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UD's successor since 2007:

Amazing is/was a controversial player who joined Urban Dead in Oct. 2005. Not long after, he became the target of several PKer campaigns for his running of the Crossman Defense Force. Said players spread the battle to the wiki, where things eventually boiled to a head with Amazing's perma-ban so they'd shut up. Years later, Wiki rules were changed to allow for a ban reversal.

Amazing was responsible for useful and long-lasting things like the Sacred Ground Policy and funny useless crap like McZeds. He suggested Binoculars and other features that were approved and added to the game. He played for a short duration of time, and has left lasting effects and mythology still used and referenced to this day.

"But Amazing... where's the wall of text?!"

Since I don't play UD any longer, here's a list of characters I created - either for myself or others less inclined toward creativity.