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Characters: Acorpse - Nikolai Alexandrov

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Overview - Personnel File - Journal - Umbrella Corporation

Umbrella Corp.gif Umbrella Employee
Our Business Is Life Itself!

Nikolai Alexandrov is a member of Umbrella Corporation security personnel, activated in April 2020.

Survivor Description

Nikolai is a 5'7 Caucasian man. He has brown, scruffy hair down to his jawline. Although it would be difficult to tell, since security personnel uniforms are designed to make them faceless and intimidating in equal measure.

This consists of all black combat gear, wearing a balaclava or gas mask obscuring his face. All the more likely to make the distinctive red and white logos of Umbrella Corporation on his shoulders and chest stand out.

Nikolai travels fully armed and armoured when possible. Protected by a helmet and a vest, with protective pads for his major joints. Armed with a shotgun in hand, pistol at his hip and combat knife on his belt.

Zombie Description

Nikolai is essentially just a pale, dishevelled shadow of his former self as a zombie.

He demonstrates none of the feral cunning of many of Malton's undead possess, feeling neither drawn to cemeteries, nor being a paticularly intelligent threat. He favours biting over clawing, should his gas mask be removed.

Nikolai displays very predictable behaviour, known as a ALIFES. Summarised in order as:

1. If he sees a Human, he will Attack it.

2. If he sees a Lights, he will attempt to break in.

3. He will follow his Instincts. EG. scents or feeding groans.

4. If he sees a Flare, he will shamble towards it.

5. If he discovers a corpse while injured, he will Eat.

6. Otherwise, he will Shamble a random direction.


Current Life: ??? - current

Reviver: N/A

Cause of Death: N/A

Second Recorded Life: July 15th 2020 - 25th July 2020 (10 Days)

Reviver: Vilobion

Cause of Death: Shot by Pan D'emonium

First recorded Life: 2nd April 2020 - 7th July 2020 (96 days)

Cause of Death: Shotgun Blast by Tomas Doubt

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