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'I'll shove that bat up you ass and turn you into a popsicle'

I really like the Warriors, and you should too! Its cool. I'm not very violent anymore, but I do still kick the shit out of zombies! AHAHA. I usually mock them too. I'm no longer a member of FUACK, but I'm still out to help. I'm still Socialist too. I dislike Extiction. A lot. Cheap tacticts acheive little, as it makes pissed off people unite. :P

Ajax izthgreatest.jpg

This is Ajax, the character I took my name from. Walmond is just made up..but I think when I made him I was currently eating a tart with almonds in it, that evidently was bought at Wal-Mart. So, Walmond! [lol, not funny] Should of put Remar, the last name of the actor who played him. Oh well

I'm glad the IWM are gone. They weren't very nice. Though their funky Stormtrooper template was cool

The Heathers are a terrible concept for a group, absurd in the utmost

The Urban Guerrilas are cool. They started me up. Matt Jordan helped me out a lot too, so woot

The Fortress is really humourous, and i like that

Malls suck, like they really do. Why bother with those foolish zombie magnets?

I'm no longer in FUACK or in any group, but I am planning on starting up a haven in between Dakers and Roywood :)

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