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Chief Amelia Pierce
Starting Occupation: Military Medic
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: Be a Big Damn Hero: keep alive, kill zeds, heal folks
Username: Kris Daniels
More details: Urban Dead profile

Basic Info

Arrived in the City: July 26, 2005

Currently Wielding: Pistol or Shotgun

Current Status: Overseeing the precinct.

Current Sittings: DHPD Broadbelt Grove Precinct


A shiny Chief's DHPD badge is pinned beside military insignia. Her black hair is tied back in a severe french braid that falls halfway down her back. Her eyes are blue. Her medic's uniform hangs torn and a little loose over a slim frame with a military bearing. Oh, and she's wearing guns. Lots of guns.



Amelia Pierce, or Amy to her closest friends and cousins, enjoyed two things as a college student - studying to be an EMT, and getting adrenaline highs. What better way to combine those two activities than to become a battlefield medic? So now she darts in among the zombies, healing people until she runs out of supplies, then shooting the zeds until she runs out of ammo. It's a good life.

She currently has taken to the Dunell Hills area, and volunteered to join the Dunell Hills Police Department. As there wasn't a lot of zombie activity in her chosen suburb, she wandered over a few blocks to Caiger Mall to help out where she can there. Shortly thereafter, Dunell Hills fell under attack by the Undying Scourge so she returned to her home suburb. During the Scourge's attack, Amy died in the line of duty, defending Broadbelt Grove Police Department. Many thanks to Jany who revived her.

Dunell Hills is now relatively safe again, though she continues to defend the area against those zombies that do come too close.

Recently, Amelia has been promoted to Chief of the Broadbelt Grove Precinct.

Relatives and Friends

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Group: Harry Potter Cultists
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Group: Brainaholics Anonymous

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Group: Yagoton Revivification Clinic
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