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In death, the city stirs. Its borders still locked down after a sudden government quarantine seven years ago, Malton's trapped civilians make their way through the derelict buildings, surviving the changing seasons to rebuild their fragmented society from the rubble upwards. Military clean-up squads patrol the empty streets, stationed in the city for the long haul, while embedded scientific groups continue the experiments that brought them here.

And the dead rise up and thrive, trailing through the ruined streets of the city, milling between buildings and clawing through makeshift barricades and diversions, reclaiming the city as their own.

First time playing? Read the First Day in Malton guide.

Wiki News
30th October 2012 Several current Featured Articles have been put up for review. All users are encouraged to comment here.
27th October 2012 Boxy is undergoing sysop re-evaluation. All users are welcome to voice their opinions here.
27th October 2012 Spiderzed is undergoing sysop re-evaluation. All users are welcome to voice their opinions here.
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Game News

30th October 2012

  • It's the time of year for zombies to thump at safehouse doors in the fog. Perhaps they'll get some extremely stale pre-apocalypse confectionery, perhaps they'll just smash the carved pumpkins of the living and cover the place with gore.
  • Full-face masks worn during halloween will be displayed in place of the character's name for any action they take, but other players can click through to see who's behind it.

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This Month in Urban Dead History


  • 2008: LUE disbanded

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Welcome to UDWiki. This site serves as the primary resource for players of Urban Dead (a browser-based zombie apocalypse MMORPG). It's a constant work-in-progress being created, updated, and imagined by zombie, survivor, player killer, and other gamers like you. Here, you'll find guides to playing the game, a map of the city, and groups who are looking for people like you.

<p">You don't need to be an expert at the game to use the wiki, nor do you need to be an expert at the wiki to help out. If you see a place that could use a little work, whether it's a building whose status needs to be updated or a list of groups in your suburb that could use some tidying, feel free to register an account and chip in. If this is your first time using UDWiki, you may find it beneficial to get a quick start on using the wiki.</p>

Featured Article

Ccscientist.jpg Survivors with the Scientist character class pay 75 XP for all science skills, 150 XP for military skills, and 100 XP for all other skills. This means they must pay a little above 10% more than any other characters to buy all available survivor skills due to the abundance of military skills in the game. (more...)

Community Projects

  • Listen to the Urban Dead community's first podcast, the RCC Fireside Chat, while you play!
  • Zombie players who are looking for something to do are encouraged to travel to Dunnel Hills, Molebank, or other areas within the Dead Man Zone and do their thing.
  • Survivors looking to see what the fuss is all about are encouraged to travel to the Dunnel Hills, Molebank, or other areas within the Dead Man Zone and do their thing.
  • The Minor Mission List for survivors has been set up. Current target: N/A.
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