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Coming from a long line a distinguished police officers, he was set to continue his family's tradition and had just graduated from the acadamy prior to the outbreak. What a lousy way to welcome someone to the force.

While only on duty for a few months, already he has proven his worth and lived up to his family name. Numerous undead have fallen victim to his shot. He has joined the survivor effort with BDH and assisted in securing St. Alfred's Hospital in Rhodenbank before moving south to help secure more hostile suburbs.

His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is rumored that he has been fighting off the zombie menace in Gibsonton.

Personal Information

Name: Alymon
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195
Profession: Police Officer
Group: Big Damn Heroes


All survivors have a duty to work together towards the eradication of the zombie outbreak. This requires communication among survivors, barricading buildings in accordance with the local barricade policy, eliminating all zombie threats by any means available, rebuilding damaged structures and removing criminal survivors from the streets. Being undead is an undesirable state and no one should have to experience its unpleasantness.

Rolt Heights City Council

Recently, Alymon has announced his candidacy for Rolt Heights City Council. Campaign headquarters are setup at the factory. Stop in a visit and cast your support. Read Alymon's campaign speech and promises here:

Alymon said:

In the many years since the outbreak of the zombie infection, many good men and women have fallen and risen again.... and again. Our streets have become infested with the undead and criminals have run rampant looting and murdering without any reprecussions. The time for change is now. No longer will we sit back and watch as our children our dragged out onto the streets to be an appetizer for the zombie hordes. No longer will we sit back and watch as our homes are ransacked and ruined beyond repair. No longer will we live in the dark in fear of not only the zombie infection but of our own brothers and sisters as well. We will take back the streets and we will punish those that have committed crimes against us. We will heal the wounded and cure the infected. We will win.

In an official statement released from his office, Alymon has announced his withdrawal from the election citing increasing hostile activity in the area and a more pressing need for able bodies on the streets than bickering in offices.

PKers Executed

The following is a list of all known PKers that have been injured or killed at my hand. I do not condone player killing and I only take the life of another survivor when it is absolutely necessary. The players killed at my hand are known player killers and have an overwhelming abundance of evidence against them. In spite of this, if you truly feel that you do not deserve to die and that you have been misjudged a PKer, you may explain yourself on my talk page.

Wanted List

The following is a list of known enemies to the survivor cause that I am actively hunting. If you know of any of their whereabouts, please leave a message on my talk page so that I can eliminate their threat.

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