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You might see me around repairing buildings, saying stuff as a zombie, or running from zombies.

Please do not post my location for all the zombies to see.

satellite phone : 899-3628

Stuff I've Done

Buildings Repaired : 68

Wide-open buildings that housed survivors barricaded : 8

Necronet Scans : 34

Friendlies Revived : 17

PKer kills :

Massive Bereavement (2), Zoe Zampano, Goolina (4), Loup Garou, Juniper of Assisi (7), Puggy Teatswell, Venetia Phair, bobby pegleg, Charlibone (4), emPathetic Bill, Boct1584, richerd cranium (5), Leni Riefenstahl (2), Deathslap, Ilderim Khan, Dr Munoz (2), medic813 (IB), uthor2, bite me8, Harlan Mudkill, axe101 (IB), ThunderCat666 (IB/2), Gus the Gasman (1,IB/1), James Hitman (2), wmarcy (IB), Cpt Timbob (IB), Sally A Summers (1,IB/1), UberGosuPro (IB), alwayzlate (IB), luke the least, Mr Horrific (IB), Rudy Cooper, RedRaider (3), Gregory Stills, Swing Your Pants (IB), Gilbert Horal (IB), Two Headed Sex Beast (IB/2), Shank the Cat (3), trinstars (IB/3), dave138, Cholo Solo (1,IB/1), your proctologist (IB), Enter Godmode (2), Van Veen, Jimmy Tree (IB), Needless Body (IB/3), Letitia (IB), Frank Th3 Tank (IB), Vincent Mahogany, A Raging Torrent (2), MadPierre (IB), Arron Fortescue (IB), Harmanz Kehllz, traje negro (IB), Jaynegirl, Unhelpful (IB), tania cinque (IB), Your Own Guilt, Gennifer Havok (IB/2), Cexylikepie, Okwari Sico (2), evangeline lilly (2), Victorious Secret, mr happy paws (IB), Berlin Incident (IB), Platehead, Mr Blahman, Jonny Boy Jr II (4), Faunt (IB), Pagram Librarian (IB), VinnyMendoza, Bungus, Disco de Soto, OxySnake, Krumbar, MutatisMutandis (2), Misogynist (IB), bluewaterdragon (IB), Suspicious Character (2), i shot the sheriff (IB),

Other : shopper1gurl (PC), Annus Horribilis (2)(DC), Tasty Snack (6)(GK), ZombieGeorge (DC), Heather Lovecraft (PC), Xperiment (DC), Jokerjosh1134444 (Zerg), petite fille (2)(DC), Heather McNamara (PC), Heather Chandler (2)(PC), Hulking Lesbian (4)(DC), KooI Aid Man (DC/O), HungryBobbo (DC), Filly Sadsarrow (3)(DC), The Huntress (2)(DC), Chester Fester (DC), Raven Corvus (O), K27 (O), bitin u (DC), Jet McZoom (PC), Willaim Withey Gull (PC), Officer Kerry (2)(PC), a funny clown (PC), Yamsque (PC), Roddy the Rabbit (PC), Nybbas (PC), Jack Townsy (PC), The Stench of Death (2)(PC), LIEUTENANT DEAD (2)(PC), abormen (PC), DHPD 2 (PC), DeRathi (PC), abloo bloo (PC), Phoenix Dace (PC), ShufflesMcGee (PC), Sam Hawkins (PC), vorbau (PC), Nitzel (PC), Mediloo (PC), Kirikos16 (PC), Bearju (PC), AinSynagoga (PC)

Bounty : 619 : 6th

Generators installed : 9

Generators fixed : 2

Generators destroyed : 2

Zombies distracted : Too many to count

Survivors eaten : I honestly forgot the first one*, Tim Porn (IB)**, Doctor Whoa (PC)

Helped retake Blesley Mall multiple times, pissed off the local zombies.

Found a revivification syringe after only 10 tries in a ruined but lit building to revive a rotter.

Participated in the retaking of Wyke in the aftermath of BB3, Wyke Hills officially green. -October 18 2010 (unofficially a week before)

Participated in rebuilding Whittenside after retaking Wyke (those FU people are obsessed with the Colglough NT!). The fort and the areas around the NT's were heavily contested, but the rest of Whittenside was generally safe (minus the PK and GK problem).

Helped retake Wyke yet again, after a large horde of RRF and friends swept through Malton. Small mobs of zombies have insisted on staying, but there are too many survivors for them to cause any real damage.

Helped crush the Feral Undead in the reconstruction of Whittenside. All buildings were repaired and most (especially Colglough) lit. The lack of PKers in the area (the zombie resistance too) was disappointing. Holding the fort was actually pretty boring, and few zombies managed to break in.

Pursuing a career in bounty hunting.

Launched a survey on people's thoughts about headshots in the revive point. (See the talk page.)

PC : Player-Killer Clan
DC : Death Cultist
Zerg : Zerg
GK : Reserved for Tasty Snack
O : Other (you'd have to ask me)

Philosophy on greening up a suburb

Never kill zombies. It's a waste of AP. Barricade and repair buildings. Try to avoid zombies camping inside buildings, but if necessary, combat revive (just watch out because they will spy on where you hide). Any lit buildings will attract zombies, avoid those, but get the supplies while they last. Once enough buildings are repaired, revive the local zombefied survivors.


Some more advice for people who like to eliminate the zombie menace from carparks (not for the experience, but for eliminating the threat): Go jump out of a building. I'll make sure to revive you real soon.

What I Do

I am a private military contractor with experience collecting bounties. I will not claim any bounty I see, killing a GKer and receiving a bounty will not land you on my list of people to look for. If however, you are overly obnoxious (e.g., massive spamming, constant generator-killing), aiding a zombie group (attempting a piñata and the like), or whatever, I will hunt you even if you lack a bounty, just because you're that important. I will not kill people who happily revive PKers, and will politely ask all who do so to stop, unless I'm hired to that is.

For any groups looking to hire:

I kill people, not zombies.
You must have a valid reason for me to tag the target.
I ask for the occasional revive, heals, and any info regarding the target.
Inquire about hiring on the talk page.

Barricading the occasional building that zombies have almost broken into, hunting down public enemies, retaking suburbs, and maintaining the green ones. I am against random revives, so I will not revive you, PKer or GKer (or ZKer because that's just annoying, but especially you head-shot-ing trenchies).

While I'm a zombie, I might eat you, or just break into your safe-house and feeding groan. I might even ask for a hug. But what I really enjoy is breaking into other zombies' safe-houses and eating them, because they are tasty (especially when they say they're 'camping' a building). For you survivors, if you see a zombie at 6 hit points, please finish the meal and then dump it into the street before repairing and barricading the building. I also eat trenchies (the bad kind not the good kind-the bad kind's bitter tears are delicious).

ForScience.gif Ahlek's Ribbons
NecroTechnician - Rank 2 All-Seeing Eye Ghost Recon
Paynterton Tour of Duty


Current Location : Why do you want to know?

Some of my zombie quotes :

"Harh harh harh Mrh-Gaaz habganna Mrh man za rabhabh grh mahgang gaarz! Mah znaagah zambah haz hammarh barragazh an barg mrh man aga!n an haz barg babah harmanz-zmargazbarg! "

Malicious Player-Killer.

This page has some sarcasm on it.

  • I tracked that one from a revive point back to a ruined dark, hiding with another harman. It got dragged into the street for easier eating.
    • He decided to try and kill me with an axe at a revive point. Silly harman didn't even leave. He was injured too, starting at 23 health.

Thank-you list

Malcon Harper


RiverlogoS.gif Supporter of River Tactics
I flow into the void.
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TEAMXTemp.jpg Team Xtreme Ally
This user or group is a Friend and Ally of Team Xtreme
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Team Xtreme wants The Heathers to die.
Redskull.jpg Violence is quicker
Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.
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