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Territorial Groups



Something of a rarity among groups, the Autobots maintain duel headquarters: The Woolven NT and The Lance NT in Pashenton, splitting their numbers between two separate areas. The Autobots are lead by Optimus Prime. Once numbering around 25 members, they have fallen below 10 in recent times, making maintaining these two HQ's more difficult. Pashenton has never had a huge zombie problem though. The Autobots are more under threat from a PKer group created specifically to attack them: the Decepticons.

Buckrell Arms Troops

Headquartered at, naturally enough, The Buckrell Arms in Gibsonton. The B.A.T. defend their pub and the immediate vicinity, especially St. Arnold's Hospital, Bending Auto Repair, Oram Walk Police Department, Morgane Auto Repair, and The Patterson Building.

Burchell Arms Regulars

The largest group in the Northeast Corner, fluctuating between 35-40 members or so at any given time. Despite their large size, the BAR does not spread itself out much, preferring to focus their numbers advantage on a relatively small area. Not hyper-organized, but their choice to focus on a smaller territory makes this not matter much. If their area does get hit by zombies they tend to have it back online very quickly. They can easily boast the fastest and and most efficient RP's in the Northeast Corner. The Rayment Arms in Pescodside is maintained as a joint venture between Zombra's Pub and the BAR.

Cult of the Crocodile

One of the largest groups in the northeast corner, having 20 to 25 members at any given time, the Cult is devoted to collecting stuffed crocodiles from museums and placing them all over. The Cult maintains their HQ "Temple" at Skarin Row PD in Dunningwood. They tend to spread out into the surrounding area as well. Most of their communication appears to be carried out in game, as they have no forum. They do not appear to have a leader, but rather they follow the teachings of the Stuffed Crocodile (also known as The Toothy Lord or The Scaly Lord) for guidance in their daily activities. Despite their fanaticism and PD culture, the the Cult is basically non-violent and easy going.

The Dribbling Beavers

Once one of the largest groups in the northeast corner, with around 30 members, the Beavers have fallen to around 10 members. They once firmly dominated most of south Santlerville including Dowdney Mall, but their numbers decline combined with attacks by the zombie group The Dead Bunnies have shrunk their territory mostly to central Santlerville. The Mall does change hands a lot these days, falling to the zombies and being reclaimed by survivors back and forth fairly regularly. The Beavers maintain an RP at Junkyard 74,26 and spend most of their time in The Hall NT and the immediate surrounding area.

King Murek's Army

KMA is a small group of Finns, lead by King Murek and headquartered at Junkyard 99,12 in Pescodside. Officially a member group of the Dulston Alliance, though they rarely communicate. The KMA defends and sits around their junkyard...and that's about it. They do maintain an RP at Prior Monument.

Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps

The only major Dulston Alliance group to still hold territory. Despite being in the Dulston Alliance, the RCDC is very much devoted to Rhodenbank. They don't leave often and are very dedicated to keeping Rhodenbank in one piece. The RCDC averages 10 to 15 members at any given time. Their RP lines are well run considering their numbers. They range from east to west across the middle of the suburb for the most part. Not overly organized, they tend to work catch-as-can. Recently they have had a leadership vacuum as their prime organizers, RedHawkOne and Bane Croooow have gone inactive/retired.
The RCDC maintains the Rhodenbank Highway, a line of VSB buildings stretching across Rhodenbank from The Edridge Museum in the southeast to Gable Walk Fire Station in the west.

Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol

Headquartered at Ayliffe PD in Rolt Heights, the RHVP is lead by Cervecero. They average 10 to 15 members at any given time.
About all the RHVP cares about is Ayliffe PD and keeping it up. During good times the RHVP are all but shut-ins, rarely leaving their nest. During bad times, the RHVP fight with only one goal in mind: to take back their PD. They occasionally venture forth into the world to grab some quick supplies or to take out a PKer that is annoying them. They will try to get back to their PD within the same turn if they can. If you sleep in their PD for any length of time be prepared for a flood of conversation on a page about 5 miles high. Flatter them if you speak or remain silent. You may wake up laying dead outside on the sidewalk otherwise*.
*(When I asked them for an interview, their response was to have Killswitch Mitch attempt to kill me. Luckily I was active at the time and managed to escape.)

Zombra's Pub

A "franchise" group that maintains, at this time, three pubs in the northeast corner: The Acourt Arms in Earletown (the original pub), the The Trigg Arms in Pashenton, and The Rayment Arms in Pescodside. The Rayment Arms is a joint venture between Zombra's Pub and the BAR. The Zombra group defends their pubs and the area in the immediate vicinity. Group numbers are under 10 at this time.


Angry Vaginas

Cultural Tendencies: Noise Abatement/Salt the Land
Zerg Listed zombie group that has been sitting on a ruined Dulston since 2008. Membership fluctuates between 0 and 29, if you follow the stats page.

Dead Animals

Cultural Tendencies: Noise Abatement
It seems the Dead Animals have been trying to claim southwest Pescodside/southeast Rolt Heights (aka, BAR territory) for some time now. They have largely failed in this effort until recent times. The Dead have rolled into this area and it has tipped the balance over allowing the Animals to temporarily achieve their goal. It remains to be seen how long The Dead will stick around and allow this state to continue.

The Dead Bunnies

Cultural Tendencies: Noise Abatement
Zombie group dedicated to keeping Santlerville ruined. In their hay day they had nearly 100 members, but this number has fallen off to 20 to 25 at any given time. Once holding the entire suburb hostage, now they spend most of their time taking and ruining Dowdney Mall over and over again, as it trades hands back and forth between them and survivors, while generally attacking the area surrounding the Mall as well.


Cultural Tendencies: Noise Abatement/Salt the Land
According to RCDC insiders, Genocide is a zombie group that is dedicated to using Salt the Land tactics against the "NT Mile" buildings along Rhodenbank's eastern border.(Wallbutton, Carlyle, and Starr). Apparently this accounts for some of the persistent zombie problem in eastern Rhodenbank. According to the stats page, this horde is 13 members strong.

Vagrant Groups


Big Coffin Hunters

A group dedicated to fighting the Dulston Alliance for the soul of the extreme northeast. Founded by DeWolf, a man disgruntled by ill treatment he claimed he saw and was victim to what he considered the dictatorial practices of the Dulston Alliance. DeWolf went inactive and the Coffin Hunters were left leaderless until Hell's Belles stepped into the void and revitalized the group. Extremely successful in its hay day, overseeing the departure of long time Dulston Alliance group FOXHOUND. Foxhound disputes the reasons for their departure though, siting zombies occupying Dulston as the real cause. Hell's Belles eventually retired from the group and membership has dwindled to a single member as the DA's power has waned, and the Coffin Hunters seem to be on the verge of fading away.

Dead vs. Blue

Member group of the Dulston Alliance founded by Officer Murphy. Now virtually extinct. If you find Yonnua Koponen, the new leader of the group, you've found Dead vs. Blue. Yonnua claims that there are more members than I know of. Apparently they do not bother to communicate with their leader or the rest of the DA.


The Decepticons are a PKer group that exists solely to kill the Autobots. They hang around Pashenton and, well, kill Autobots. Their exact numbers are unknown (it appears to be 5), but it's under 10 as they do not appear on the stats page.


Member group of the Dulston Alliance. Lead by Deathwire. Rotten Ray of the D.I.T.P.S finds the idea that Deathwire leads anything hilarious. That is, D.I.T.P.S members are highly autonomous. Driven from their traditional territory within Dulston, the D.I.T.P.S can now be found wandering either Pescodside or Rhodenbank as solitary medics. Once a dedicated Hospital culture, they have recently taken to the Mobile lifestyle.

Rhodes Renegades

One of the few groups devoted to hunting zergs. The Renegades are lead by Captain Rhodes and wander the northeast corner in search of zergs to kill. They number less than 10 members, as they do not appear on the stats page. They have a reputation for being confrontational and as they maintain their own private zerg list, they sometimes kill people not recognized as zergs by the larger Zerg Hunting community.


The Dead

Culture:Mobile(with sporadic territorial tendencies)
The biggest zombie mega group ever that occasionally rises up and tries to eat the entire city before going into periods of relatively low activity. Relatively because, even in their off season The Dead are usually the largest group in Malton, numbers-wise. High activity or low, The Dead have been reported to have a significant presence in the northeast most of the time. Survivors from Rhodenbank and Pescodside report them being active consistently and they seem to move about eating other burbs randomly. Recently they have invaded Dunningwood. Time will tell if they move on or try to sit on the area as consistently as some others.

Other Persons/Groups of Note

Devonshire Knights

A group dedicated to protecting the Devonshire NT in Rhodenbank. The only remaining member seems to be long time resident of Rhodenbank, NecroTechPerson. In his words: "At first, we were a bunch of people living in Devonshire. Then, we decided we might as well group up. And then the group tapered off. I'm pretty sure we never had more than ten members, though. And that's the story of the Devonshire Knights."

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