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Characters: Acorpse - Nikolai Alexandrov

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Overview - Personnel File - Journal - Umbrella Corporation

Nikolai Alexandrov's Journal is a black, leatherbound pocketbook. The Umbrella Corporation logo is imprinted on the cover.

It is written in rough, cursive handwriting. A black biro pen is slid into the spine.

April 11th, 2020

This entire deployment was a mess. I bailed out onto the roof in Grayside. At least I kept my knife. Looks like I am walking.

No signs of my team.

Never thought I would complain a facility was too secure!

Headquarters was locked down tight. Even the Tram station. No good to me anyhow, it needs some sort of keycard and has no power. The entire complex looks dark.

I made contact with someone. One Wilhelm Brey. He claims to be en route. Maybe he can figure out how to get us in.

I've been holed up in this train station for a week. Damp and frustrated.

The police station lights are on, not that it helps me. S and NE are locked tight. I found some first aid in the church.

The SE is in bad shape. Infected in the hospital. They don't go far.

Crowbar? --> warehouses.

Fire Axe? Break in!



Celltower? E: Check.

A small gold crucifix is taped to the bottom of the page. It's chain is broken.

April 18th, 2020

I did it. When I was fleeing a zombie I had to stab on the street, I found a ladder that let me into one of the outbuildings.

From there it was easy. I snatched a keycard from a labcoat and used some creative climbing to get inside. The buildings were deserted aside from a handful of squatters.

I have a full set of gear. The mall had everything that was not in the Umbrella Armoury. I took a fire-axe to the debris blocking the tram station. Getting back and forth now should be a breeze.

The dead keep showing up outside the HQ, the security systems will not hold forever unless I figure out how to fix them. Why can nothing ever be easy? I guess I shall have to deal with them myself.

There is a information phamplet for Thompson Mall tucked into the fold of the page. It is faded, but the map of the shops is legible.