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Legend tells us that something happens when zombie numbers fall. Though it's had many names, today it has just one: The Big Bash

In order to revitalize the game, and our fun within it, we have taken the ideas floating around many hordes and many forums, and we are hereby organizing a grand alliance of zombie hordes to partake of a rampage across Malton. The Big Bash is the party that this grand alliance, this horde-of-hordes, is going to throw in its travels around Malton.

The objectives are to have fun, redress the balance between zombies and harmanz, and provide an attractive event to new zombie players who might otherwise never progress as a zombie.


In this way, we will create a force with enough momentum to steamroll all but the toughest of targets, and put some BARHAH back into UD.

Each Big Bash has been a city-spanning party attended by hundreds of zombies who want nothing more than to eat brains, have a good time, and spread the undead with any breathers they meet.

To date, there have been four Big Bashes...

The Big Bash

Start: July 2006
End: February 2007
Ate: 54 suburbs

The first Big Bash showed Malton what zombies could look like when they partied together. While the then-legendary Caiger Mall held up against a brief assault, and Giddings survived due to the cowardly use of barricade bots, everything else fell before the Bashers as they swept across the city. With virtually every major zombie group joining in the event, River Tactics saw its first widespread use by the DEM and other survivors in response to their inability to stand up against the so-called "horde-of-hordes".

The Second Big Bash

Start: October 2007
End: April 2008
Ate: 53 suburbs
The second Bash was a smashing success, with numerous returning groups such as the Eastonwood Ferals, Minions of the Apocalypse, The Ridleybank Resistance Front, and the Undeadites. Notably, Giddings Mall, which had stalwartly refused to party with the first Bash, eventually lightened up after a month-long siege by the second Bash, in an event that later came to be known as the Battle of Pitneybank. With the introduction of zombie interference partway through the battle, the tide changed and the Bashers were able to bring their party indoors.

Big Bash 3

Start: June 2010
End: October 2010
Ate: 47 suburbs
In the wake of ESCAPE's utter and complete failure, the third Bash was able to attract disenfranchised, disillusioned survivors interested in seeing what the party was all about. With the Minions of the Apocalypse and the Undeadites leading the way yet again, the Bashers had no trouble partying in Giddings or anywhere else they wanted to go. Sadly, the party ended with more of a fizzle than a bang, but overall it was quite the success.

Big Bash 4

Start: June 2013
End: October 2013
Ate: 48 suburbs
With the game in heavy decline, the fourth Big Bash relied on a flurry of activity across social media to bring players back, vaulting it to the top of the stats page within days of its announcement. The Bash prompted the first large-scale survivor response since the second March of the Dead and was notable for how well it was organized, allowing virtually the entire horde to stay together all the way to the end. The Nurglings joined the festivities this time around, with the party ending on a high note as it became the first Bash to circle the entire city.
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