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1 Dulston Square

2 Beale Row

3 Whitlock Center

4 Blaise Row

5 Inman Heights

6 Castleton

7 Bartown

The BAR calls this neighborhood home and its easy to see why. It has probably the best cluster of tightly packed resource buildings in the northeast, offering everything one might need with an, NT, 2 Hospitals, A PD, Factory, an Auto Repair Shop, and 2 Fire Departments There's even a School just 2 blocks from the NT if you want more spray cans than the Auto Repair offers.
When in Survivor hands, this neighborhood has the highest population density of its general area and it's one of the best places in the northeast to get a quick revive.

8 Sackton

A medium to low population area with Younghusband PD and The Waish NT being favorite hangouts when the hood is in survivor hands. The remnants of Treweeke's Mall culture often hang out here, using it as a launching point for planning and executing their sporadic raids to take back the Mall; which is normally in zombie hands. To the west the hood provides a low traffic out of the way spot that those who need to lay low, for whatever reason, often use.

9 RC Village

10 Northbank

11 Wortley Gardens

12 Dimburg

An almost deserted neighborhood comprised mostly of run down factories and an unusually large concentration of dark buildings. Its two permanent residents in recent times are Hanako, a theater staffer dedicated to keeping Pownall Cinema operational, and Trashcan'Man, a Luddite dedicated to destroying any generator that appears in the hood. Otherwise the hood is normally empty except for itinerant Pkers (that find the deserted and dark buildings ideal as safehouses) and the Bounty Hunters that occasionally sweep the area for targets.
Factory 81,11 is often claimed and used by the Autobots as it borders their territory and is useful for keeping Lance NT powered.

13 Lance Hill

14 Vtown

North Vtown is a low population, low traffic area. Generally quiet. It does provide a low traffic running lane into Pescodside.
South Vown is somewhat more active, as it is home to the RHVP. This mostly means that Ayliffe PD is often very active, with some survivor activity bleeding off into Factory 82,16, Silverius Hospital and the surrounding buildings. A medium level of traffic flows through the area, as it provides the most convenient running lane from Pashenton to Gibsonton, Pescodside or Dunningwood and vice versa.

15 Patterson Square

16 Croclyn

17 Warewood

18 Cater Island

19 Ducat Center

20 North Row

21 Woolven Heights

22 Dungey District

23 Fire Row

24 Clare Court

25 Earle Park

26 Blatcher Island

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