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My main character is ActingUpAgain. I just wander everywhere, trying to remain alive, and helping whatever building I stumble across - whether that means rebarricading, zed killing, ruin repair, etc.

My have several alts I bounce around between, whenever the mood strikes me: a feral that just tears down cades at Fort Creedy, a wandering rotter, a NT reviver, an amateur PKer, and a performer that shows up and starts singing old Beatles songs.

I also had two characters in Monroeville that are headshotted. I've got one still living (Ricky Jim Robinson) and still access it. Let me add that Monroeville was the most refreshing addition to Urban Dead since I started playing about three years ago, and I hope they do more stand-alone winner-take-all cities in the future!

I don't belong to any groups, and I play to entertain myself. I read the "trenchcoater" description, and some of that stuff I do once in awhile, so if you want to label me that, ok. Anyone that claims they haven't done some of the "crimes" associated with trenchcoating I call a liar.

Stupid things I do to keep myself entertained: 1. Heal zombies with FAKs 2. Punch PKers and run 3. Leave my feral outside the gatehouse at Creedy, and spend all 50 AP breaking in just to groan. 2/3 of the time I never make it in. 4. Set up one of my alts (John Lennon Live) to do concerts. He was travelling for awhile, then stationed himself in Club Dell for a few months - made a lot of friends with 3rd Waye. He's travelling again. 5. Punch several people in a crowded room once, then apologize.

I need a lawyer to help me understand all the policies on this wiki. Too conveluted.

I've had one suggestion, "Kick Corpse" go to the "Undecided Suggestions" section. Added "Red Ryder BB Gun" to the Humorous page - go check it out!

Wanna talk? Got a beef? Write me.

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