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I play a few characters, all survivors. Here is information about them.

Amy Flood

Name: Amelia Caroline Flood

Date of Birth: 14 September 1986

Hometown: London, England

Physical Description: Amy is, for the most part, absolutely average. Nothing about her appearance really stands out. She is around 5'5", and she weighs approximately 9 stone 9 lbs. Amy's hair is darkish brown. Her eyes are brown. Her nose is narrow and straight. She doesn't spend much time outside, so her skin is pale-ish. Her figure is neither repulsive nor exceptionally attractive. She is squishier than she might like around the middle, and less squishy than she'd like around the chest. On the whole, Amy is not unattractive, though it is doubtful anyone would ever objectively describe her as "gorgeous."

History: is under construction

Currently: Amy Flood is a survivor. She's settled with a lovely group called Shed in Quarlesbank.

Unlike so many in Malton, her past was mostly pretty nice. She comes from a thoroughly middle class family from London. Her mother makes jewelry and her father runs a restaurant. She moved to Malton to attend university, where she studied medicine. She was living with her firefighting older brother Willliam, who she was separated from toward the beginning of the outbreak.

She's quite certain that, if and when she escapes this awful place, she's going to go back to London, tell her parents she's alive and well, then go on holiday to someplace warm and sunny where she can lay on the beach all day. Then...who knows? In the mean time, however, she's almost content to defend her suburb with her rather mis-matched bunch of friends.

Amy has a journal.

William Flood

Name: William Francis Flood

Date of Birth: 23 February 1982

Hometown: London, England

Physical Description: William (or Billy, as he likes to be called) is a rather physically imposing man. He's tall (6' 3") and solid of build, as a firefighter ought to be. His brown hair is kept short, as is the beard he occasionally grows then shaves off then grows again. He has green eyes.

History: Under construction

Currently: Billy is living in a fire house Spracklingbank. He's looking for his younger sister, though he doesn't have high hopes of finding her anymore. So, for now, he's fighting down the barhah and helping to keep his suburb safe.

Jon Shepherd

Name: Jonathan Joseph Shepherd

Date of Birth: 9 March 1983

Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA

Physical Description: Jonathan, or Jon, as he prefers to be called, is six feet tall, and a little on the thin side. His hair is a somewhat shaggy, dark-brown mop. His eyes are grey. He tries to stay clean-shaven, though that has become a difficult task since arriving in Malton. Jon typically wears a black suit, white shirt, red tie, and black shoes.

History: Jon was born into an upper-class family in Seattle, Washington. He grew up in a high-rise condo in downtown Seattle.

Currently: Jon has gone slightly mad. Maybe it's his repressed upbringing. Maybe it's the stress of constantly fearing for your life in the zombie apocalypse. Either way, steer clear. He has a shiny axe, and he loves using it against anything that bleeds.

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