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Welcome to my homepage. I'm not going to pretend that I have time to write a journal, I am way too busy making Malton look beautiful. So I am creating a kind of scrap book. Little tid-bits of my time in Malton. Check it out and if you have any comments, you are welcome to add those!

Zedapalooza2008.jpg Zedapalooza 2008 VIP Pass
I rocked out at the First VZW Zedapalooza Concert Tour of Malton!

Ok, I like my music and I like it loud, so I joined the VZW on their concert tour of Malton!

LitCigarettes.jpg Lit Cigarettes
Get Lit! with Lit Cigarettes. Made from hand selected Lowther Leaf Tobacco.

Ok, yes. I smoke. But only when I get drunk! And if I am going to let cancer into my lungs it better be worth it! So I only smoke Lit brand cigarettes because they only use Lowther Leaf Tobacco. Mmmmmm, smooth. I think they soak the wrappers in revive serum...