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Malton chronicle.jpg This story is part of the Malton Chronicles.
This story is fan-made, and is not officially part of any background history for Urban Dead.
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The Adventures Of Ablesentinel

The Beginning

  • 06/13/06-Able finds himself in the mass-infected city of Malton.
    He is abducted by a large military group.
  • 07/03/06-He decides to join the Malton Forensics Unit.
    This is a part of the Malton Police Department.
  • 07/03/06-He winds up in the NW Division of the DEM
    at the FMB Campus in an undisclosed location.
  • 07/29/06-Able joins up with a local survivor group known as
    the Knights Templar to be with friends.
  • 08/01/06-The KT begins moving into Kempsterbank.
    They came from Yagoton where they originally formed.
  • 08/02/06-The KT makes Ebbutt Road it's revive point.
    It was a seldom used RP for the Kempsterbank Neighborhood Watch.
  • 08/05/06-It is discovered that Kempsterbank was one of the most
    heavily zombie infested suburbs in Malton.
  • 08/10/06-The KT is introduced to a zombie horde for the first time.
    They are known as Heaven's Smile.
  • 08/17/06-Able is inducted as Council Member for the KT.
    Now deep in two separate groups, he realizes a potential predicament.
  • 08/19/06-Operation P-Day. The KT heads to Pole Mall to stock up.
    An all out strike against HS ensues.
  • 08/24/06-Able returns to FMB Campus to continue studies.
    Against the rules, he moves back and forth seeking unknown dreams.
  • 08/26/06-A second horde invades KT territory,
    by a small group known as the Drunken Dead.
  • 08/31/06-DD fades out but the KT territory is attacked worse than ever before.
    It is unknown as to who actually attacked us.
  • 09/06/06-A zombie Horde is confirmed at the nearby Darnell Building.
    They are believed to be the Shacknews Horde. They are at 30 strong.
  • 09/09/06-Scouts confirm horde to be Shacknews. They now number 50+.
    KT believes they are responsible for the brief attack on 08/31
  • 09/11/06-Able graduates FMB Campus as a Lab Tech.
    KT attacks Shacknews Horde at Darnell.
  • 09/12/06-KT increases attack against Shacknews.
    Able goes to undisclosed location for a secret DEM mission.
  • 09/13/06-Shacknews moves into Kempsterbank
    And retaliation against the KT begins.
  • 09/17/06-Shacknews increases in number and begins an all out slaughter.
    Able sneaks down to assist.
  • 09/20/06-Able begins enlisting aid with local groups with help from KT member BigJD.
    A meeting with the Tactical Strike Force begins the formation of the Rebel Alliance.
    Able grows weary working two missions.
  • 09/30/06-An agreement is reached with the TSF and Able begins in earnest
    to increase the allied numbers.
  • 10/01/06-Able officially withdraws from the NW Division to the SE Division,
    District 4 to assist his friends in Kempsterbank full time.
    Ironically, the Shacknews Horde dissipates at the same time.
  • 10/02/06-Word hits that Shacknews has hit the Pole Mall hard, overnight.
    As the Shacknews moves out, Heaven's Smile rears it's ugly head again.
  • 10/03/06-Shack is back.
    Blood from group members fouls local water supply.
  • 10/09/06-Able begins looking outside the box for answers.
    A chance meeting with the Randoms sparks hope.
  • 10/12/06-The Randoms have done more than increase contact.
    We start the Rebel Alliance Command and things get real serious.
    Operation Banana Dance is underway.
  • 10/15/06-Able is promoted to field Coroner for Kempsterbank.
    Ironically, the Shacknews Horde begins to dissipate again.
  • 10/16/06-In agreement with Able, the Rebel Alliance Command agrees to
    list Ebbutt as defunct and opens Bant Park as the new revive point.
  • 10/20/06-The MFD has sent a squad in to help with reclamation efforts
    Their help is much appreciated.
  • 10/31/06- Able's continual research yields positive results of sorts.
    In the fog enshrouded night of All Hallows Eve, his demon prodigy is borne
    The specific details are yet unknown, but the world shall soon fear his newly spawned creation within the next four months.
  • 11/14/06-For days now, AbleSentinel fails to find any zombies at Bant Park.
    A sense of peace settles upon Kempsterbank as low-level survivors sleep peacefully on the street.
  • 11/28/06-With the lull in activity, AbleSentinel has redirected his tasks.
    He is now hunting PKers that have made the mistake of hiding in Kempsterbank.
    The KT are spreading out and moving North.
  • 12/22/06-AbleSentinel has been promoted to Chief Inspector for SE-2.
    He leaves his friends and heads north, unprepared for the challenges that await.
  • 01/12/07-AbleSentinel is now Head Coroner for Edgecombe.
    He begins work at Moon Way (70,53)
  • 01/28/07-AbleSentinel has gone mad. He has left his post for good.
    No one knows what he is doing now.


  • 02/04/07- I have grown restless and in the pursuit of action and adventure I have decided to renew my research to discover the truth behind the outbreak. Inside a private MFU owned building I found a secret entrance to an old abandoned Necro Tech office that predates the estimated time of the original outbreak. My quest for answers lead me to the old Malton Animal Shelter where my previous suspicions of an aberrant Rabies virus was confirmed. It is named Rabies Type-B. With much of the recorded evidence destroyed, I will be forced to do more field research.
    After laying claim to the animal shelter for use as a research facility, I changed the name to the Animal Control and Rabies Intervention Division (ACRID) for it was originally a division of the police department. Since the virus was designed to be carried and spread by small mammals, I decided to continue on with the program of the animal shelter with a slight adaption to include the infected humans which other persons refer to as 'zombies' due to the partial reanimation of the body after death.
  • 02/05/07- Unable to to perform research full time whilst otherwise employed, I have regretfully resigned from the Malton Forensics Unit.
  • 02/09/07- In earnest, I begin a recruitment drive for ACRID.
    I truly hope to find like-minded individuals to assist me in my research and efforts in the field.
  • 02/15/07- I made a most frightening discovery today, regarding my life while I was healing infected survivors at Eligius General Hospital.
  • 02/16/07- Yesterday at Eligius General Hospital, I discovered some rather frighting information. I found my name, my real name, among some old papers down in the Archives room. I cannot but help wonder if it is really me, or someone else with my name. I question my research and my sanity. I know that I've only been here in Malton less than a year but could it be possible...?
    I shall do my best to record my daily events in an effort to disprove the horror that throbs in the back of my mind. Or at the least, to dispel the confusion. I am very tired, I must rest.
  • 02/17- I hold the paperwork from Eligius in my hand. A case file for a patient named Samuel A. Jekyll. My name. Apparently, he was admitted to the psychiatric ward several years ago. Deemed too dangerous for that facility he was transported to Malton's public mental hospital in Arkham.
    I have spent the entire night reviewing what I remember of my life[1]. I do not for a moment believe that the person in question is actually me. But there still remains an uncanny doubt. I led a very troubled life and have done my best to forget my past. I look over the chemicals and instruments strewn about on my make shift lab table trying to decide if I'm researching for a cure to the Rabies Type-B virus or just possibly subconsciously attempting to duplicate the work of my great grand father. I cannot tell.
    The pain in my head along with this insatiable appetite doesn't allow me to concentrate for long. The doubt in my mind has grown and I feel that I must learn the truth. I must get down to New Arkham.
  • 02/18- I have now packed my bags and began preparing for my journey. I fear I shall be making a late start as a bout of exhaustion kept me in bed throughout the night and late into the afternoon. I suppose I should go around and make my final goodbyes to my crew. This shall be my last day as an MFU Officer. I have not told anyone the real reason for my resigning. I doubt that they would understand anyhow. Hell, I don't fully understand it all myself.
  • 02/20- Travel proves difficult burdened with the excess of my research supplies. I am tempted to dump the whole lot into this drainage canal here. I mean, is this really a path I wish to continue down? Do I really want to know the truth?
    Yes, it is possible, that I used to live here before. For that matter, I could have been born here. I very well could have done something wrong, and got myself into serious trouble. I might have been locked away in some nut house. Maybe I'm schizophrenic and my other personality latched onto Dr. Jekyll's secret and I somehow transform into some hideous monster on occasion. I mean that would explain me being locked away in the Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

    Wait a minute! The (A)sylum for the (CR)iminaly (I)nsane and (D)emented. ACRID. That's just too freaky. How did I know that? This is just too much for me. If I was not insane before, I most assuredly am now.
  • 02/24- I have dumped my research equipment and have decided to start up a security service to occupy my time. My mind still computes data regarding my experiments no matter how hard I try to stop it. And Arkham still calls my name.
  • 02/26- And then there was but one. The dim moonlight danced eerily over the marble tombstones. Shadows formed in the distance and slowly took shape. Feeding groans echoed from within the otherwise empty crypt. The pool of tears at my feet belied my sadness at what had become of what could have been.

    My beloved and ever faithful canine senses my pain and howls out to the wind. Sounding to all the world like an orphaned wolf. I decide to begin a rather arduous journey to the south where I can hole up for awhile and make an actual dent in something before rejoining this insane quest for adventure.
    It was never for the glory anyhow.

  • 03/05- The sins of my past have come back to haunt me. My nightmares have escalated to the point I no longer wish to sleep. I fear I can go on no longer.
  • 03/06- Over the last several months, I've been drawn to this same area around Pole Mall. Often in my dreams, I would hear the noise of a train and see a blurred image of something with the number 319 on it. Today I was walking around the Gass Plaza Rail Station when I passed the security lockers. Locker 319 just kinda jumped out at me. I broke the lock and looked inside.
    There was a folder full of papers, a loaded pistol and a syringe filled with some greenish fluid. I studied over the papers carefully. To make a long story short, I had been in Malton before. These things were mine. It seems I had indeed discovered a virus. After testing it on myself, I became an evil monster. The results were short term though and I would always return to a normal state after awhile.

    Apparently, I had done some very bad things while under the influence of the serum. I was in serious trouble and the law was looking for me. To throw them off track, I injected a few people with an unstable strain of virus similar to what I used, hid the papers and stuff in the locker and attempted to flee Malton.

    I can only assume that I never made it. I was captured and locked away in the Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. The people I injected, never recovered and eventually spread the virus, leading to the outbreak and subsequent city wide quarantine.

    It is all my fault. I will inject my faithful dog with the syringe and then infect myself. The serum is the same unstable version that I used several years ago so it is certain, I will get brain rot and never return to normality again.
  • later that day... In a moment I will climb to the roof of the Trout Building and look over the city towards the North. In a quiet moment of solitude and tranquility, I will inject Sentinel and then myself thereby joining the ranks of the undead, forever.

Return To Sanity

  • 04/10- After assisting the horde sack a couple of malls for Mall Tour 07, I go solo and destroy a few NecroTechs and various other buildings. But I soon find myself drifting back towards home. Eventually, I find the Jillard Building (56,75) and break in. I am now back to semi-normality but I must remain very careful. If I get killed again I will rise up dead and cannot be revived like normal. In an effort to repay society for my misfortune, I will utilize Sentinel Security to protect Pole Mall. PMS will be formed soon. (Pole Mall Security).
  • 04/12- With Mall Tour 07 attacking Pole Mall, I must rethink my ideas for starting PMS.
    Due to my Brain Rot I am considering paying homage to Necrotech.
  • 04/14- I have decided that with my condition, I am now unable to fight like before. I must take certain precautions. Therefore, I decide to spend my efforts at maintaining the Necrotech facilities at the Jillard Building (56,75). Perhaps in this way, I can somewhat assure myself of a rapid revive when/if needed. Since this will not be a regular group type effort, I will simply dub my work as Absent, after the combined code names of me and my dog. I find the name fitting somehow.
  • 04/25- Jillard has fallen. I have been killed while sleeping at Courage Cinema.
  • 04/29- Well the cades are back up at Jillard but it is still not powered. I am still undead and quickly tiring of killing other zombies. I spotted a survivor outside today and reluctantly, I killed him. I fear I have been overcome with blood lust.
  • 05/04- Boredom has overcome. I have left the area in search of unknown adventure.

In Pursuit Of Barhah

  • 05/07- I can no longer pretend to be human. I am a beast. Half man, half animal, a savage cannibal. I have infected all members of ACRID and together we now exist as a curse upon humanity. Long live Barhah!

Renewed Strength

  • 09/13- Who am I fooling? I don't even know what Barhah means. I'm back with the Knights Templar for now, assisting with the survivors, but things aren't favorable for me at the moment. This infection just robs me of my normal level of reasoning. ACRID has failed for the most part. But even though I have changed sides, the group lives on. Even our side factions have grown amidst my absence and continue on without me. I am left with dark thoughts and many choices.
    I curse this infection.
  • 11/10- I was not having much luck with the KT, so after my friend told me about the Grayside Demons, I decided to join up leaving my Sentinel to assist in Kempsterbank. Murderers still frequent these parts but I am no longer alone with my little brain rot problem. I have a friend in the GD now with the same problem and we have learned to lend one another a hand when needed and to stay apart when not.
  • 01/01/08- Another year passed. I'm still with the Demons, though I tend to stay over in Kinch Heights for the most part in order to distance myself from Kempsterbank and my Sentinel. Snow blankets the ground and blood stains mark every inch of Malton.
  • 01/24/08- Not really much to write about anymore. I spend most of my time just wondering if I'm even alive anymore. I guess in most respects I'm not. The call of Barhah still lingers on my mind and sometimes the desire to pursue that call lays heavy on my mind. It's not that I actually see myself as one of those horrid creatures but... Somehow, I just think life would be easier that way. If I just gave in and allowed nature to take over.
    But then, I know I could never leave my dear family, The Grayside Demons. I'm glad my friend introduced me to them. It's really awesome how they accepted me without question, despite the little rot problem of mine. Such a great group of warriors. And the camaraderie between us is most excellent. No, I could never leave. Blood in, blood out.

    Speaking of friends, I did meet a most interesting fellow a couple of weeks ago. He seems intelligent in a rather sordid autistic way. His name is Akule. I think he wants to be my friend considering the many times he has tried to talk to me. But he sure has a funny way of showing it.

    I think he believes himself to be a detective or something because he loves doing research. The problem is that he becomes quite misguided by the very data he collects. Of course, he is also quite stubborn and therefore cannot admit when he has made a mistake. I've decided to just play along, because it's usually best that way when dealing with mentally troubled children. Besides, I have enough troubles of my own.

    Oh, and I've begun my experiments again. This time I'm concentrating on pheromones and such. Nothing quite as sinister as last time. However, I do believe that I am onto something great this time. I'll write more about it as things develop.

Laboratory with A View

  • 02/04/08- I am now working to uncover and harness the most terrifying chemical imaginable: that most primal odor, the scent of fear.

Pheromones are chemicals released by animals as signals to their own kind: for sex, for territorial marking, and more. They're often detected in the olfactory membranes. But there's more to pheromones than attraction. Many animals have an alarm pheromone which is used to signal danger; aphids, for example, use it to cause their fellow lice to flee.

Now, I am trying to track down and harness people's smell of fear. This could prove to be my most useful project yet.

  • 02/23/08- My Fear experiment worked. Well sort of. Let's just say that there is nothing quite like a scared zombie. Anyway, I again grow tired of this tedious work. This area I am in is nice enough and all but it's just too dang boring. I'm planning on killing myself again so I may wander the streets without concern. There's a few places in Malton I've yet to see.

The Nomadic Salesman

  • 03/10/08- After 2 weeks of trying to get myself killed, some nice chap happened by and decided to play the game. I spent the last two weeks sleeping in the open, sleeping in ruined buildings, sleeping in buildings after I just PKed someone, etc. And now that's it done, I'm free to carry on with my longtime wish of being a door to door Bible salesman.
  • 03/15/08- What kind of person would revive a zombie that just broke down the door of a NT and infected everyone inside? What is this world coming to? So, now I'm alive again and left to wonder. All I wanted to do was to sell some Bibles. Pity.
  • 03/28/08- My molecular DNA Replication experiments have proven successful. For the past month, I have been secretly creating clone after clone, each more dangerous than the other. Soon it will be time to gather up this evil horde into one place. The whole world shall tremble as we move forth and march in the face of tyranny. We shall tear down the barricades of injustice and take one giant juicy crap in the mouth of Akule. It is the season of the juggernaut. Let them that have ears, hear and prepare themselves in this their hour of need.
  • 03/29/08- I am well experienced. Today marks my 6666 XP. I think I shall run around naked for awhile just scaring folks.
  • 04/04/08- I'm starting to feel invincible. It's been like well over a week since some dumb zombies gnawed away at me, reducing my health to a mere 2 HP. And yet, no matter what I do, where I sleep or who I kill, I cannot seem to fade any worse. It would be just as well if I did die. Wait, aren't I already dead? Anyway, I only have one Bible left. It's pages are torn and smeared with blood. It's time to find something else to do.
  • 04/13/08- I may not have any more Bibles left, but it does not stop me from continuing my duty of spreading the Word. Some survivors have expressed their concern that my tactics are a bit too persuasive and perhaps even forceful at times. It doesn't matter to me. I found a nice suburb where several idiots eager parishioners stand around outdoors in anticipation of my daily Bible lessons. I get shot at nearly every day but it's nothing for me to stand up and find two or three souls waiting nearby. Tit for tat.

An ACRID Assessment

  • 04/18/08- Okay, for just one moment, let's forget about the experiments, the Bible sales, the Gospel tales and the ridicule of a fool named Akule. For the time being, we'll ignore the fact that I am the long lost, great great grandson of the infamous Dr. Jekyll. And we shall put aside the insidious insinuations of my Mr Hyde split personality complex.
First of, I got to tell you about this great place I found. I won't say where it's at but it's really awesome for a zombie like me. I mean, it's every day, I awake to find survivors just standing around with no protection. Yesterday morning I decided to crack open a fire station. It took about 25 AP to bring the cades down. Inside there was eight people sleeping. I killed one and had just enough strength left to let out a long hungry groan before infecting one more guy and passing out from exhaustion.

I awoke still standing several hours later to discover that I had been attacked multiple times by multiple people. I was badly wounded but still kicking with 4 HP. I saw the idiot that did the most damage to me just standing there, right in front of me. I quickly killed him and then finished off the one I infected earlier. After a few more bites on the other occupants, I went back to sleep, with a full belly.

When I came to later, I was dead and lying outside. But from my position on the ground, I could easily see three people just standing around within mere blocks of me. I was still too tired to do anything much, so I just laid there, picking my teeth and thinking that maybe the survivors had come up with a new tactic. Perhaps they plan on just feeding the zombies until their stomachs burst. Hell, I don't care. I'm loving it. In fact, I feel somewhat guilty for taking advantage of such easy pickings.

It's like everyone here is low level with no real skills. Even the few zombies around here do nothing but wear down the survivors for me to get the kill points. I'm getting like two or three a day with no problem. Sure, I'm getting killed alot but so what. It's like 10 kills to 1 around here. I'm eating this up -literally.

Assessment Redoux

While I'm waiting to digest my latest meal, I'd thought I'd review things a bit. In a few weeks, I'll be celebrating my two year anniversary and I have achieved a number of feats within that time.

  1. I became the second of only two MFU members that were not actual scientists. (before the restriction was lifted.)
  2. I became a high ranking officer in three groups -at the same time. I was Council Member for the Knights Templar, Chief Inspector of SE-2 for the MPD and Head Coroner for the MFU.
  3. I spawned my own progeny. (which lives on to this day.)
  4. I became a registered Pker. (a misunderstanding?)
  5. I became a registered Zerger. (it was never proven simply because it was never true.)
  6. I founded the Bant Park Revivification Station.
  7. I was the comptroller of the Moon Way revive point.
  8. I scored over 680 confirmed kills. (Significant in that I spent much time as a reviver)
  9. I made over 550 confirmed revives. (in truth, there was many more but not all of them were recorded)
  10. To this day, I'm listed as a friend, ally or ambassador with over 15 pro-survivor groups, even though I am now a confirmed zed with Brain-Rot. (go figure)
  11. I've started no less than five groups. (okay so none really took off but still...)
  12. Blah blah blah.
  13. Many of these feats came with great controversy which I feel is of itself, a great feat.
  14. Level 42, over 7000 XP and yes, I'm still here.


  • 05/15/08- (9200 XP) Eyes ablaze, running full steam with clear goals in mind. Kill as many as possible. It's hard to run with a decomposing body, encumbered with so much useless crap. I'm still dragging a tree around for some reason. I know I can drop these things but I guess a part of me wants to hold on to the belief that I will be cured of my infection someday. Perhaps if eat more brains. ummm, Brrranzz!
  • 05/29/08- (10000+ Xp)
  • 07/15/08- (nearly 13000) I need to get revived so I can plant my Christmas tree somewhere. Christmas in July, wouldn't that be nice? I wonder if any one has any lights.

ACRID Adjustments

  • 01/01/2012- My asylum proved to be of mere intrinsic value. This rampant random roaming has left me tired and apathetic. It is time to make some changes.
  • 03/02/2012- I have shooed away the demons haunting my soul only to realize that the Demons are that which gives me hope. I have made alterations within the Asylum and rejoined my friends, the Grayside Demons.
  • 04/09/2012- (28066 XP) My friends are scattered. We are being harassed by a griefer group known as "Tactically Innovative Territorial Zombies". It is time to make some serious adjustments to bring things around.
  • 05/25/2012- Communicating with Demons is harder than it used to be. Maybe I should make an Ouija board or something. TITZ is making it difficult to stay alive. I'm really starting to appreciate my friends down at Rotter's Relief. But it doesn't really matter if I happen to die. I've discovered that it is actually easier to earn experience being dead than staying alive. I find myself reviving useless noobs just to earn a point or two whereas, I could really rack 'em up chewing on their brains if I was dead instead.
  • 07/01/2012- The plague of TITZ has abated and the Demons are momentarily back together at the Gass Station but still without the communication that forged them together to begin with. I have not been killed for some time now and apathetic boredom has settled in deep within my aging bones. I find myself oft returning to the asylum seeking the sanctuary with which I have now become so familiar. Unfortunately for me, Acrid Asylum has fallen into ruins and is now beyond repair. I believe I shall take the asylums' private train down to the cemetery, south of the stadium. I have some ideas rattling around in this old rotten head of mine yet.
  • 07/14/12- The old cemetery is quite overgrown. One could hardly tell what it was even if they happened by chance to come across it. The place where it ends for many people becomes the perfect place for me to begin anew. The old iron wrought fence has begun to rust and is bowed slightly in one spot where a tree long ago came to earth. But it remains intact and that for me is most important. I think I will be quite busy for awhile. Busy and occupied, lost deep in my efforts, just the way I like it. Oh, and the Demons? They will be riding with me on this ethereal journey of maddening sanity.
  • 08/23/12- Now at 30680. I wandered off and finally died in Roftwood. Much easier this way. My cemetery is almost completely complete. Even though the Asylum is beyond repair I cannot but realize that the cemetery is nothing but a smaller part of it. I think it's almost time to form a new group. Who says you can't merge a catering company with a cemetery? The pecan smoke alone draws many visitors from afar.

Wrestling With Demons

  • 06/26/13- 36405 XP. I guess I got off track again. It's easy to do around here. Brain Rot doesn't go away. A couple of months ago, I discovered that my old friends, the Knights Templar formed a splinter group for zombies known as the Cursed Knights. I left Grayside and headed up north to work with them a bit.

My work at the cemetery is nearly complete. I will soon return to Grayside but I will not be rejoining the Demons. Their lack of communication bores me. I've done nearly everything there is to do in this wretched place... It's time for a change.

Within the next month, I will be operating a pro wrestling federation for zombies right inside my own cemetery. Zombie wrestling at its finest. The location will no doubt set me at odds with the Demons but I gotta do what I gotta do. Long live Barhah, brains and fried bologna!

  • 07/10/13- Who knew, a bunch of crazed muscle-bound zombies would prove to be such a hassle? Things have gotten out of hand and now zombies are shambling around all over the place. With deep remorse, I must stop the madness. The next scheduled event, (Exodus, Escape From The Grave), however, has not been canceled. The undead combatants will be allowed to escape their earthly tombs and may God have mercy on us all.
  • 09/07/13- At the end of July, I returned to the Gass Station to visit the Demons of my past. Alas, the place was empty. The Demons have all been devoured by time. The keg of beer that we always kept hidden was also empty, the curtains torn down.

I can't say for sure if it was a revelation or a side effect of the harsh whiskey substitute I drank last night but I had a dream. I now believe that I am not from here at all. In fact, I'm not from this time either.

I am actually a lost time traveler sent back... or forward, to this time and place for a specific reason. Perhaps, I was meant to prevent this cursed infection from happening. Or maybe I am supposed to end it. But there was an accident. Someone was trying to stop me. I must have hit my head or something and became confused for awhile.

I'm getting back on track now. I will be much better and think much clearer just as soon as this acrid headache goes away. If someone is trying to sidetrack me then it is just possible that they would use some type of elector-magnetic radio waves to disrupt my brain wave patterns which would explain all these headaches. I will don a tinfoil skippers hat just in case. And after a little more rest, I will continue my journey.

Madam Laveau's Acrid House of Freaks and Other Peculiar Oddities

  • 02/06/2015- Someone or some thing has tampered with my time traveling vessel. It has lurched forward a great number of months but refuses to budge backwards even the slightest bit. Foul saboteurs have thwarted my plans once again. I was utterly lost in a time warp for an extended period until my radio beacon homed in on a signal emanating from Kempsterbank which guided me to this current time on Earth.

ACRID never dies. There is great power in the magic rituals of Voo Doo. I am combining every single thing I've ever built under the Acrid umbrella as one large distorted conglomerate.

While in the future, I encountered an alien who was kind enough to give me a tiny dinosaur from way back in the prehistoric times. Well, it used to be a big dinosaur but the alien had to shrink it so it would fit onto his spaceship. I named it Allie and she or he has become our mascot at Acrid Inc.

Anyway, I'm back, Acrid is getting bigger and now we have a little friend to say hello to.

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