30 AUG 2007 - Sevar Keyman, The McCullock Building, Miltown: New and unsure of himself. Looks like he got locked outside of an NT facility. Oopsie! Easy kill, an okay breakfast. Enjoy the infection!

Maul Log

31 DEC 2007 - Sandy Burroughs rings in the New Year with a nasty, infected mauling.

30 DEC 2007 - After smashing Fort Creedy's gatehouse open, the mountain lion bit the hell out of several victims, distracting a couple long enough from their barricade duty to allow some more zombies in the building. Junke42, Hut Buttered, hansolo580, Hank Spanker, Green Boy, and Kurson all felt the lion's wrath. The gatehouse might not fall tonight, but by tomorrow the fort will probably be toast.

29 DEC 2007 - After killing wok22, the mountain lion set his sights on lukablight15 and Nikolai7. They were brutalized, infected, and left screaming in the middle of a pack of five zombies as the cougar slinked off to find more meat.

19 DEC 2007 - Making his way into the fort's armoury, the mountain lion attacked Bob Beetlebum, then flung his half-dead body towards the horde still wrecking the gatehouse. Then the cougar went back into the armoury for more mayhem.

18 DEC 2007 - After two quick kills in the Fort Perryn gatehouse, the mountain lion lion turned his savage attention to Beamchris1, Boy Topak, and Kohri101... leaving them with severe lacerations and infections that will surely spell their doom overnight by the hands and claws of surrounding zombies. A bloody mess!

17 DEC 2007 - The mountain lion broke into the Fort Perryn gatehouse early this morning and infected Soldier Just Soldier, Liam Cosgrave, and danielnash11. It is not known at this time if the horde outside the gatehouse will follow the mountain lion into the fort.

15 DEC 2007 - After his kill in Remfry Bank, the mountain lion set his sites on a stiff looking Finn, Paavo Palomies, leaving him bloody and beaten and ripe for the other zombies to finish.

12 DEC 2007 - After his morning kill in Blesley, the mountain lion mauled iainc to within a swat of his life, then dragged his victim out for the rest of the horde to finish.

27 NOV 2007 - After making a nice morning kill, the mountain lion brutalized and infected these unfortunates: The passe grungegrrrl dressed like an idiot with a lumberjack fantasy. The sweet, but now bloody Ailin Zhang who tried to distract the cougar with her tasty bao... sorry, the mountain lion only likes char siu bao. And idiotic wannabe surfer, dudemeister. A mallrat poseur, Daeryon. And Jack Stedham who tried to rebuild the barricades, but just managed to get the cougar's attention and got attacked instead. And those silly barricades taken down in just two swats of the mountain lion's mighty paws! Buckley Mall has fallen.

26 NOV 2007 - This morning, the mountain lion destroyed the barricades at the northeastern section of Buckley Mall. Once in the mall, he spotted Takeshikovacs trying to rebuild the barricades and the lion attacked. Takeshikovacs, with over 100 survivors behind him, ran away after a brief mauling. Didn't even put up a figh, the wimp.

In the early evening, the mountain lion again broke into the mall, mauled, and infected "Bahama Barn," a bead-wearing hippy, before the victim came to his senses and ran away.

22 NOV 2007 - One bit away from death, Fabien Barthez managed to limp away from the attacking mountain lion. Stunned by the victim's strength the lion left The Younghusband Arms and began attacking the barricades at a nearby church.

19 NOV 2007 - The Charbonnier Museum's barricades were torn away by the mountain lion this morning. He proceeded to teach a few members of The Bureau for the Annihilation, Conversion and Habilitation of Zombies a lesson in the power of zombified wildlife. Michelle Chong, Kenny Matthews, Phillip Archer, and Juliana Rider are all wounded, bloodied, and dazed. A veritable buffet for nearby zombies in Kinch Heights.

18 NOV 2007 - Tom 1337 in [[Haine Auto Repair]. The mountain lion slapped him around and called him Sally. And left him a bloody, infected pile ripe for the nearby zeds to pick off.

16 NOV 2007 - The mountain lion took part in the sacking of St. Aloysius's Church, mauling Fae Anderson, Ron De Silva, and Harperus. The cat brutalized these three, but other undead finished off the victims before he could deliver final blows. Still... a good morning's exercise and a nice Kinch Heights welcoming party for big bashers.

14 NOV 2007 - That infection should slow downAkofus, eh?

12 NOV 2007 - Howard Bentley left his post at Krinks and suffered a severe mauling and picked up a nice infection to boot while turning tricks outside the Missen Building.

5 NOV 2007 - Take that, Williamsville! The mountain lion appeared to smile when he witnessed The Big Bash roll through town. The idiot residents of Williamsville with their pathetic meat-shield tactics who loudly claimed to represent proper defensive forces were swept aside in less than two days. Just like loser YouForgotPolandAgain, the very people who claimed they would organize the suburb's defenses all bravely ran away. The puma had fun swatting at the residents running out of the suburb. Seven anonymous locals received a nice puma mauling as a parting gift. So fast and furious we couldn't keep track. Cheers laddies!

2 NOV 2007 - Pure Havoc and Reeviva are two morons that saw nothing wrong with taking a nap at a revive point. The mauling and infections that the mountain lion administered might teach them a lesson. Or not.

7 OCT 2007 - Cracking open Club Kempster's doors like a nut, the mountain lion proceeded to brutalize occupants ResidentEvilHunk and his young partner, Slagheap. With the life draining from their bodies and the infection doing its nasty work, the mountain lion roared to summon nearby wildlife and zombies for an easy meal. This was just a practice hunt.

2 OCT 2007 - The mountain lion hunted down YouForgotPolandAgain, the idiot responsible for Williamsville's current status as mountain lion hunting territory, hiding in the Missen Building. The idiot who thinks that combat-reviving is actually a sound tactic, took a mauling and a nice, infected bite... then bravely ran away. The man who claims that he is "[s]till working tirelessly to get Williamsville up and running," turned tail and ran in the face of the cougar's onslaught... the self-proclaimed defender of Williamsville ran away like a coward and left his fellow Williamsvillians to their fate. The following individuals all owe their brutal maulings and infections to YouForgotPolandAgain:

YouForgotPolandAgain, you escaped this time, but rest assured that you will find no rest in Williamsville. The mountain lion has some friends from his zoo days helping him with your scent trail.

1 OCT 2007 - After a pleasant morning hunt along the leafy lanes of Woodhouse Grove, Williamsville, the mountain lion mauled an illiterate,Cherches R Gay, and left him dying and infected for consumption by a friedly local zombie.

26 SEP 2007 - After slaying a Necrotech scientist in the Bugden Building, Williamsville, the mountain lion turned his attention to Spartan77, leaving him severely wounded and ready for consumption by other zombies... or as a snack for later. The mountain lion still hasn't made up his mind.

18 SEP 2007 - After killing another human hiding in the poorly-secured pub, the mountain lion severely wounded Ghunkinator. With his victim infected and bleeding out, the mountain lion hopes to finish the job soon...

17 SEP 2007 - Checking on the previous day's victims, the mountain lion stopped by the Howord Arms again and found its earlier victims still lying around wounded and apparantly incapacitated. A few new customers came in overnight and didn't bother to even close the pub's doors so the mountain lion savagely mauled them, leaving them with multiple bite wounds and nice infections. momm4 and butch20 might want to find a new suburb.

16 SEP 2007 - William Smith, killernekogeki, and Zimmer Calipa learned a bit about animal biology after the mountain lion walked right in the front door of the Howord Arms, Williamsville, killed another customer and then started mauling these three. The puma left these unfortunates crying and lying in pools of their now-infected blood, desperately trying to irrigate their wounds with last night's gin.

13 SEP 2007 - Ithyphallic, Dibbings Plaza Police Department, Williamsville: a generic survivor mistakenly thought that the front steps of a police department in a "safe" neighborhood were safe. The mountain lion mauled him, left him dying, and handed him over to a few zombies for their breakfast.

7 SEP 2007 - LastDayH, HeresToLife88, lolololeheheh, and Antonio Drumo were standing in line outside of the Blackmore Cinema, West Grayside, waiting for the next showing of "Xombie the Movie." Bad idea, guys! Instead of a matinee, they all got bitten, mauled, and infected!

3 SEP 2007 - Vital Link and Maxx1234101 tried to run, but got mauled in Miltown. Didn't run far or fast enough, jerks. Enjoy the infections.

2 SEP 2007 - supadrai, Sgt Bear, Shamus McHaughtey, andOscar Wallace, were all jumped, bitten, and left behind to ponder their festering, infected bite wounds. Dohoney Grove Police Dept, Fryerbank

1 SEP 2007 - web1, Fryerbank: Oh, you little bastard. The puma took five bites at you, then you bravely ran away. The mountain lion chased you to your warehouse hiding place... outside of which it took a nice chunk out of...

sky pie, a scientist not smart enough to know not to sleep on the streets. Enjoy the infection as you bleed out!

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