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Character Stats

(Up to date as of May 19th)
Character Class: Civilian
Current Level: 28
Current XP: 146
XP Spent: ???
Highest Unspent XP: 208
  • Basic Firearms Training (Player gets +25% to hit with all firearms attacks.)
  • Pistol Training (An extra +25% to hit with a pistol.)
  • Advanced Pistol Training (An extra +10% to hit.)
  • Shotgun Training (An extra +25% to hit with a shotgun.)
  • Advanced Shotgun Training (An extra +10% to hit.)
  • Free Running (Can move between adjacent buildings without stepping outside.)
  • Body Building (Player has a maximum of 60 Hit Points instead of 50.)
  • Construction (Player is able to barricade buildings.)
Character Profile: Profile
Location: Greentown

Player Stats

Age: 21
Projects: PD Status Map
NT Mappers – Helps to update the NT Status Map. (Template given by Swiers.)
Supports the Sacred Ground Policy.