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Candy Rotten

Candy Rotten was born into a middle class home. Not much is known about her childhood except what was revealed in her biography where she states that her family raised her in a small town in Malton's North. It is known at the very least that her real name is unknown.

Her career as a glam rock star was short and sweet. The Barbary Corsets started out playing a few local clubs and soon got a regular gig at Club Kick in Havercroft. They played with and opened for a number of big names including Garry Glitter and The Cramps. They were voted the most popular glam rock band in all Malton with Candy taking the award for best female pirate vocalist at the Glammies.

It was during their first tour outside Malton that Candy met her demise whilest attempting to strut down what was supposedly a stage prop in 6 inch heels. Her death was reported to be a tragic accident but suspicions were aimed at the Corsets' stage manager who had assured the stage crew that the cannon he had made especially for the gig was a fake. The matter was never resolved however a number of sources close to Candy have published their auto-biographies claiming that the pyrotechnics director was having an affair with Candy's good friend and hair stylist, Judy Pilson.

The funeral was a small private event hosted by Twisted Sister guitarist, Jay Jay French. Only the band, their managers and around 14 legal representatives attended. The lead guitarist cited a mysterious illness as the reason for his absense.

Candy was buried in a small cemetery in Quarlesbank. Her fans frequently make pilgrimages to her resting place to pay their respects by laying wreaths of candy and smearing messages of love in lipstick on her tombstone.


After a brief stint as a corpse, Candy rose to find herself longing for the taste of flesh and brains. She turned her nose up at the sugary offerings placed upon her grave by the local new age worshipers and shambled Southwards to join the Militant Order of Barhah in Williamsville. The town was mostly ruined already, however the Barhahry Corsairs still managed to give her her very first brain.

She quickly found her groove again and was fed many brains by the Barhahry Corsairs. Though back then more rock-star than pirate or zombie, they welcomed Candy into the fold like family. They transformed her into a very vicious, rotten zombie.

She had been with MOB for only a month before she broke her first needle. Even as a babah zambah, she knew the importance of ROT and decided to take it merely days after her induction into MOB. However it was in West Grayside, when this nasty human tried to combat revive her, that Candy discovered the true light of Barhah!

And she continues to march with the horde to this day eating many brains, smashing many barns and bogarting all the orange julius.

She is now the Angel of Death, leading MOB on a path of death and destruction throughout the city.

Militant Order of Barhah.gif Militant Order of Barhah
The MOB is coming...

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