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Character History

Aiden Hodder

SPC Aiden S. Hodder, a scout originating from Shuttlebank, that eventually led a rag-tag group of scouts and firemen to Aires Crescent Fire Station and coordinated the efforts to battle a mob of zombies that subsequently sieged the building. The Fire Department did briefly fall, but was reclaimed after. His actions caught the interest of the Galbraith Hills Defence Union, where he once served as one of their two chiefs of the Northeast Sector.

Aiden left the GHDU, for Huntley Heights. There he founded the survivor group known as The 4-H.

Aiden participated in the Battle of Blackmore, helped organize The SHEARBASH operation, and was one of the founding forces behind the revival clinic at Veryard Crescent.

On 3/31/07, Aiden finally managed to evacuate his loved ones.

On 1/21/08, He returned to Malton with nothing more than a fresh change of clothes, and a vendetta.


A police officer from Millen Hills, who has since come to call Yagoton home. After his first death he awoke in St. Swithun's Church and pledged himself to the group known as The Abandoned. In his tenure he has done battle with the MotA, the Neon Knights, Cobra, and gradually moved from Yagoton back to his original beat in Millen Hills. He has also survived two Big Bashes, and assisted in Roftwood operating as part of Alliance 45. He can currently be found in Yagoton.

Brett Detar (former)

The charismatic frontman of The Juliana Theory found himself stranded in Galbraith Hills after meeting with a local band to discuss producing their record. Since that time he has hacked, played and crooned his way through all of Malton, not only fighting alongside the Black Berets but also making stops at The Cosway Hotel in Wyke Hills to spend some time with the lovely folks of Life in Malton and then working his way through Ridleybank and into Randallbank. He was last seen cavorting between Randallbank and Santlerville with the other members of his band, who came looking for him.

It is of note that this character is no longer played by the original maker. Between Miikro and Aiden I often did not have the IP hits necessary to fuel a 3rd character, and some friends were looking to make themselves into a small group. I suggested the gimmick since I'd already made Brett, and they rolled with it. If you have an issue with Aiden, take it up with Aiden. TJT is oblivious, they do their own thing, and I am not a member of that group, I just helped get it started. Thank you.

Group History

My characters are in, or have participated in activities with the following groups.
The 4-H (founder)
The Abandoned (member, as Miikro)
Galbraith Hills Defence Union (former member and Section Chief)
The Merry Kings of Spangleham Forest (member)
The Stanbury Renegades (ally)
The Randallbank Coalition (ally)
The Yagoton Revivication Clinic (former member)
The Caiger Mall Survivors
ROACH Klips (ally)
Rotten Tomatoes (ally)
Black Berets (ally/unofficial member)
The Gentleman Adventurers (ally)
Blackmore Bastard Brigade
Newgrounds (friend)
Zombie Squad (ally)
The Juliana Theory (member, as the original Brett Detar)
Cannonball Crew (allied as part of Alliance 45)

Bitches don't know bout my headshot
Blackmore Bastard Brigade.JPG Blackmore Bastard
This user or group proudly wears the badge of the Blackmore Bastard Brigade.

8/18/06 - 10/13/06, 11/5/06 -

The Actual Player

» Current Residence: Seattle, WA
» Age: 26
» Gender: Male
» Profession: Musician (bass guitar, piano, vocalist)

» Yes, that is a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers tattoo. Wanna fight about it?
» I have a bad habit of making characters and giving them away.
» I often speak before I think, because I'm ADHD like a motherfucker.
» I named Hodder after a bunch of bands I used to work for and tour with. Only about 6 months ago did I realize his initials are ASH.

Personal Statement(s)

1. History Unpreserved

As you may notice, I have links in my page here that lead to nowhere. They used to lead to somewhere, and I think it's bullshit that they no longer do. Just because a group never annihlated mutiple malls, or brought a spotlight to themselves that made them known through all of Malton, does not mean they should be forgotten.

Please do a little more research on the pages you nominate for deletion. Just because you may have never heard much about a group doesn't mean they weren't important.

2. PKing

PKing is a big controversy in this game. Many players do it, many other players don't understand why. The players mentioned in the former attempt to justify it with all of these silly-farfetched ideals.. But what it comes down to is simple.

PKers are either people who a) can't hack it as zombies or b) have an incessant need to get their fun by ruining the play experiences of others. There is no justification for it. You either lost the patience to kill human players the way primarily intended, or you're assholes that need to ruin someone else's day in order to enjoy your own. It's as simple as that. The internet is full of you people, you're a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, in the UD environment, you're able to troll without the use of expletives, shock links, or excessive flaming, because all you need is a few guns worth of ammo and some decent RNG rolls.

Yes, I'm well aware that Kevan left the ability to kill your own side in as a way to promote realism, but that's still clearly not the way the game is meant to be played. People sign up in this game to play a war against zombies, not against other humans. Many of them leave after being shot in the face by another human at random.

If you want to kill humans, jump out a window and at least play the game the way it's supposed to be.. Because frankly, the game's not fun anymore when you go for MONTHS without having to worry about a zombie mob killing you, because all the typically zed players are breathing and shooting guns.

3. Jeshua

d00d. Srssly. No matter how many times you shoot me, I will not make out with you! </3


My journal for Aiden can be found here. Unfortunately I ran out of time to keep writing long before I ran out of time to keep playing.