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I'm going to be trying to rebuild the BAR. To do this we need to get back to some good ol fashioned collaboration.

Come join up on the new Discord server I set up.


Scott Albom



Sex: Male

Age: 26

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: Canadian

Affiliation: Burchell Arms Regulars

Rank: Employee

Posting: The Burchell Arms

Operations: View Page

Service Record

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Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.


Been pretty busy of late, trying to mop up the mess in Rolt Heights and Pescodside. Well, and every other suburb in the immediate area. Damn zombies, can't you just start eating each OTHER'S brains? Got promoted though, so, awesome. Albom 08:54, 30 August 2010 (BST)

Dunningwood is a nice place. It's also cool to get out for a little trip. What with the immense number of zeds in Rolt Heights and Pescodside, I've had to jaunt down to Vetch NT to grab some needles. I think I'm got basically enough, hopefully tomorrow I can get back up to the Burch and start handing out revives. Albom 17:02, 2 July 2010 (BST)

Needles... seems like I might be able to do more good with them than with bullets. Especially since there are 11 zombies inside Schreiber Drive PD. Ran by Clewett NT today and grabbed a few, revived some of our good BAR fellows at Otto; Hector Malo and Johnny Darque. Thinking about joining the Revive Corps. Be nice to have a little more focus. Albom 21:49, 27 June 2010 (BST)

Busy couple of months, but I suppose I can get back on track in journalizing my experiences with the BAR. Took out a deadbeat today, that was pretty dandy. Feels good to bring justice to the only people who can do more damage than zeds. Albom 05:23, 27 June 2010 (BST)

Better yet: satellite phone. 881-8475. Albom 23:46, 3 April 2010 (BST)

Found: One mobile phone. Seems like whoever lost it at Club Brien won't be needing it anymore. Headed back to The Burch to program the damned thing. Guess I'm gonna have to get that mobile phone mast running again if I wanna use it though. Albom 05:08, 30 March 2010 (BST)

Rescued from undeath by a friendly passerby. In my death-fugue I forgot to ask his name. Got up and walked all shaky-legged to the Burch. Had myself a beer, then realized that I must have dropped my phone somewheres, so I went to look for one. Gonna need it to stay in contact with the BAR. Saw that damned Streltsy Lady Clitoria on the way. Zombie now. Serves her right. If I hadn't been so tired, I'd have popped her skull open with my axe. Oh well, her time will come. Albom 00:55, 30 March 2010 (BST)

Still waiting on Otto Street. There are half a dozen other zeds just standing around. I watch them as they peacefully sway, watch as occasionally some syringe-jockey sticks one in the neck. Watch him fall. Watch him rise. The strange odor of revivifying corpses lingers in the air, and I feel the blood slowly pushing through my clouded brain. Sludge. I hope somebody comes before the hunger starts. Before that animal instinct kicks in. Before I become just another one of them. Albom 23:42, 29 March 2010 (BST)

Shot down in the Burch by Lady Clitoria, damned Streltsy bastard. Woke up in the street, undead again, and shambled to Otto Street to wait on a revive. Remembered a friend of mine from life before this hell. Her surname was Otto. Wonder if she's lasted this long. Albom 11:14, 29 March 2010 (BST)

Revived today by Tyx94 at Dunsdon Lane, a new comrade with the BAR. Made my way east toward the Burch. There was a dude named Yamato Slade outside St. Herman's Hospital, seemed to be in a bad spot. Loitering with a zombie. I was infected, so I popped into the hospital for a FAK first, and then busted the zed's head with my fire axe. Then a quick jaunt south to meet up with my new group for a pint. All things considered, a pretty good day. Albom 21:58, 28 March 2010 (BST)


BAR Ally.jpg Burchell Arms Regulars (Member)
Albom supports the BAR, often literally.
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This user or group is attending Biertag and should not be held accountable for his/her actions on the night of July 8th.

Syringe crosshairs sml.jpg Fertilize the Land Policy
This user or group believes in regaining NT buildings at any cost!
Rat-ah-tat-tat.jpg Rat Tactics
Survive. Revive. Thrive.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
Albom supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Player
Albom has signed the Coalition for Fair Tactics Player Pledge.


Chapel Ruin, new member of The Big Prick. More information here. Now in retirement.

Derek Janes, member of Rotter's Relief Rehab active in Ruddlebank. More information here. Now in retirement.