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Aaarrgh is a Dedicated Feral Zombie and Zerg Hunter located mostly in Whittenside, and is part of The Feral Undead.


Aaarrgh died during the early outbreaks and spent a decent chunk of his death in a grave, enjoying the sweet, sweet scent of pine. Now he roams the city (but mostly hangs around Fort Feral), looking for snacks. And booze.

Group Affiliation

FUvulture.jpg Feral Undead
This user or group agrees with Feral Undead. Vultures are fucking cool.

Aaarrgh is part of The Feral Undead. Before he joined up he was a member of several smaller hordes, and for one hilarious week was also a member of the Drunken Dead, but quit due to a crippling lack of booze and no real bonding. He was picked up near Whittenside and brought to Fort Feral during one of its many great sieges, and helped the horde secure a victory, after which he joined up. Over the past year or more he's participated in several sieges, and has also ventured out on his own.

Some time back, Aaarrgh started hunting players suspected of Zerging, with an open invitation to others from his horde to join in the festivities. There is no central leadership or any semblance of a group. But Zergers are bad and must be purged. He also hunts Trenchies for the hell of it sometimes, because the sounds they make when they die are hilarious.

In-Game Policies

Aaarrgh supports a number of in-game policies. Among those are:

The Scorched Earth Policy

DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This user supports the
Scorched Earth Policy.

The Scorched Earth Policy dictates that revive points are to be razed and their inhabitants killed. While this doesn't keep the "Mrh?" Cows at bay, it does prevent their revivification by Necro-Tech employees. The policy also allows Necro-Tech buildings to be destroyed and occupied to prevent the manufacture of syringes for combat revives against non-Rotters.

Death to Life Cultists

Lame.jpg Terrible Role Playing
Life Cultists are terrible RPers. Zombies are never, ever helpful to the living.

Aaarrgh is of the opinion that Life Cultists must be purged from the earth. He believes that zombies should never help the living. Ever. Any zombie caught giving aid to survivors is to be killed immediately, followed by the survivor in question.

Shoot the Messenger

Shootmess.jpg Shoot the Messenger
This user or group follows the strategy of Shoot the Messenger.

Combat reviving this user's character is a good way to eat a bullet.

This mostly applied to Aaarrgh's early days, before he decided to go zed for the long haul. Every now and then he'll seek out a rotter's revive for some obscure reason (Change of clothes, max out Survivor skill tree, retune radios, find booze, et cetera) but he supports the policy in general. If asked, he would gladly repay the favor against the offending reviver if the zombie is unable.

Death Cultists Are Okay

Skull1 small.gif Death Cultist
If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Aaarrgh thinks that, on the whole, death cultists are okay, as long as they fulfill their desire to become a zombie at the end. If the cultist in question back out, Aaarrgh is more than happy to help change the survivor's mind.

Zombie River Tactics

Zombie river icon 2.gif Zombie River Tactics
I am the void that devours all.

I think it's kind of awesome, to be honest.

Out-Of-Character and Metagaming

I support these ideas and think we could all benefit from them.

The Zamgrh Project

Cgisf-tgg.png This user is a zombese linguist.

Zamgrh is the guttural "language" of the zombies within Malton. The lexicon, if there is one, is mainly grunts, moans, bellows and some limited form of speech via the "Death Rattle" skill. The Zamgrh Project is attempting to make a record of the "words" and the unique way they're formed as a result of a zombie's inability to speak clearly.

The Hypno-Toad

Hypnotoad-1.gif Hypnotoad
All glory to the Hypnotoad!



James D. Gray, dual-natured NecroTech scientist in Chancelwood.

Character class: Zombie
Favorite equipment: Claws
Character profile: Lol
Current status: Dead as can be
Character group: Feral Undead
Group Services: Scout, Zerg Hunter, Drunk Guy
Level: 39

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