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Absolution/Anticitizen's Talk page

Anticitizen: He is a moderator on the Resensitized UD forums. Has earned the title of "Most Unbiased Moderator" from some members. Also is a channel op on #resensitized.

Anticitizen began on Resensitized back in June 2006. He became a Close Personal Friend Of AnimeSucks due to being one of the victims to Desensitised's flaming staff.

Soon after, He became one of the moderation staff, First starting off with the Off Topic, Zombie OT Discussion, and Suggestions. Now also moderates the Human discussion boards. As of this writing, currently no longer a moderator for the resensitized.

Dislike me? Etc.?'

Leave your flames on my talk page.


Winduhs.PNG Windows Sucks
This user thinks Windows is a load of shit.
Swfjmq.jpg Oh Snap!
Someone just got served!
Ralphchocolate.gif SPELING LOL
Yuo fayl Englesh? That's unpossablle!
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